Apple job listing hints at unannounced new platforms


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Apple CEO Tim Cook has time and again said that in 2014, the company would launch products in new categories. A new job posting on Apple’s website now also reveals that not only will we see new product categories, but new Apple platforms as well in the future.

The job listing seeks an “Instrumentation Design/NPI Engineer” to design and validate instrumentation to test existing products as well as “new platforms”.

Here’s an excerpt from the job description:

Design and validate instrumentation, fixtures and automation required to Factory Calibrate/Test new features and technologies for Apple’s products. This role will be applied to the hottest topics across the company, always moving, from Mac, to accessories, to iPad, iPhone and new platforms as of now unannounced.

The use of the term “platform” suggests that not only would there be new product categories, but new software to accompany it as well. Contrast this to the introduction of the iPad, a new product, which ran the same OS as the iPhone, albeit with a few tweaks.

Currently, most of Apple’s revenue comes from the iPhone and iPad, but the company’s widely rumored to be looking at the television and wearables product categories. It is also said that for now, Apple’s Television plans have taken a backseat as the company shifts focus to wearables, potentially the iWatch.

Most of Apple’s product releases in 2013 were quite expected, and didn’t leave anyone surprised. 2014 on the other hand seems to be very exciting, with the iWatch and the two possible variants of the iPhone 6.

[via Apple Insider]

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