Should Apple offer free cracked screen replacement to customers like HTC?


Earlier today, HTC announced that it will be launching the successor to HTC One on March 25th. Along with it, HTC introduced a new program called “Advantage” for HTC One, One max and One mini customers. 

The program includes a 6-month limited warranty to cover any damage to the screen. So HTC will replace the screen for free if you crack the screen during the first 6 months of owning the device.

HTC will also cover ground shipping in both directions for your damaged device, which could take 8-10 business days. If you need your device quicker, then HTC is offering an overnight option for $29, in which case it will send you a refurbished device overnight, and you send the damaged device via ground shipping. HTC is also offering 25GB to 50GB of Google Drive storage and HTC backup tool for free.

That’s quite a good deal when you consider Apple charges $149 for iPhone screen replacement. You can also buy AppleCare+ for $99, which covers accidental damage for up to two incidents, each subject to a $79 service fee.

Some might say that this is just a sign of desperation on HTC’s part, and it probably is, but I would love to see smartphone makers like Apple offer at least one free replacement for a cracked screen. At least until they come out with smartphones with unbreakable screens.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

[via HTC]

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  • Nickdigreat

    Why would appe do that when people are paying it’s all about making money

    • Gautam

      Customer service?

      • Nickdigreat

        Apple customers seem fine paying the 149.

  • Steve

    HTC will have a new policy soon, FREE PHONES!!

  • Tom

    How many replacements are they willing to replace in the first six months? Should Apple do this? I don’t know because they would probably have to do it for the whole year and it doesn’t make much business sense for them to do this. I have 5 kids and they each have an iPad mini that I had to pay $50 to replace on more than one occasion but I don’t expect a company to pickup the costs because of my kids clumsiness. I applaud Apple for covering hardware deficiencies for the first year and offering AppleCare+ for clumsy people like my kids. I wish they kept it at $50 for a replacement as opposed to $79. Sometimes I think going with a SquareTrade warranty is best because they cover lost and stolen devices.

    • Gautam

      They are offering one-free replacement. I am sure they have thought this through :D

  • Anonymous

    I never broke a single iphone screen and im using them since the 3G.
    They felt on the ground – multiple times in the subway in the stores etc.
    Never broke. The only apple device i broke was my ipod touch 2G but that was my own fault. so it would be pretty nice of apple anyway.

  • Matt McCormick

    Apple will never do this – they make way too much money fixing broken devices and selling people AppleCare. It’s their big selling point for AppleCare, “If you pay us $99 now and then break your phone you’ll only have to pay $79 to get it fixed instead of $600 for a new phone…”

    Of course, they don’t tell people that there’s a ton of 3rd party companies that will fix their phone for $79 without having to pay the $99 upfront but then again, cell phone insurance wouldn’t exist if people were well informed about all their options.

    Lastly, the only reason HTC is doing this is because they’re dying a slow death. This is a Hail Mary attempt to try to get back into the game. Steve is right – up next they’ll just start giving the phones away.