Apple offers temporary work around for OS X mail problems


Apple offered a workaround that could help users who are having problems syncing their email with OS X’s Mail app. The document “OS X: New email messages not received until Mail is quit and reopened” was posted today to Apple’s support website.The document addresses a mail retrieval issue that has been plaguing Mail users in the latest version of OS X Mavericks. “For some email providers, new email messages in Mail may only appear to arrive when Mail is first opened,” writes Apple. “No new email arrives until Mail is quit and reopened.”

The workaround creates two buttons on Mail’s toolbar that’ll disconnect the user from their mail server and then re-establish a connection to download email messages. To create these button shortcuts, users should do the following:

  1. Choose View > Customize Toolbar.
  2. Drag the Take All Accounts Offline button to the Toolbar if it is not there already.
  3. Drag the Get Mail button to the Toolbar if it is not there already.
  4. Click Done

When completed, users can tap the Take Offline button, and then click the Check Mail button to download their mail. It’s a workaround that’ll tide users over until a proper fix from Apple is in place. Hopefully, it wont much longer before Apple is able to correct these and other Mail errors reported by users.

[Via AppleInsider]

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