Apple reportedly exploring purchase of health tracker maker Basis Science


Though nearly confirmed to land later this year, possibly ahead of the iPad Pro, Apple’s first ever smartwatch, fittingly called iWatch, is still most likely a long way from completion. Otherwise, Cupertino wouldn’t be looking for sleep researchers, physiologists and biomedical specialists to help them get the project off the ground.

Adding more fuel to the gossip fire, Apple is in the news again with a story potentially connected to the iWatch, as it’s reportedly interested in a Basis Science buyout. Basis is a small but fairly visible manufacturer of health-focused gadgets, including the aptly named Health Tracker Watch.

However, their financial state is apparently not what you’d call rosy, so in order to ensure their investors (DCM, Mayfield Fund and Norwest Venture Partners) a decent return, they’re on the market for a price south of $100 million.

That might not sound like a lot compared, say, to how much Google recently coughed up on Nest ($3.2 billion), or even the rumored costs of Apple’s Snappy Labs acquisition ($200m), yet it’s enough to ensure the auction will have but a few fiscally potent participants.

Enter Apple, as well as Google and, surprise, surprise, Samsung and Microsoft. Mind you, none of the tech giants has confirmed an actual interest in the deal, so ultimately it could be just smoke and mirrors. You know, a fabricated story to bolster the reputation of Basis, and aid them in an upcoming C round of funding.

On the other hand, Apple clearly needs all the help it can get to build the best possible smartwatch and boost the fledgling wearable market into the mainstream tech world. As does Samsung for Galaxy Gear follow-ups, and perhaps Google for its own first intelligent wristwatch. Microsoft? Who knows what they’re planning?

Via [Tech Crunch]

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