Apple posts behind the scenes video of ‘1.24.14’ Mac 30th Anniversary Film



Earlier today, Apple released the “1.24.14” film shot entirely on the iPhone 5s and edited on Macs to celebrate Mac’s 30th anniversary.

It has now released a new behind-the-scene video that shows how the film was shot.

The footage for the short film was shot at 15 different locations across 5 continents including Melbourne, Tokyo, Shanghai, Botswana, Pompei, Paris, Lyon, Amsterdam, London, Puerto Rico, Brookhaven, Maryland, Aspen, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Apple had provided more details on the webpage dedicated for the film:

On the 30th birthday of the Mac, we directed 15 camera crews across 10 countries to capture the amazing things people are doing with the power of Apple technology. The ambitious film was shot in a single day, entirely on iPhone.

After the footage was shot in each location, it was handed over to Angus Wall, one of the most sought-after editors in Hollywood. Because so much footage had to be edited so quickly — over 70 hours shot on 100 iPhones — he employed a team of 21 editors to piece the story together.

Apple also (not surprisingly) point out that its products including the iMac, Mac Pro, and the iPad were used for making of the video:

In order to direct 15 separate locations filming in a single day, Jake Scott transformed a sound stage in Los Angeles into a command center. He equipped it with an arsenal of Apple products including iMac, Mac Pro, and iPad, along with large projection displays positioned around the room. From there he was able to watch every scene as it was shot, and direct all the action remotely via FaceTime. Many involved in the production believe this innovative approach to a multilocation shoot will be adopted by other filmmakers.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think. It’s a great advertisement for the iPhone 5s.

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