Evasi0n7 Jailbreak for iOS 7.0.6 released


evad3rs’ have just released evasi0n7 1.0.6 to jailbreak iOS 7.0.6.

Apple had released iOS 7.0.6 update yesterday to fix a critical SSL bug.

evasi0n7 was released in late December to jailbreak iOS 7 – iOS 7.0.4. With today’s release evasi0n7 will allow users to jailbreak their device on iOS 7.0.6 as well.

evasi0n7 is an untethered jailbreak which supports iOS 7, iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.0.2, iOS 7.0.3, iOS 7.0.4, iOS 7.0.5 and iOS 7.0.6.

It is compatible with the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4
  • iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2
  • Retina iPad mini, iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5G

You can download evasi0n7 1.0.6 from our download page.

It has been highly recommended that iOS users upgrade to iOS 7.0.6, especially if you join public Wi-Fi networks with your iOS device. However, you will lose the jailbreak after upgrading to iOS 7.0.6, so you will need to use evasi0n7 1.0.6 to re-jailbreak it.

If you need any help in jailbreaking your iOS device running then check out our step-by-step guide. If you were having issues with the unofficial version of evasi0n7 then try using evasi0n7 1.0.6 to jailbreak your device on iOS 7.0.6.

As always, let us know how it goes in the comments.

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  • daftpunk

    i have try on iphone 4s i phone 5s working qith no problem i just got a warning after updating to 7.0.6 that me phone was already jailbroken but did it anyways all working good

    • Brandon Pearn

      Did you lose all your stuff from 7.0.4 jailbreak (emu saves) stuff like that

      • Roger Caron

        You will always lose your jailbreak stuff when you update.

        • saurav

          I didn’t lose my jailbreak after updating to IOS 7.0.6 but the Cedia is lost??

          When I am trying to re-jailbreak it, its says its already jailbroken…guyz can u help??

    • Stan

      Same thing happened to me

  • naji

    is it necessary to jailbreak with the official evasi0n i have jailbroken with the unofficial one !?

    • Gautam

      No, not required as it just adds support for iOS 7.0.6.

      • JKC

        Hi Gautam! do you know, or can explain what`s this tweak: SSLPatch? from Ryan Petrich :)

  • Zathrak

    That was ultra fast. Thanks a ton @evaders!

  • jay

    will i have to reinstall all my jailbreaks?

    • Roger Caron


  • Zathrak

    Updated my jailbroken iPad 4 and iPad Mini Retina to 7.0.6. Tried running Evasion 1.0.6. States “iPad 4 / iPad Mini 2G (Global) (iOS 7.0.6) is already jailbroken. Jailbreaking it again is NOT recommended.” Failbreak?

    • Roger Caron

      I re-jailbroke and didn’t have a problem.

      • Zathrak

        I too just re-jailbroke it anyways and haven’t had a problem yet…

    • Todd Sorensen

      Don’t update to iOS 7.0.6, but rather use the Restore iphone button to install iOS 7.0.6. Evasion should work then with the message that the phone is already jalibroken.

  • Jose Carlo

    Can I update to iOS 7.0.6 OTA and jailbreak it? Or I have to do the whole restore via iTunes process? @Gautam

    • Roger Caron

      I updated my iPhone 4s to 7.0.6 and then re-jailbroke it with Evasi0n 1.0.6 no problem. You of course have to re-install all cydia tweaks.

      • Jose Carlo

        Did you updated it OTA?

        • Roger Caron

          No. I don’t like to do it that way. Just my preference, that’s all.

        • Ricky

          Every time I’ve done an OTA update post-jailbreak, it bricks my phone and I have to do a complete restore. With iTunes, different story.

          • Dork

            I don’t think brick means what you think it does.

  • Shahrukhss

    on my i phone 4s its give an error as ” failed uploading jailbreak data please rerun the program and try again”

    • Ty Ty Na Za

      my i phone error too :(

      • Owen

        You’re dumb learn to spell…

        • Owen…….

          You should learn how to use punctuation. Dumb ass!!!

          • Michael

            Says the person that replied to their own posting.

  • hamed metall

    I’ll wait a few days until the release Brtvf problems after I move

    I was very pleased with the way 7.0.5

  • Veng Sengheng

    an I update to iOS 7.0.6 OTA and jailbreak it? Or I have to do the whole restore via

  • The Jo

    Is it good to update my Iphone 4s to 7.0.6 and then jailbreak it when this ?

  • Jessica

    Is it possible for someone to release a package on Cydia to fix this issue instead of updating?

  • http://nurudin.jauhari.net/ Jauhari

    What happen if we keep our old iOS 7 and didn’t update into iOS 7.0.6?

  • Engr Salman Shakir Mohmand

    does it slow down the speed of iphone 4s..???

    • Daniel Taylor

      I doubt it. It’s not changing much in the OS, nor does it change anything that should affect speed.

  • Dan

    Is there a way to update to iOS 7.0.6 from 7.0.4 without losing what I’ve installed from Cydia?

  • JKC

    does anyone knows what`s this? SSLPatch, from Ryan Petrich…

  • Lula Mae Broadway

    So is there an efficient way to save jailbreak apps and settings before updating? Is there a systematic process to follow?

  • rammeehh

    Thanks! Updatated via my MAC and works perfect withour any issues! I Would be very happy if you guys fin jailbreak to ios 7.1 as fast as you can when i comes out.

  • duker0y

    It sounds like all this update does is to fix the SSL patch. Is that right, or will there be performance improvements as well?

  • Thekio

    Jailbreak works perfectly, 99% of the tweaks i use, still work, although i seem to have a slight network service issue, but turning airplane mode on & off seems to sort it out :)

  • Sunny Abajee

    Hi, I can’t jailbreak my iPhone 5.

    It’s always giving me: “ERROR: Failed to retrieve package info from the internet.”

    I even tried using VPN hot spot shield, but in vain.

    Is there anyone having the same issue out here?? o.O


    • Norick Lim

      It means your ISP (internet service provider) is blocking the download

      • http://thealmostperfectblog.wordpress.com/ Jeff

        Shouldn’t a VPN bypass the block though?

  • Your MOM

    can i use the evasion7 that i used for ios 7.0.4?

  • http://thealmostperfectblog.wordpress.com/ Jeff

    I went through the entire process on my ipad mini with iOS 7.0.6, and it didn’t work. The end result was the evasi0n icon still on my ipad, and no Cydia. Also, when I had opened the app and it rebooted my ipad, there were no evasi0n icon or whatever as it was starting up. Everything was the same :/

    • Grant

      Same problem here on an iPhone 5s running iOS 7.0.6 using evasi0n 1.0.7…

      • Kenny Smith

        Same here

      • mike

        same here..

      • xSuZziOnHackTeam

        You have to restore your device, then it will work. But of course nobody wants to restore their device and lose all their stuff. But I restored my device, and it worked. Maybe this will help you. Good luck and enjoy

        • SergioD

          Is it necessary to update to ios 7.0.6 ?

        • http://thealmostperfectblog.wordpress.com/ Jeff

          If you did a backup earlier on iTunes then you can restore then use the backup. All the apps and app data will still be there.

    • ghazi

      same problem with my ipad

    • http://thealmostperfectblog.wordpress.com/ Jeff

      Found the problem..it was because I updated to iOS 7.0.6 OTA (over the air), instead of via iTunes. After restoring my iPad through iTunes (and restoring from a backup), I was able to jailbreak.

    • Kris Gaut

      same problem on my iphone 5

  • Jacky

    For some reason it wont jb my 5s but when i jb my friends 5c it worked, what seems to be the problem?

  • DarKness

    On my ipad 7.0.6 i jaillbreak it and at the end no cydia icon…. :/

    • Gautam

      Did you tap on the evasi0n icon?

      • DarKness

        yes off course… the evasion icon stays but no cydia… did it a few times now….

    • xSuZziOnHackTeam

      You have to restore your device again. But nobody wants to lose their stuff. But this is the only solution to do. Just restore and re-jailbreak. Hope it works, good luck and enjoy

  • Tako

    It works on my ipad 4 but for some reason on my iPhone 4S. It doesn’t finish and doesn’t install cydia I think it’s a bug and they need to fix it or something if anybody knows what’s wrong or has an idea what I’m doing wrong please email me please! Iawesome34@yahoo.com

  • Your MoM

    i only Jailbreak my devices when app stops fixing that specific device so soon i will be jailbreaking my phone 4s

  • Your MoM

    i only Jailbreak my devices when applestops fixing that specific device so soon i will be jailbreaking my phone 4s

  • Daniel

    I Think that the jailbreak dosent complete on 4s because it didnt work for me and i have 4 other friends with 4s and it didnt work for them eather

  • Hdpx

    Hello, I works perfectely for me. Thank u!
    Now how can i unlock my iphone 5 ?
    Thanks a lot for your help.

  • jrockers

    After Restoring with 7.0.6 and the Jailbreaking with evasi0n 1.0.7 Lots of Error With iphone 4S upon installing some Sourcess.

  • Stan

    Hi guys can you tell me that this jailbreak working for japanese softbank iphones?

  • Snap

    nice job :):)

  • Pang

    i just jailbroke today for my 4S, but i did not run as administrator but i still get through and got the Cydia icon eventually but seemed that i couldn’t run anything. Any things i can do

  • Kris Gaut

    im using iphone 5 running ios 7.0.6 and i get threw the jail break and cydia isnt there its still just evasi0n

    • Military Man

      The same thing is happening to me. Did you find out why that is happening?

  • Kris Gaut

    my iphone 5 wont jailbreak it finishes the jailbreak and then theres no cydia just the evasi0n 7 logo

  • Heiko Barthelmes

    Iphone 5c not supported

  • Ian Ebreo

    Can anyone help me how to update to iOS 7.0.6, I’m using Iphone 4 iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak.

    • Iphone master

      Use iTunes to update it. Do not do it over the air unless you plan on not jail breaking your phone. Long story short it’s always better to update using iTunes hope that helped you. :)

  • Amelia

    updated my iPad 3 to ios 7. something on wednesday, it’s been stuck in recovery mode ever sense -.- still trying to fix it.

  • Don Akbor


  • Military Man

    I tried jailbreaking my Iphone 5 with firmware 7.0.6 with evasion 1.0.8. Each time after I click the app on the Iphone it does not display the Evasion Icon and finish installation. Any advice?

  • Alex Shtefan

    ive gone through all steps but after ive done it my ipad closed opened and got stuck on apple logo..i try restoring but itunes wont let me saying there is problem with network? what to do?

  • Abeliever

    I jailbroke my 4s ios 7.0.6 Now is there a way to unlock the carrier?

  • Nitin

    Can I jailbreak IPhone 4 on IOS 7.1.2 and firmware 04.12.09 with carrier Softbank Japan

  • shakeel

    my jailbrokrn iphone4 is ios7.0.4 can i uupdate it to 7.1.2 itunes keep asks me pls say me

    • Gautam

      No, you will lose the jailbreak. You can however use Pangu to re-jailbreak your device on iOS 7.1.2. Please remember to take a backup before you try to update as at times it puts the device in recovery mode, and you will have to restore from the backup.