The FCC Speed Test app now available for iPhone

FCC Speed Test

The FCC has just launched a new app to test data latency and speeds for iPhone, following the release of its Android version a few months ago. This will allow users to monitor their data speeds of both broadband and mobile networks. The FCC Speed Test app is a government based substitute to the popular Speedtest application by Ookla which has been around for quite some time now.

FCC has launched this app in an effort to further assess and understand the network speeds provided by broadband and wireless carriers across the United States. As far as user privacy is concerned, FCC says that the testing is totally anonymous, and no personally-identifiable information is collected whatsoever.

Privacy is paramount. The FCC has taken significant measures to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of volunteers for this program. Using privacy measures developed and reviewed by a diverse team of privacy experts, any data that could potentially identify specific smartphones is analyzed and processed to ensure privacy protection. 

One of the other advantages of the FCC Speed Test app is that it doesn’t come with ads.

The app is only compatible with iOS 7 devices. So hit the iTunes AppStore from the link below to download the app on your compatibles iOS device.

Source: iTunes AppStore

Via: Apple Insider