Google testing iOS app that will automatically log you into Google Wi-Fi Hotspots

google wifi

Google is reportedly testing a new iOS and Android app that will let you automatically log in to Google powered Wi-Fi hotspots in US and Canada.

The Android app is already being trailed in Google’s Mountain View headquarters.

Engadget reports:

Google is working on a new Wi-Fi app that could take a lot of the drudgery out of accessing wireless hotspots. According to our sources, the search giant has built Android and iOS versions of an app that automatically authenticate and connect to its free hotspots inside Starbucks stores or wherever they are available. Google is currently trialling the Android app at its Mountain View HQ.

While there’s no definite guarantee of the app being released publicly, Google is considering integrating the app’s seamless login with Starbucks Wi-Fi. The search giant had teamed up with Starbucks last year to deploy high-speed Wi-Fi in 7000 Starbucks stores in the US within 18 months.

Presently, the procedure to start using free Wi-Fi hotspots is quite tedious. After connecting to the access point, you have to open the browser and accept the terms and conditions. Google’s simplified procedure will ask users to “install a dedicated security certificate on their device to automatically authenticate devices when a connection is available.”

Google is also working on expanding “Google Wi-Fi” hotspots in locations in Canada and US. As of now, Google Wi-Fi is available in certain Mountain View areas.

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