IntelliScreenX 7 beta for iOS 7 to be released this week [Updated]


We’ve some good news for IntelliScreenX fans. Intelliborn, the developers of the popular Lock screen tweak have announced on Twitter that they’ll be releasing the beta version of IntelliScreenX 7 for iOS 7 this week.

IntelliScreenX has been one of the most popular Lock screen tweaks among jailbreakers as it allows you to access things such as your emails, Calendar, Twitter feed, Facebook etc without having to unlock the device.

IntelliScreenX also includes Messages+, which enhances the Messages app with new features and improvements. It allows you to compose or reply to a text message from anywhere in the iOS. We expect Intelliborn to release an updated version of Messages+ for iOS 7 along with IntelliScreenX 7.

IntelliScreenX for iOS 6 has been available for $9.99. The update for iOS 6 was not available for free to existing users. They had to pay a discounted price of $4.99 for the upgrade. We expect the developer to take a similar pricing strategy and offer it for the same price range for new users, and a discounted upgrade fee for existing users.


As ThedonYoukno and José Carlo (thanks!) have pointed out IntelliScreenX 7 will be a free upgrade for IntelliScreenX 6 users. It was announced by Inelliborn quite sometime back:

Have you been eagerly waiting for IntelliScreenX? Let me know in the comments.

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  • ThedonYoukno

    The upgrade is free for owners who purchased the ios 6 version…

    • Gautam

      That would be great. Where did you get that from?

      • José Carlo

        Intelliborn mention it once in a tweet saying the upgrade is free for users who bought ISX 6!!

        • Gautam

          Thanks, found the tweet and have updated the post. That’s good news indeed.

          • デリック

            Was the same thing not said right before the iOS 6 version for those who purchased the iOS 5 version? Didn’t work out that way.

  • jay

    That’s what I am waiting for and willing to pay 10$ because iOS 7 NF centre is aweful

    • EvilZeppelin

      I feel like such a sucker. I just purchased iOS 7 NF and thought it would be wonderful man I am dead wrong.

  • james

    yay! been waiting for this.
    i had this on ios 6 and paid full price, i understand a lot of work goes in to these tweaks however i don’t wish to pay for it again, surely they will make plenty of $$ still from new users without battering exiting users for more $$
    maybe i should look in to developing a tweak or something users would find useful for a $1 or two, it does look like the way forward to making some cash

  • Lito

    It was reveal before that those who purchase before will be free for upgrade. Please stand for this, DEVELOPERS……….

  • SnakePlisskin77

    Probably the best reason to jailbreak. iOS7 made some nice strides, but it’s a pale shadow compared to ISX. I’d pay for it even if the free upgrade from 6 were not available.