Apple to finally discontinue three-year old iPad 2 this year

ipad 2

The iPad 2 was introduced in 2011, and the device continues to be sold today at a price of $399, just $100 less than its introduction price. This year, Apple finally will discontinue the iPad 2 according to a report.

The fact that the iPad 2 was still on sale has puzzled a lot of people, given that many of its features like the 30-pin connector, its non Retina display and the A5 chip are outdated. Moreover, its $399 price tag was quite high for its outdated technology, especially compared to the newest Retina iPad mini, which has the same price.

From AppleInsider:

After nearly three years on the market, Apple’s second-generation iPad, which sports an A5 processor and non-Retina display, is now on the chopping block, and is expected to be discontinued in the near future, AppleInsider has learned.

According to people familiar with Apple’s plans, the company has made the decision to ramp down iPad 2 production given that customers are resoundingly shifting purchases towards its more modern and capable iPads, namely the iPad mini and iPad Air.

It was being said that one of the reasons Apple continued to sell the iPad 2 is because it sold in good numbers to educational institutes and other companies that owned accessories compatible with the 30-pin connector.

The iPad Air could possibly take the iPad 2’s place in this year’s iPad lineup as the cheaper $399 iPad, which would be quite a good deal.

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  • blu

    I know my iPad 2 is starting to show it’s age with iOS 7, it is still usable, but it is getting slower.
    If the iPad Air is $399 (or $350 on sale) once the new iPad comes out, I may get that for myself and give my kids my iPad 2

    • -X-

      Not sure what you mean by “showing it’s age”. Have you tried restoring it? It’s a good idea to perform a clean slate wipe out and restore, as long as you have a back up. That being said, my iPad 2 runs nice, smooth and fast with iOS 7 jail broken.

      • blu

        It is slower on iOS 7 than it was on iOS 6. Even a fresh start with no apps running I have less available free memory, and after just 2-3 apps open, my memory is down to 10mb and it runs slow. I am constantly having to close background apps, the same apps in iOS 6 that had no issues.
        Nothing wrong with it, but you can tell it is not “new” anymore. Maybe iOS 7.1 will make it run smother (which I won’t know till a JB comes out for that)?

  • Jon

    best iPad :) love it

  • Macmaniman

    I like Tim Cook as the CEO of Apple, but the fact that he has continued to allowed to sell of the iPad 2 really baffles me! It makes no sence at all!! Makes the whole “costumer experience” argument a little less true

  • Daniel Gartin

    My iPad 2 is pretty smooth on iOS 7 actually,except still no Siri,and the cameras are kind of crummy,plus i don’t know whether it will run iOS 7.1 or not,because i found a massive bug in iCloud that disables “Find My iPhone”,without an iCloud password,and it is stressing me out!

    • Macmaniman

      It will run iOS 7.1 no worries, and the bug you’re talking about can be prevented by turning on restrictions and disallow changes to accounts!

  • Zack

    Well if it is because of the 30-pin connector, then they could have sold the iPad 3 instead.