iPad Pro concept video shows off nearly bezel-free 13-incher running OS X

iPad Pro conceptThe technology world is shifting and evolving, traditional PCs are losing steam while mobile gadgets continue to prosper, so the already thin line between smartphones and tablets on one side and laptops and desktops on the other is likely to reach the point of near invisibility before long.

As a leading tech player always on the lookout for the next big thing, Apple is on the verge of a major product revamp, as iPhones should grow a size or two, and iPads may spread the magic in three different form factors.

The 9.7 and 7.9 inchers aren’t going anywhere, but they might welcome a jumbo-sized 12.9 incher in Q3 2014 or early next year. How will the so-called iPad Pro look? How far will it go in its attempt to blur the mobile – desktop lines software-wise? And more importantly, is it truly a feasible, mainstream-ready device?

Only time will tell, but for now, join me in a little exercise of imagination. Italian consulting firm SET Solution has put together a short concept video exhibiting an idyllic 13-inch iPad Pro with the same iconic iPad overall design language, extremely slim bezels and a full version of OS X Mountain Lion on-board.

To act as a genuine desktop replacement, the would-be iPad Pro seamlessly and wirelessly connects to a keyboard and mouse while preserving its touch controls. Sexy? Viable? Productive? You tell us, in the comments section below.

Via [Funky Space Monkey]

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