iPhones with Flappy Bird installed selling for as much as $20,000 on eBay


Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen removed the hit game from the App Store over the weekend, and since then the value of iPhones that have the game installed have skyrocketed on eBay.

Dozens of people are now selling their iPhones on eBay at a premium price owing to the fact that the device has Flappy Bird installed. Some iPhones are going for as high as $20,000, just because they have a free, but now unavailable game installed. One iPhone listing in fact received bids upwards of $100,000.

It’s still unclear if this listings are genuine, and more importantly, if the bidders are legitimate buyers.

What’s strange is that if buyers are indeed legitimate, they’d already have downloaded Flappy Bird from their iTunes account at least once. They can easily download the game again, even after it’s removed, from the Purchases tab in the App Store.

flappy bird iphone ebay

Dong Nguyen, the developer of Flappy Bird, removed the game from the App Store saying that it got him success and attention that he didn’t want. He also clarified that the removal of the game wasn’t related to any legal issue, and he doesn’t plan to sell it either.

This whole thing is as bizarre and unexpected as Flappy Bird’s atmospheric rise, and its quick removal from the App Store. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[via eBay]

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  • Bloop

    Let us know if there are any reports of these actually selling, I’ll list my phone faster than I die in Flappy Bird lmao.

  • Sako

    The price dropped already to $950 for 16GB iphone 5s with that game installed. Wait couple more hours and this craziness will be over.

  • Wyatt

    I’d sell mine in a heartbeat. I hate that game….

  • fusen

    “It’s still unclear if this listings are genuine, and more importantly, if the bidders are legitimate buyers.” that’s not true is it? It’s fairly obvious they aren’t real bids and it’s fairly obvious no money is going to be transferred. It’s people wasting other peoples auctions as they stuck “flappy bird installed” in the title.

    • Kevin

      No word of a lie , my friend was skeptical and tried it just to see if it was true and the money from the buyer went through from paypal and he got 9500$ for the 5s with the game, I shit my pants when I saw the bank statement lol

      • lolo

        eBay didn’t take it down?

  • Yarrrrbolo

    Shame I didn’t give a damn enough to even bother downloading it. Not that I would hawk my phone for that much cash anyway.

    A scam is a scam. No sense in taking people’s money just cause they’re stupid enough to blow it all like that, even if they’re filthy rich. I wonder how many people “pirates” are trying to get rich quick on this right now.

    I might find an IPA of it online somewhere and install it just to see what all the fuss was about. Copying isn’t stealing and good developers will always get paid, unless you’re like Dong here and don’t want that.

    • Yarrrrbolo

      An update, I just downloaded and tried it. Synopsis: worst game ever. I don’t even want it occupying my trash folder. That’s 3 megabytes I will never get back.

      That Dong guy probably feels like a jerk for making so much money off of the simple people who can play such monotonous games and consider them enjoyable. If I were him, I would have pulled it as well.

      Getting rich on the misfortunes of others is a terrible thing. If only space exploration, or fixing the globally broken political system was as high of a priority to these poor lost souls.

      • Arthur Seabra

        Don’t be so bitter that you didn’t think of it Yarrrrbolo

        • Yarrrrbolo

          You call it bitterness, I call it accuracy. Check the Forbes interview with Dong. He pulled it for more or less exactly what I said.

  • Casper

    Yeah me too

  • Tdiz Le

    I really want to know who would pay that much money for it.

  • Roger Caron

    If you look, there are tons of people joining in and listing as high as $5,000,000.00 buy it now with a $350,000.00 starting bid! What a bunch of losers actually thinking that they are going to get rich! And all of this over an overrated crap game that I deleted faster than I downloaded it! Get a life!

    • filipino

      If that is true,.I want to sell my android phone with flappy bird for $2000.00

  • peter

    this is so bogus, its not even funny that you would cover this. Aside from fact that almost 65% of iphones are jailbroken and you can download “crappy” birds from appcake or vshare…what’s the point?

    • Gautam

      Well, that’s your opinion. But this is one of our most liked posts on Facebook.

      • atkr

        Oh I get it, this is about the advertisement, not about posting actual facts. So you rather have “likes” from ignorant facebookers than readers interested in real and interesting content.

        • Gautam

          Not about posting facts? Please do tell me what part of this post was not factual.

  • Jake

    It’s a scam! Use your brains & investigate people. All the auctions are bogus.

  • callum

    im selling my phone for 10 pounds

  • callum

    who selling flappy bird on iphone

    • erika

      i am! for 1000$ would u want to buy it?

      • erika

        its the iPhone 4s its in white and its in reallllllyyyy good condition! And it has Flappy Bird on it. Its 16GB

  • Andrew jones

    I have an Apple iPhone 4 with flappy bird how much can I sell it for????

  • Bugger

    I sold my iPhone yesterday with the flappy bird app for $5500. No joke!

    • lolo

      did you really?

      • who cares


  • Geezuz

    Unfortunately ebay keeps deleting the posts of ppl trying to sell their iphones with flappy bird installed :(

  • kimmy

    selling my ipad mini 16gb with flappy bird $5000

  • erika

    I have the iPhone 4s, 16GB in white with flappy bird! Im selling it for about $900-$1000 Its in amazing condition and if anybody wants you can have the lili and stitch case that will be coming with it!!!!

  • erika

    I have the iPhone 4s, 16GB in white with flappy bird! Im selling it for about $900-$1000 Its in amazing condition and if anybody wants you can have the Lilo and Stitch case that will be coming with it!!!! (The case is Stitch)

  • Philip Koh

    Im selling my ipad 2…16gig..with flappy bird for $1000..email me pr0224@yahoo.com

  • Elizabeth

    Selling my mini ipad with flappy bird for 1,000-1,600

    • jokin aintya

      Did u sell it. ?

  • Elizabeth

    Hit me up at elizabethezamora@hotmail.com
    If u want it

    • Shawn Cremeans

      How can sell my iphone 4 with flappy bird on it its in perfect condition

  • lyn

    Im selling my ipad mini 32G…gray color with flappy bird app.

  • who cares

    get a life scammers that are selling things like a nine year old flappy bird drawing for 50000

  • pera

    i sell iphone 4 black edition 16 gb with flappy bird for 750$ email me…… 94mkc1@gmail.com

  • Ariel Etlin

    EMail me at: arik.etlin@rambler.ru

  • mike

    I have an Iphone 5s 16 gig with flappy bird installed on it, anyone interested in buying it. This is not a prank, only serioius responses. asking $50,000. Please email if your serious at zzhals@yahoo.com, Thx Mike

  • Alex Mahawewa

    I’m selling my ipod with Flappy Bird for $250. Email me at agm4501@gmail.com