Upcoming Jailbreak Tweak will add Guest Mode to your iPhone


How many times have you handed over your iPhone or iPad and wished it had a guest mode so you could protect important files and deny access to apps?

You will soon be able to do some of that thanks to a jailbreak tweak aptly called GuestMode that is expected to be released shortly.

The tweak adds a Guest Mode button to the passcode lock screen. When you tap on it, it gives someone access to your iPhone’s Home screen, however you can restrict access to the apps and other iOS features such as access to Notification Center, Control Center, app switcher, Spotlight, Siri etc and even restrict the ability to close apps from the app switcher.


By default the apps will be greyed out and the person who tries to access your device won’t be able to access the apps. You can then selectively allow access to certain apps via the Settings app.


You also have the option to change the position of the Guest mode button, and the option to set a passcode for the guest mode, so only authorized people can access the device.


Check out the video walkthrough of the jailbreak tweak below:

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GuestMode is developed by Ian Burns will be available on Cydia for $0.99 shortly. We’ll let you know as soon as it is available on Cydia.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  • TheBrightestHour

    amazing. This is genius. I want to thank the developper

    • ianb821

      Thanks! :)

      • TheBrightestHour

        no, thank you

      • GD

        it rearranges all of the app icons when you log in with your own pass code though. is there’s any way to fix this?

  • iPhonist von Gates

    When in Guest mode it should hide all badges. No one has to know i have 73.086 gmails unread yet. How in the hell do you get the time to read/answer so many emails in this era???

  • blu

    Apple needs to do this by default, been wanting it since I got my iPad 2 for my kids

    • steffen

      I think Apple has planned this in iOS 8 ;)

  • dms666

    Awesome. Long overdue.

  • Matzino

    What is that icon theme??

    • Justin


  • Latrail

    This would be great for my nosey girlfriend. I can finally hide all da booty pics from ma side hunnies. naw I’m sayin? my chick will be like “Latrail, why i can’t open da photos icon” and i can be like, “why you breakin ma phone apps of?” haha good ish my dev.

    • Fraught


      I’m almost ashamed of how much I laughed at that. Thank you.

      I prefer using Applocker to just set passwords on a few choice apps, though. I’ve got a Nexus 7 with guest mode built-in to the OS, and I still don’t use it. I don’t really let people use my devices either, though, so I guess I’m not the demographic.

    • ianb821

      This made my day!

  • untzuntz


  • Kamy

    Was their a need?
    Applocker, Lockdown all do a better job

  • Matty

    Will it work on ipad?

    • ianb821

      Yes, it works on the iPad.

  • Chris

    what tweak is that to add control center tab to the notification center?

  • DrKazanovaKK

    I personally liked iPrivacy. Does anyone know if they are making a iOS 7 release?

  • Sam

    Thank you for sharing. I like the theme, please let me know how do i get it.

  • MrAB

    awesome tweak love it! btw can anyone plz telme how are his folders like that ? what tweak is this?


    Would be awesome if the guest feature was actually set up by putting in a guest passcode. Give your “Guest” passcode to your girl and it only opens to home screen with selected apps.

    • dms666

      Quoting from the article: “You also have the option…to set a passcode for the guest mode, so only authorized people can access the device.”

  • Edward Florian Seitan

    AWESOME!!! I want this tweak released yesterday!!! :D

    • ianb821

      It “should” be tomorrow!

  • Flyballmom

    Any updates on this? I really need this for my kids. Such a great idea!! So much better then Lockdown or AppLocker. Those are a pain compared to what this tweak will do.