Major League Baseball completes deployment of iBeacons in Los Angeles and San Diego stadiums


Major League Baseball has finished deploying iBeacon sensors in its first two ballparks, that it’ll use to deliver messages and promotional content to nearby attendees’ phones.

From Recode:

Major League Baseball is set to announce on Friday morning that it has finished outfitting its first two ballparks with iBeacon sensors that will shoot messages to baseball game attendees’ phones this upcoming season.

The installation of 65 iBeacons at Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and San Diego’s Petco Park, home of the Padres, will be followed by similar work at more than a dozen and a half other MLB stadiums, the league said. The plan is to have more than 20 ballparks in total equipped with the technology by Opening Day in late March. The Padres host the Dodgers on Opening Night on March 30.

Attendees who have MLB’s At the Ballpark app installed will receive promotional messages related to their team if they’re near one of the iBeacon sensors. A demo setup at Citi Field last year had a bunch of cool features powered by iBeacons — it showed you your ticket near the gate, the seating arrangement when you enter and gave you offers near a restaurant.

If you’re curious as to how the whole thing works, iBeacons are essentially very low power Bluetooth devices that are generally kept at a predetermined location. Your iPhone can get the precise location of where it is based on the Bluetooth signal of the iBeacon and the beacon’s absolute position. So with iBeacons kept at different locations all over the stadium, MLB can deliver content relevant to the user’s location with high accuracy.

iBeacons are being adopted at a surprisingly fast rate. iBeacons have landed in Apple’s retail stores, retailers like American Eagle, grocers like Safeway and even in the Super Bowl.

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