NFL to use iBeacons at Super Bowl XLVIII


Apple’s iBeacon technology is being adopted at a surprisingly fast rate. iBeacons have landed in Apple’s retail stores, retailers like American Eagle, grocers like Safeway and even in Major League baseball stadiums. Now, it appears that iBeacons will play a significant role in the Super Bowl this Sunday.

According to the New York Times, the NFL has installed iBeacons at MetLife Stadium and in Times Square. The bluetooth sensors will help attendees make their way around New York City and then to the game on Sunday. Most of the content will be helpful tips like the nearby tourist attractions, the location for the closest stadium entrance or the nearest concession stand.

“The power of this is it really is able to connect the real world, the brick-and-mortar world, with the virtual world with a level of granularity that hasn’t existed before,” said Manish Jha, general manager of mobile for the National Football League.

Though innovative, privacy experts are concerned about the potential abuse of the system by marketers who are falling over themselves to get access to this consumer data. Jha said the league was aware of these privacy issues and was doing all it can to keep personal data away from location data during this iBeacon experiment. The technology will be used primarily to benefit the consumer and not sell to them.


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