Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s: Tech Specs Shootout


Samsung today launched its flagship Galaxy smartphone — the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a fingerprint sensor, a heart-rate monitor, water and dust resistant body, and more. The device comes with powerful specs, as you’d expect from Samsung, with a 2.5GHz quad-code processor, 2GB or RAM, a 16MP camera and more.

So how does the Galaxy S5 stack against the iPhone 5s in terms of specs? Here’s a spec-by-spec comparison of the flagship smartphones from two of the most successful smartphone companies in the world. Samsung is known to pack in the most powerful specs in its devices, while Apple’s strong suit is providing the best user experience, even with less powerful hardware.



We still have to wait for the reviews of the Galaxy S5, but from the specs alone, it’s quite clear that Samsung takes the crown. Of course, there’s a lot more to a smartphone than its tech specs, so the final decision to buy also depends on the quality of apps, accessories etc.

The Galaxy S5 launches on April 11, and its real competition won’t be the iPhone 5s, but the iPhone 6, which will be launched later this year.

For more information about the Samsung Galaxy S5, head over to this post.

Let us know what you think about Galaxy S5 in the comments below. Are you impressed? Do you think it’ll make a dent in iPhone sales?

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  • jaime boy

    Specs dont always tell the full story.Benchmarks do!;)

    • wolverinemarky

      problem with benchmarks is that samsung has a history of faking theirs

  • tekken


  • Jhunter

    Disappointed …. It feels like samsungs version of apples S upgrade which is not really a new phone.

  • I used to like Samsung…

    You won’t win me over this time Samsung. Terrible design and really dissapointed with the S5. I think my next phone will be either a HTC or Google phone.

    • bcsc

      Believe me, I used to love Samsung as well. If you do go different go Nexus or you will end up regretting it.

      • Fshumayrqan

        note 4 or iphone 6

  • Yeah Son!

    its actually 3GB of RAM, not 2

    • TwoNotThree

      Actually 2GB of RAM, not 3

  • Erik Saucedo

    Iphone 6 will destroy this phone.

    • 419

      LOL – you’ll be lucky if iPhone 6 even has a full HD screen…..

  • Brandon Zgadzaj

    I can’t say anything never used a galaxy s4 but get whatever phone feels comfortable for you I like how stable and fast the iPhone 5 is and I jailbreak everything to make it mine

  • 8lias

    Samesung Ain’tnovation!

    • Que

      U mad bro?

      • 8lias

        No, pretty happy actually.

  • Haha iPhone sucks

    There isn’t a comparison. If you want a phone that only really allows you to do what Apple wants where customization ends at changing your ringtone, and wallpaper then buy an iPhone.

    If you want a waterproof quad core phone that can have 10-15 different OS choices, widgets, and full control without having to ‘jailbreak’ then buy an S5.

    • thisnoblesavage

      It’s water proof! how amazing… yet another gimmick most fandoids will probably find use for maybe once or twice. then either forget about. Such as it is with most of the features and bloatware (apps) that are thrown onto androids. The water proof feature would make a good party trick though.

      • 419

        At least they won’t be suckered in with the make your iPhone waterproof app that more than enough iNuggets fell for …….

      • YourDad

        you must not be a socialite, or drink. ever dropped your phone in the pisser while drunk and trying to line up a booty call at the bar with another chick waiting outside? exactly….it’s one of those “features” that will come in handy and we won’t even realize it until it happens. haha.

  • Fer

    1520 reasons to say both are crap

    • ASAD

      You are the MAN!! :)

    • 419

      1520, isn’t that the number off apps you have available?

      • Fer

        Nope, that’s around 300000 apps available

  • Igor Rebenko

    No point of comparison. Sorry for the french, but the SGS5 shits all over the 5S.

    PS. For all you haven’t calculated yet, that’s 432DPI.

    • Angelo Ryū Tepes

      umm… actually, the A7 chipset was proven faster than the Snapdragon 800 thats in Samsung..

      and human eyes cant tell beyond 300ppi

      • Igor Rebenko

        @disqus_HIlI0p42O2:disqus @angelorytepes:disqus Late reply, but bettter late then never.
        Actaully the 300PPI is not a fact. Studies have show this, but it is only at a certain distance and on paper, not a screen. Lit pixels have a different effect on the eye, and the quality of vision of the eye looking at it is all the difference. You cannot standardize this value because everyone’s vision is different. So you can keep thinking backwards and listening to everything Apple tells you.

    • jzack

      your eye and any other human can only see at the limit of 300ppi as mentioned by angelo.. so more than 300 ppi does not bring any difference to a human’s eye like us..

      Higher ppi will cause the phone consume more power to process the unnecessary details (that cant be seen by human), which leads towards other problems such as battery drainage, graphic lag etc.

      unless you are an alien, this counts.

  • Angelo Ryū Tepes

    HOW does it take the crown you retard? go check the benchmarks between A7 and Snapdragon 800

  •  George.iP5 Ⓜ️ •

    They say there no external storage got the iPhone 5s BUT THERE IS. The Mophie Space Pack!!! Samsung really put themselves to shame with this. A lot of people are gonna relies the way that that instead of 5s they make it s5 is what people are gonna see and then the sensor isn’t as good at all you have to swipe and you can only have 3 instead of Apples 5 finger prints. PLUS I haven’t heard that they protected the sensor from the sun rays as Apple has with sapphire glass and other layers.

  • Yiannis

    In the past we were used to see Samsung always trying to increase the hardware specs in order to overcome Apple. At some point, they had riched Apple and now what? They started making copies of their own devices. I think they have just copied one of Apple’s practices as well. As Apple gives a major phone release every second year, this is what Samsung does today with S5. Actually , S5 is the “S” version of S4. Regardless of the fact that they increased by 0,1″ the screen, they didn’t provide any major update to the previous version.

    It is bad to see, that Samsung relies on Google’s same for three years OS (Android 4.x)

  • Steve Heller

    For me personally the Samsung GS-class is always worth a consideration. As a longtime iPhone owner it is very impressive what Samsung achieved with this smartphone line.
    But what really comes to my mind is that Apple is the unchallenged winner when it comes to designing a user interface. It is unbelievable that Samsung needs these specs for a fluent UI when Apple does not need half of these goods to provide an OS that is fast and user friendly.
    I often ask myself if it is economic to keep a computer (in case of the GS5) in my pocket that has better specs than my laptop (yes, it is kind of old). I needs more battery thus more power. I still think there should be something mobile in my pocket (he he he… Penis) and not something powerful.

    • 419

      ‘But what really comes to my mind is that Apple is the unchallenged winner when it comes to designing a user interface.’

      Like the one that made people nauseous with its parallax and zoom effects?

      • Steve Heller

        Well, everybody makes mistakes. But as far as I know iOS has always been more fluent and faster on half as good specs as Android.

  • frogz

    Think they should replace this ad , The Next big thing is here , to: The Same thing is here

    • 419

      …and Apple is still way back there….

  • hmm

    Why do u all think that Samsung copyEd apple? Becouse it has fingerprint scanner. The iPhone 5s was not the first phone to have fingerprint scanner. The motorola atrix 2 was the first phone to have fingerprint scanner.

    • Marc Collins

      But why wasn’t Samsung first between them and Apple?

  • amsterdam 79

    samsung just put specs on maximum screaming for attention… apple makes his own OS for his own phones wich goes perfect together and thats the best part that keeps me stuck on iphone.. plus ill never feel safe with my personal infos on android.. i got an 5s 64gb and is more then i need. i can say samsung has good camera but still feels cheap in my hand.. PS. my phone is almost full of slow motion videos :)) they are so funny. 97% of my friends are on iphone.

  • dude

    For those retards that think the water proof is not a great feature, then you probably never go on vacation or out with friends.
    There are huge benefits to this upgrade. I would love to see your face the day you piss the bed with your phone in your pocket.



  • 混沌

    I love how all these people go to bat for the different manufacturers, pay you well do they?

  • 919263

    Can we get iOS on the New Samsung S5…???? That would be the ultimate Device…. All other Device Killer…

  • if only

    guys i know this will never happen but think if apple and Samsung teamed to make one smartphone combined together. if that happened it will kill all other companies phone with in a flash. they will have 100% of phone market. they will be so powerful that it will not be worth to any company to even try to challenge them

    • Steve Heller

      I do not think so. There is always a person that does not like it. I think it would be bad if Apple and Samsung teamed, cause then the competition will just stop.

  • Marc Collins

    Samsung is about quantity and Apple is about quality. It depends what you want. Making a plastic case in 2014 when other smaller Android phone builders
    have quality cases is a spit on your customers, but so many seem to like this, so it’s good.

  • jay

    iOS 7 doesn’t need all that power! Just dual core is fine!

  • jzack

    lol. samsung. great advertisement.. samsung device always comes with greater specs compare to the iphones, but still it lags and often crash.. bad after sales service.. :(

  • Luka

    You can’t compare phone which has been released in September last year and phone that still hasn’t been released.

  • ericahughes


  • Gerry

    I don’t want to be mean, but looking at every single spec on that list, the samsung phone beats the iPhone at nearly everything. I don’t know why comments here are so negative then.

  • Chris Williams

    iPhone6 is Going to have WAY!!! Better specs. One…why record in 4K? First you need a 4K TV IF…you can Afford one., Second AC wireless? How about……MAYBE 3years down the road..perhaps..unTIL then….i don’t see the purpose in Having it. The 5s is STILL Lighter. The fact that it can Pack all those nice pixels in a small frame and NOT have to make it 6 inches is saying alot for Apple.