How much of your smartphone is actually the Screen?

People want smartphones with bigger screens without actually increasing its physical size, so manufacturers minimise the bezel that surrounds the display. A new chart by somospostpc quantifies this trend by charting how much of a phone’s surface is actually the screen.

The chart is based on the percentage of the smartphone’s surface that is the display and not the bezel. The iPhone 5s’ screen occupies 60.6 percent, the iPhone 5c screen occupies 59.7 percent while the older iPhone 4s’ display takes up 54 percent.

Android phones, especially ones with a huge screen, fare much better with the LG G2 at 75.7 percent, the Galaxy Note 3 at 74.6 percent, the Galaxy S4 at 72.1 percent and the Nexus 5 at 72 percent.

Here’s the full chart:

smartphone display

The iPhone 6, with its rumored larger screen and a thin-bezel design might fare much better on this chart.

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[via @somospostpc]


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