Amazon to announce Apple TV competitor at April 2nd media event

amazon event invite

Amazon today sent out invites to media outlets for a press event on the 2nd of April, to talk about its video business, hinting at the launch of the company’s rumored media streaming device.

Re/code reports:

Amazon’s entry into the set top box world, which has been delayed for months, is coming next week, according to people familiar with the company’s plans.

The e-commerce giant has invited reporters to gather for an “update on our video business” in New York next Wednesday, April 2.

The popcorn and the couch are an obvious hint that the company will be launching a Chromecast-like HDMI dongle to bring its video and music streaming service to your TV. According to previous reports, the dongle will run a forked version of Android and support various apps, including rival streaming serves like Netflix and Hulu Plus. The device is also said to have support for an OnLive-like service to “stream” and play games.

Pre-production units of the video-streaming device have already been distributed to select app developers, so that at launch, Amazon has a good lineup of apps compatible with the device. The dongle will carry Amazon’s “Fire” branding, which the company already uses for its Kindle Fire tablets.

Would you buy an Amazon-powered HDMI dongle?

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