Apple testing Related Search Suggestions Feature on the App Store [Update: Confirmed]

AppStore Related Search

Apple seems to be testing a related search suggestions feature on the App Store to improve app discovery. The feature was first spotted by developer Olga Osadcha.

As you can see in the screenshot above, when a user searches for a keyword on the App Store, it displays a new scrollable bar with related search terms just below the search box. Based on the screenshot, it looks like the related search terms are popular keywords used by users on the App Store. For example: search for password manager gives related suggestions “lock password” and “lock my phone”, while a search for news gives related suggestions for “business news,” “finance news”, and a search for twitter gives related suggestions for “news apps,” “traffic apps” etc. When you click on the suggestion, it displays all the apps corresponding to the selected search term.

It is not clear if the apps in the selected search term are manually curated by Apple or based on the App Store ranking. Apple seems to be currently testing the feature on iPhones running iOS 7 or later. It remains to be seen when Apple will roll out the feature to all users.

With more than a million apps in the App Store, the change should help in app discovery as this seems like a good way to highlight related apps.


Apple has confirmed to CNET that it will be rolling out the feature to all users this week.

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