New video shows the demolition prior to the construction of Apple’s Campus 2 site

Apple Campus 2

Apple began the demolition of older building complexes at the Campus 2 site in late 2013. However, since most of it was done secretively there wasn’t much access to the demolition, apart from a handful of images showing debris and the aftermath of the demolition. But last night, a new video has surfaced which shows the demolition process of old Apple complexes.

This video covers 2-3 months of progress since November when the demolition originally began. The process is now complete and Apple is expected to start work on its dream campus soon.

The site will house a 120,000 square foot auditorium and a 100,000 square foot fitness center for Apple employees. The company is also expected to keep vegetation in mind by planting 4,500 trees in the barren landscape.

The main building will be over 2.8 million square feet and will be made using curved glass, which is something Apple has specialized thanks to its architectural prowess with Apple Stores around the world. The building will be able to accommodate over 2,400 cars with underground parking.

The project should be completed in a couple of years from now or maybe more if we take delays into account. But once completed, this could be one of the greatest architectural marvels of the modern world.

[Via 9to5Mac]