Do you want Apple’s iWatch to look like this Smartwatch concept?

Ever since Apple has been rumored to enter the hot wearable space with its smartwatch, popularly dubbed iWatch, we’ve seen quite a few iWatch concepts.

Most of the concepts hardly have any resemblance to a watch, they look like glorified fitness bands.

So Gábor Balogh, a freelance designer from Hungary, has created a smartwatch concept, which looks more like a traditional watch but bundled with smart features. He says that his goal was to create a smartwatch that:

  • Kept the traditional values and quality
  • Included carefully selected functions
  • Easily paired with a smartphone
  • smudge-free handling

He has essentially taken the Swedish watchmaker Triwa’s Havana timepiece and replaced its face with a circular display. He has created mockups to show the user interface for apps such as Weather, Health application, Music player, Calendar, Maps etc.

Here’s a look at the mockups, let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks Sebastian for the tip!

Analog clock (left), Incoming calls interface (right)
Weather (left), Now Playing (right)
Heart rate monitor (left), Incoming Messages (right)
Stopwatch (left), Maps (right)
Compass (left), Memos (right)
[ via The Verge]