Apple now charging for out-of-warranty chat support

applecare-support-chatIn line with earlier rumors, Apple has extended its paid support options and is now charging users for out-of-warranty online chat support. This feature was expected to debut earlier this month, but a problem with the payment processing system delayed its rollout, reports 9to5Mac.

Web payments for chat support are up and running on Apple’s website, but the company still is experiencing issues with certain aspects of the system. Customer service representatives in Apple’s support division are allegedly warning people about potential problems with the new support option.

How it will work is I will be able to send you a link in our Chat that you would be able to follow. From that link you will then be taken to an Apple website that will allow you to put int your Credit Card information to make the payment. Afterwards it will update in my system showing me that you have payed for the coverage and that you’re now eligible for support… That is actually where we are having a bit of trouble today, in sending the link as it is now showing up as it should. Once it is working properly however it is a very simple process.

Apple is expected to extend this payment system to hardware support, allowing customers to schedule hardware repairs and replacements that require a credit card hold prior to initiating service.

Apple also rolled out new AppleCare training sessions called “Here to Help” for its customer service team. Apple claims this 3-day training program “will transform AppleCare by sharpening our focus on our customers’ experience while continuing to provide fantastic product support.”

What do you think of this new paid support option? Would you pay $20 to receive help for your older Apple product? Let us know in the comments.

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  • anotherjon

    Ironically, I JUST had online chat service as my daughter’s iPhone was stolen today. In the preliminary questions after they said my iPhone was out of warranty there was a box to check if I felt I warranted an exception regarding the warranty. I went ahead and checked it thinking I had nothing to lose. I was promptly connected with a representative and she was over-enthusiastic about helping in any way possible. In the end I felt like she bent over backwards to help me and do all she could possibly do. It was a great experience. So as a word of advice, check the “exception” box if you’re out of warranty; it worked for me.

    • Erick121

      Your daughters phone was stolen I believe that definitely was an exception and the person you talked to probably knew you’ve gone through enough and most likely going to have to spend money on another apple replacement wether thru them or your carrier