Apple’s 8GB iPhone 5c offers slightly less storage than Samsung’s ’16GB’ Galaxy S4

iPhone 5c 8GB
Apple’s new 8GB iPhone 5c model may offer significantly less storage space than other iPhone models, but its is close in available capacity to competing models from Samsung, which ship with 16GB of advertised storage.

The comparison between the iPhone 8GB and 16GB Samsung models like the Galaxy S4 looks at available storage, which is the amount space available to users after the OS takes its allocation of space. Because of Apple’s efficient use of space, the 8GB iPhone 5c ships with 4.9BG of space available to users, while the 16GB Galaxy S4 offers 8.56GB. That’s only a 3.66GB difference between the two phones, which is amazing when you consider that the S4 is advertised with twice the storage space.


Among 16GB phones currently on the market, the Galaxy S4 ranks at the bottom with the least amount of available space. The 16GB models of the iPhone 5c, Google Nexus 5 and iPhone 5s take the top three spots, with 12.6, 12.28 and 12.20GB of available space.

Apple introduced the 8GB iPhone 5c as a less expensive iPhone model for customers in the UK and China where LTE is becoming an established technology. It offers the same specs as the higher capacity iPhone 5c models, but features a less expensive price tag.

[Via AppleInsider]