Will evasi0n jailbreak be updated for iOS 7.1? pod2g says unlikely


Earlier today, Apple released iOS 7.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apart from new features, improvements and much needed crash fixes, Apple has patched number of vulnerabilities in iOS 7.1 that were used by the evasi0n7 jailbreak.

Jailbreakers are advised to stay away from today’s update unless they want to lose their jailbreak, and pod2g further clarified that the evad3rs team doesn’t plan on actively working on an iOS 7.1 jailbreak. He did say that he has some iOS 7.1 jailbreak ideas, but he’d work on them only if he has enough time.

Here’s what pod2g said:

“For iOS 7.1, I don’t know … there is a big chance the evad3rs won’t focus on it as a team … expect that for iOS 8 :)”

“If one day, I find myself bored and can put enough time and energy into it, I have some ideas for how to make a 7.1 jailbreak … depending on how it has been fixed and other external events.”

The release of evasi0n 7 involved a lot of controversy, with the involvement of Chinese App Store TaiG, and the come back of popular hacker Geohot in the jailbreaking scene. Allegations claimed that the evad3rs team burned a few exploits in evasi0n 7 that could be saved for a later jailbreak.

So until there’s a clear indication that pod2g will be releasing an iOS 7.1 jailbreak, you should stay away from the upgrade button on your iPhone or iPad.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[via iDigitalTimes]

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  • Khalid Lord

    Bad News
    Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad News

  • maleado

    How is that bad news? I dont see 7.1 as good as the speculation created these few past months.

    • Gautam

      What do you mean?

    • E71

      iOS 7.1 supposedly improves performance & responsiveness of iPhone 4 — sure the device is a little outdated but we were practically forced by Apple to update to iOS 7 and this performance improvement was much needed but I guess will never happen because JB teams have abandoned us.

      • Dom

        Apple didnt force anyone to update to ios7 lots of people are still using ios6 and lower. And the JB teams havent abadoned anyone;

        • baloch

          they forced me to upgrade to 7.1 at gun point

          • Dom

            Damn….you did report it to the police ? Bcuz that sounds “criminal.”

        • Zaid

          They forced me to update to 7.1

      • disinfectantrum

        Jesus. Enough with the “they abandoned us” shit, people. These guys have families and lives, plus they know way more about this shit than all of us who have never worked on a jailbreak put together. Maybe they have read the release patterns and know that by the time they can actually develop a jailbreak, iOS 8 will drop, making it largely pointless. Plus they have other things they work on that might be more gratifying or profitable for them. They do all this shit for free and owe us nothing.

        • sabr3

          Well said, sir.

  • Mohammed Najim

    these lazy ass jailbreakers should make the work or i will leave the jailbreak forever

    • revivalstore

      Now you go and make a jailbreak you ….

      • Gautam

        Folks, let’s be civil with fellow readers. All the inappropriate comments were removed. Thanks!

    • Pod2g

      you can call them lazy ass jailbreakers after you start paying for their effort. Programming and exploiting takes time and effort!

      • goze18

        ur right why don’t people understand that it is not easy that technology is NOT perfect and takes a while to alter

        • Lou

          Because that’s the mindset in the world today; “I want it free!” “I want it now!” “I don’t care what it cost you, the world owes it to me!” “I deserve it!” “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!!!”

          • Rahul

            @mohammed These jailbreaker are the top seed,,,,,exploiting an ios software needs a damn good hacker mind ,way too bigger than your large babbling mouth…..a$#%!€

    • Chiko

      Bye we dont need u

    • idontlikeyourcomment

      Wow, they found the exploits & released Jailbreak for the world for free & you call them lazy ass?

      Go ahead & leave the jailbreak, like anyone will notice the Great Mohammed Najim. Here’s a cookie before you leave.


        that guy was such a douche he clearly is a noob to the JB community, pure ingrate, just ignore idiots like that.

    • i Molen

      Stay or leave the jailbreak,,,who care!!!
      …just remind you, They Do Just For Free…, even they sell the Evasi0n, I’ll paid for the hard work.., Coz you can’t Jailbreak W/The Evad3rs Team

    • John Agnew

      idiot, they do this for free, I think they should make donation compulsory and only those who appreciate what they do will have jailbreak. it is good that you leave….goodbye

      • RyanRoland

        Donation and compulsory should not be in the same sentence.

    • Mato Shibiru

      nobody cares

    • user

      OOH Please. Whose the lazy ass here? You go make your own jailbreak Mr or LEAVE jailbreak forever and shut your pie hole. Its FREE and you should be thankful for getting a free service, you LAZY ASS.

      • Mohammed Najim

        who said its free they take tons of dollars even the second we are speaking and you know everything free has a purchase inside dont you agree now

        • Avey


    • s4br3

      Then, by all means, leave Mohammed…
      The JB magic makers are the best of the best. As Pod2g said, unless you contribute in some way you have no right to call them anything. Geez man, show some respect

    • Achmed

      Well thats quite arrogant..
      And sorry to break the news, but I don’t really think they’d count on you to keep your jailbreak.

  • NittoXT

    1 year later…
    “evasi0n will not be updated to iOS 8.1, wait it for iOS 9 :)

    • liveme

      LOL, evad3rs are very lazy I assume. Expect a jailbreak for iOS 8.0 with a lot of bugs and iOS 9.0 with bugs too.

      • liveme

        They must release a jailbreak for IOS 7.1 because it is a lot, lot more stable than 7.0.x. They should work hard to release 7.1 jailbreak on the mean time IOS 8 comes out. iOS 7.1 is a must have update for all idevices.

  • Luscum

    I´m happy with my jailbreak and have no need or wish for iOS 7.1
    Jailbreak world takes us years ahead Apple.
    Maybe I look in to an upgrade when Apple release iOS 8….maybe.

    • oddy

      going back to my nokia 3310 again … off from JB world then .. :p

  • AlbanusAlain

    yeah, that’s understandable. I see some positive changes in 7.1 but I can wait until some more bugs fixed, maybe in 7.1.1 .At that point jailbreak is a must. What about the idea of something like sn0wbreez that circulated a few weeks ago. A container or something that may enables jailbreak for life for supported devices?

  • Pidichtoulis

    Is it possible to find another photo of pod2g? The one you’ve been using ad nauseam makes the poor guy look like he’s about to be beheaded live on Al-Jazeerah TV.

    Better yet: how about not running his BS non-stories any more?

    With iOS7, Apple has made jailbreaking largely unnecessary. Sure, it’s fun for kids to try out new “themes” and such nonsense but other than that… Meh…

    • Gautam

      We’ll update the photo.

      But how is this a non-story? I would certainly want to know if evad3rs will release a jailbreak for iOS 7.1.

      With iOS7, Apple has made jailbreaking largely unnecessary? You certainly don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

      • Arif Ullah

        At least we’re still not stuck on iOS 6.1.3, so since we have a jailbreak for iOS 7, I’m satisfied. iOS 7.1 isn’t a major upgrade, so I’m happy with evad3rs skipping iOS 7.1. ;D

        • Joe

          ios 7 lags on iPhone 4 and iPad 3. I want a iOS 7.1 jailbreak or a downgrade to iOS 6.1.3 :'(

        • E71

          It’s probably not a major update to you if you’re not using an iPhone 4. For iPhone 4 it’s very much needed.

      • Pidichtoulis

        Hey thanks that’s much nicer. Appreciate the effort.

    • Alan

      How about STFU? Can you do that? Thanks!

  • User

    “With iOS7, Apple has made jailbreaking largely unnecessary. Sure, it’s
    fun for kids to try out new “themes” and such nonsense but other than
    that… Meh…”
    Dude eater go and find out what jailbreak is all about or don’t spill that nonsense …

    • TWITTER: @Jonmicol

      so not true. there are many tweaks you can use like posting to twitter or facebook from the control center. also i have a tweak in which my reminders for the day show up at the bottom of my control center….if not for that tweak i wouldnt use reminders.

      • DMan9574

        I agree with @jonmicol, please get your facts striagt before making incorrect comments like that, there are plenty of tweaks that make life easier such as biteSMS with quick reply along with customizing tweaks

    • Jared

      1 word: MovieBox!!!
      Also a big fan of MusicBox

    • Fish

      ..that is crap.. Jailbreaking has Improved my iPhone in every aspect. The control you get out of jailbreak is incredible. It doesn’t just “look cool”.
      The developers put an immense amount of work into this kinda stuff.. Give em credit!!

  • Looni!!

    I bet all they want is more money, jailbreaking has become a big profit for this hackers…

    • Anton

      Strange, i don’t remember having to pay to any jailbrake. Sure some people like me have donated money to the project. But still, i dont see how it can have become a big proffit…

  • dagi

    who cares about ios 7.1 …as long as we have the sweet jailbreak

    • Sebastian Rasch

      7.1 is certainly expendable but on the other hand it doesn’t sound too bad for the possibility of a jailbreak, they just need to be „bored enough”. ;)

  • E71

    Damn it… of all the updates 7.1 is the only one I need if Apple’s claims that it improves performance/responsiveness on iPhone 4 are true.

    JB teams now abandoning us like Apple normally does.

    • Panger Bahn

      Fear not, the only performance improvement in 7.1 is speeding up the transition animations. You can get that with NoSlowAnimations on Cydia :)

      • Kevin Knox

        Very true,,,very true

      • Raul Flores

        I ran the 7.1 beta 3 before downgrading to 7.0.6 to have a better jailbreak experience. But iOS 7.1 is not just faster animations, it has better performance in every way, on springboard, memory, battery, no crashes, better UI, more organized… it’s not just a “bug patch”

        • Corey

          Hmmm. Thanks for that… Considering JB. Then the tantalizing year of waiting to see JB for ios 8.
          I’m just still considering….

          My main tweaks…

          I ran all betas for 7, and ended up losing JB for ios 6

          ….. are you Raul Flores upgrading yourself to 7.1??
          (assuming you are jailbroken)

          Or, waiting to see if evasi0n releases JB for 7.1?

          • Rulo Flores

            Yes im jailbroken on 7.0.6, and very tempted to upgrade to 7.1

            BUT, I love my 5S tweaks for the fingerprint sensor… So i guess I wont upgrade unless I screw up something, and be forced to.

          • Corey

            Exact same here.

    • Northporter

      Get a new phone dude. That’ll solve your “performance” issues.

    • Шетач_по_Облацима

      I am tethered jailbreak iPhone 4 on 7.1 with this guide and it’s WORKING :) Tetherd but working well, stable… And 7.1 for i4 is HEAVEN!!!

    • Fr0zen

      It take a lot of time and experience with ios vulnerabilities, so it very awesome to wait and get time to discover the ios and find better/new exploits.
      So if the ios 8 is out then the ios 7.1 and ios 8 might be jailbreakeable..
      I’m a really big fan of jailbreaking and would learn how to jailbreak, but i have no time and no experience…

      If the evad3rs are ready to jailbreak, they will tell us.
      Pease, Fr0zen

  • Paul

    Time = $$$ he is giving you all a hint, he needs more time

    • John Agnew

      If this is indeed the case then he is quite right. It must take a hell of a lot of time to work on this and with all the grief he gets about “when are you going to release?” etc, etc. I would get pissed off as well.

      There has to be something in it for him to put the time and work in to this. I have donated twice to his jailbreaks and I think it was the least I could do to say thanks for all the work.

      I hope he and others will continue to give us jailbroken devices but if not I can see people abandon Apple in the masses until they wake up and give us some way to personalize our devices and I don’t mean steal cracked apps.

  • pastortommy

    How about the recent update that fixed the encryption problem over wifi? I really want that update but I am jailbroken and running 7.0.4. What is the update that addressed that issue and can I somehow upgrade and keep my jailbreak?

    • Ttocs Ttebroc

      Install ssl patch through cydia, this address’s the issue without the need to update

      • Guest


        • Ttocs Ttebroc

          No worries :-0)

      • pastortommy

        Wow thank you so much. So very helpful. I didn’t know i could do this through Cydia. Made my day much easier.

  • http://socialspit.com/ XweAponX

    It figures, that if 7.1 fixes the battery drain and huge device overheating issues, that evad3rs would abandon us.

    • E71

      Not to mention performance fix for older devices. It’s not like we wanted to go from iOS 5 to iOS 7.

  • 8lias

    “If one day, I find myself bored….”

    Then I hope you get really really bored ;)

  • Sasa

    Cydia definetly must pay to jailbreak 7.1 because many apps on Cydia are not free. Developers earn money from jailbreakers so its fair that they pay some money for it.
    And still no wide photos shooting? Still no SMS delivery reports?

    • E71

      I’d actually buy stuff on Cydia if they provided a better way to log in other than via Google or Facebook of which I use neither, not for signing in anyway. Their own user database is what they need.

      • DMan9574

        if you sign in with your google/facebbook account (which are both free) you can link your amazon/paypal account which is actually really easy, what other methods that you think are easier are you possibly looking for ?

  • Sergio

    Too bad I didn’t see this post earlier, I thought that it’s going to be like upgrading from 7.0.4 to 7.0.6 :( Now I’m stuck again with the stock apple things and lost all my favorite apps and tweaks :'( hope that pod2g has some time to develop the new tool soon. I guess patience is the key here. ._.

    • DMan9574

      well, in all fairness any jailbreaker knows to check the utilities website to ensure the new version is supported before updating

    • Dom

      They have been warning people to stay away from 7.1 for months tho…..

      • Sergio

        Yeah oh well… I’ll just sell my 7.1 iPhone and buy a new one with a one step lower firmware xD cuz really, can’t live without the tweaks and stuff that the jb gives.

  • amin

    Please make out some alternate to get a jailbreak for 7.1… Or else it not worth for using an iPhone.. :(

  • N/A

    when geohot has leave jb community, i don’t use jb anymore.

  • crz6662

    Might as well update since none of the 6 jailbreak versions didn’t work for my T-Mobile iphone 5s. Probably make 11 more attempt. F-ing hate Apple. Always a fan of Android, ie: Open Source apple.

  • evad3rs-LMC

    i dont care for the “evad3r’s”,

    good they can get stuffed.
    making as wait that long for a ios7 jailbreak,

    seriously what morons.

    • Fish

      They needed to release ios7 before it could be hacked.. Which takes time

      Cydia would have have no tweaks.. Which takes time

      Your ios7 jailbreak would have been useless…

      You are the moron…..
      Go evad3r’s!

  • mitchell wade

    I just don’t understand all these these idiots complaining about the jailbreak scene if u don’t like how they do it than don’t do it just be grateful we did get something for ios 7 I’ve been thankful for 5 years now

  • http://www.minbcraft.blogspot.com MinBCrafter

    i happy i still in not yet jailbroken 7.0.6
    i will keep this 7.0.6 untill someone release 7.1 unthertedrddaated jailbreak

  • Sniperhead154

    Damm thats sad i was gunna beg my asian parents for jailbreak this afternoon but then all of a sudden this ios 7.1 shit came out! do something Evaders Plz

  • lucky

    im so lucky. i ordered my upgrade to iphone 5s yesterday then found out about the new ios. when i found out that it didnt have a jb planned, my heart dropped. it came this morning and is running 7.0.5. That was a close call

  • steve

    Bring back

  • Gaylord Albarran


  • icycool

    i have ios 7.0.6 installed on my iphone 5 and want to jailbreak it using evasi0n. evasi0n website says iphone must be restored through itunes first if the earlier update was OTA. So I want to restore my iphone. But on entering DFU mode to reinstall ios 7.0.6, itunes says it will upgrade to latest software available, meaning ios 7.1. Is there any other way I can re-install ios 7.0.6 on my iphone5?

    • Mohammed Najim

      you cant anymore sorry because the official ios is now 7.1 bro

      • Anon

        Wrong! You still can, just download 7.0.6 stock firmware, and use the “shift-restore” method. See my other comment.

        • Nathan

          You’re 100% sure? I’ve been looking for a solution for hours / days and it seemed pretty clear that it’s impossible..

    • Anon

      As I mentioned to another person, you can still re-install the stock 7.0.6 firmware, but you have to download it from a third-party site. Hold the “shift” key, and hit the “restore” button in iTunes, to allow you to restore a specific firmware from a file.

      • icycool

        This method does not work as iTunes gives an error 3194. I searched for this and found it can be bypassed by modifying hosts file used by itunes to connect to apple servers for verification. But even that didn’t work. You got any other way? Is it possible to restore ios without itunes ?

  • User1

    Is there any possible way, now after the 7.1 release, to just upgrade to 7.0.6? I ignored the 7.0.6 update, now i need that one or a higher version for a special application, but don’t want to lose my jailbreak…

    • Steve

      Yes you can update 7.0.6.

      • http://mobile-reviews.de mobile-reviews.de

        7.0.6 ist not signed anymore by Apple!

        • David

          tim, So no way to go to 7.0.6 from 7.0.4? I’m stuck with 7.0.4 unless I want to dump my JB? Thanks.

          • http://mobile-reviews.de mobile-reviews.de

            Of course you can try (in DFU-Mode), but i did not succeed in signing a 7.0.6

            And yes, (then) you are stuck with 7.0.4

  • pastortommy

    anyway to get the ios 7.1 reboot fix via cydia?

  • iOS7_User

    At first, I hesitated about installing iOS 7.1 on my iPhone 4S. But still, I decided to upgrade. Ever since then, I never regretted my choice. Everything was much faster and smoother in every where! Be it the UI, Springboard, Animations or whatsoever, everything was very fast. But, every thing has it’s pros and cons. One thing bad is that after upgrading, you can’t jailbreak and enjoy themes. But after jailbreaking, your device may slow down by abit, causing some frustrations. But in conclusion, both jailbreaking and updating to iOS 7.1 is good and bad in its own ways. So, the choice is yours.


      I just got two phones, iphone 5S for performance ios 7.1 and iphone 5 for jailbreaking and playing around.. problem solved.

  • CrankyOldBastard

    Thanks jail-breakers for all your work and efforts to make the IOS devices what the greed crazed mobile carriers and their Nazi cronies at the “Jobs-less” Apple won’t let these devices be without us giving a monthly quart of green blood. Bummed that there might not be another jailbreak for subsequent IOS releases after 7.0.6 because if that turns out to be the case then I’m on my last apple device.
    Those that don’t think jailbreak serves any purpose other than themes and cutsie crap have ZERO clue about the potential of the IOS devices which the jail-breakers truly set free.
    Thanks again jail-breakers for all the time and tweaks.
    FK Apple and the mobile carriers!!

  • Khoa

    Why doesn’t Apple think that it is jailbreak that makes iOS more beautiful and attractive than Android, and it is jailbreak that makes iPhone, iPad work more effectively and friendly. Jailbreak makes it possible to experience on iPhones and iPads.

  • Sting

    You just can’t count on evaders

  • Ki-asia LilMargie Dunn

    I love the jailbreak iOS 7.1 is okay but I want my jailbreak back

  • Elle Cox

    I appreciate ALL the jailbreakers out there that have the time and energy to make jailbreaking possible. When IOS 7 came out that was my first time jailbreaking my iPad and I had no idea what I was doing. It took me more than 4 months to really understand the program and when I got to that last part……that special part when you’re completely locked and guess what CRASH !!!!! B/C I didn’t clean up all of the old material. So now I was forced to upgrade to STUPID 7.1, that was over 12 twelve hours of reading and referring that I did everyday and APPLE just took it away. Which is an outrage b/c if I purchased this product from you then I should be able to do whatever I want with MY IPAD. So many thanks to Pod2g and his team b/c this is BRAIN WRECKING WORK. HOPEFULLY YOU GUYS WILL MAKE ME HAPPY AGAIN AND COME UP WITH SOMETHING!!!! It gives us stay at home moms something to besides be moms. And if I had the cash to pay you to sit at home and do I WOULD.

  • Elle Cox

    Elle Cox • 7 hours ago
    I appreciate ALL the jailbreakers out there that have the time and energy to make jailbreaking possible. When IOS 7 came out that was my first time jailbreaking my iPad and I had no idea what I was doing. It took me more than 4 months to really understand the program and when I got to that last part……that special part when you’re completely locked and guess what CRASH !!!!! B/C I didn’t clean up all of the old material. So now I was forced to upgrade to STUPID 7.1, that was over 12 twelve hours of reading and referring that I did everyday and APPLE just took it away. Which is an outrage b/c if I purchased this product from you then I should be able to do whatever I want with MY IPAD. So many thanks to Pod2g and his team b/c this is BRAIN WRECKING WORK. HOPEFULLY YOU GUYS WILL MAKE ME HAPPY AGAIN AND COME UP WITH SOMETHING!!!! It gives us stay at home moms something to besides be moms. And if I had the cash to pay you to sit at home and do I WOULD.

  • Elle Cox


  • Edgar

    Will there going to be a jaiibreak for ios 7.1?

  • Joey

    Does anyone know of a way to un-update from 7.1? I just tried to jailbreak for the first time and had to reset my phone and then it updated to this. Anyway to go back?

  • jemrada

    It would be nice to have a JB for 7.1. Since it will probably be the last big update for iOS 7. Not wanting to burn anymore exploit is still smart. The more they have for the future is best I suppose. Keep up the good work Evasi0n.

  • icycool

    I have aniphone 5 running ios 7.0.6. I tried jailbreaking it with evasi0n 1.0.7. At no point did the process hang (like getting stuck at apple logo) and the evasi0n software also did not give any message after completion. But it seems jailbreak was not successful as there is no cydia icon on my iphone. The phone had re-booted twice during the process (second time after i opened the evasi0n icon on my iphone). Can you tell me what went wrong and how to fix it? Thanks.

    • Zaid

      It seems that you updated Over The Air (OTA) u need to update through iTunes or restore through iTunes but you will be stuck now because if you restored or updated through iTunes you will be stuck in iOS 7.1.1 this update was released by Apple yesterday remember this next time

  • kadm

    first thanx for all the work you did “chapeau” =D
    if you can jailbreak only one version i think it’d be better to crack ios 8 cause it’s the maj and there’s no big new in the 7.1 version

    tnxs a lot you are amazing … and maybe you should punish the people who are using your name i dont like usurpation ;)


    Even though ios7.1 is elegant, we love jailbreak and we need one. Pod2g helps us

  • jailbreak 7.1

    they are not working on ios 6.1.3 jailbreak. they are not working on ios 7.1 either. they are always like that. why? I should have jailbroken my iphone 5 on 7.0.6 now I am on 6.1.2.

  • Rockie

    I hope this guy gets real bored soon cause I was dumb enough to update my phone and them tried to add the jailbreak

  • 34regy

    i wish it will get out soon

  • PaulB

    GUTTED…. Was desperatly trying to get a bluetooth mouse to work with iPad (When in my office using larger screen) .. I updated to 7.1 before reading that there will not be a Jailbreak… I guess there’s no going back to 7.0 ?? HELP anyone ?? Paul B

  • iliyas

    plizzz link sent me 7.1 Jailbreak stil wet

  • Kyrix

    My 7.0.5 was crash by an app from the app store, I have to upgrade, and crying…WTF

  • Rajinder Singh

    Don’t worry guy pod2g will release the unthreatened jailbreak for iOS 7.1

  • mohamed

    moviebox!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant live without it

  • Xaki

    but, i really need the jail break, i didn know upgrading to ios 7.1 will remove my JB, :( i regret That ACTION :(

  • 71mosin

    I waiting

  • moon


  • Casper

    They should just wait for ios x.1 every time.. 7.1, 8.1 and so on. I think apple make bugs in x.0 so users is “forced” to update to x.1 update.

  • Solomon_Sager

    I wish there was a jailbreak for ios 7.1 iPhone 4s that’s actuly legit

  • Johnny

    Perhaps it’s not a question of finding yourself bored… but of actually providing a service to those of us stuck with Iphone 4’s that will never be able to get IOS8. Thanks for NOT providing a jailbreak for IOS7.1. Bye bye Evasi0n. I’m off to Android rather than sticking with your unreliable service!

  • Maddie

    I have never jailbroken my phone and I REEEEALLLLLY want to but it’s on 7.1 and I can’t :(

  • Johnny

    Yeah to hell with evari0n… if these guys can’t be bothered to provide consistency, then they’ll die out along with their jailbreaks. It’s not about making it available for those with the latest technology. Im fed up of the narrow windows of opportunity, the lack of proper functioning online banking apps due to jailbreak. Evasion is just a dodo on the brink of extinction.

    • Johnny

      Time to move to Android. I find myself bored of Evasi0n too, like they’re bored of providing something that works on my ANTIQUE IPHONE 4 on 7.1.

  • Johnny

    Time to move to Android. I’m “bored” of Evasi0n, just like they’re bored of providing something that works on my ANTIQUE Iphone 4 on THE LATEST IOS. LOL what a joke.