FaceTime Plus brings Chatroulette-style conversations to Apple’s chat client

FaceTime-Plus-mainFaceTime Plus leverages the messaging features of FaceTime and adds a chatroulette option that lets you connect to random people for a quick chat. It’s an interesting concept that expands your FaceTime encounters beyond the people in your address book.

To join the service and start a random chat, you need to enter your email on the FaceTime Plus website. The service then uses this email address to match you with other people. Once connected, you can begin chatting via Apple’s FaceTime client on your iOS or OS X device. You can video chat or make an audio call, depending on your comfort level. If you don’t like the conversation, you can just hang up.

FaceTime Plus reportedly works very well since it is merely an email matching service and relies on Apple’s FaceTime client to handle the messaging part. The biggest drawback is having to share your Apple ID, but you can click the “Delete email from site” button if you change your mind and want to be removed from the service.

Would you be interested in a service like this? If you have tried it, what did you think?