Google drops price on Drive cloud storage to $1.99 monthly for 100GB

google-drive121013Google today announced that it is cutting the price on the storage plans for its Google Drive cloud service. These new price points make Drive an even more attractive option for Dropbox, iCloud and other cloud storage users.

Google Drive launched two years ago as service to both create and store documents that are accessible across a variety of devices. Google offers 15GB of free storage space with each Google account, but this limit may not be sufficient for users who access Google Drive from multiple devices. The storage works across most Google’s cloud-based services including Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos.

To keep it affordable, Google has dropped the price on Drive from $4.99 per month to a low $1.99 per month for 100GB of space. Customers who need even more storage can purchase 1TB for $9.99 and 10TB for $100 per month. New customers can sign up at Google’s website, while existing customers will automatically receive a discount on their plan.

Google’s new pricing structure severely undercuts both Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud service. Dropbox offers 2 GB of free storage for each user. Customers can upgrade their plans to add 100GB of storage for $10 a month, 200GB for $20 a month or 500Gb for $50 a month. iCloud, on the other hand, gives customers 5GB of free cloud storage with options to upgrade to 10 GB for $20 monthly, 20 GB for $40 monthly, or 50 GB for $100 monthly.

With this price drop, will you switch to Google’s Drive service?

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