Exhaustive list of New Features, Improvements, Refinements and Bug fixes in iOS 7.1 [Video Walkthrough]


Apple just released iOS 7.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which includes interface refinements, bug fixes, improvements, and new features.

Here’s a comprehensive list of new features, improvements and refinements in iOS 7.1 so that you don’t miss them.

New Power Off and Slide to Answer Sliders:

Apple has tweaked the “slide to power off” and “slide to answer” sliders. The cancel button is circular now.


Left: iOS 7.0.6 Right: iOS 7.1

Minor change to Slide to Unlock:

There’s a subtle difference in the slide to unlock animation. The highlight covers a wider area as it moves through.


The Phone app got a lot of design changes:

  • Long, rectangular buttons have been replaced with circular ones

New slider, round buttons

Dialer, before and after

Dialer, before and after

More round buttons

More round buttons

  • The Add to Contacts just below the dialled number has been replaced with a + button to the left of the dialled number.


  • The color of the Phone, Messages and FaceTime icon has changed to a slightly darker tone (before and after):


  • Here’s a look at how the Phone app has evolved through iOS 7:


Camera app

  • New Auto HDR mode: There’s a new Auto HDR mode for the camera, but it is an iPhone 5s only feature. Instead of manually setting HDR mode, you can enable Auto HDR so that your iPhone can automatically decide whether or not to use HDR mode for a photograph.

auto hdr

  • iPhone 5s owners now have the option to prevent photos taken using the burst mode to the Photo Stream.

burst photos

Apple addressed iOS 7 criticisms by adding more Accessibility settings

  • Apple has used text-only buttons as a part of the iOS 7 design language, which can be quite confusing. It has added a new toggle called Button Shapes (Settings > General Accessibility) to turn on button shapes in iOS 7.1 to help distinguish buttons from titles and other text labels:

button shapes

text only buttons 2

  • The Repeat and Shuffle buttons in the Music app have been also been tweaked slightly. The color is a lot darker when they’re enabled.


iOS 7 buttons on the left, iOS 7.1 buttons on the right

  • Two new toggles “Reduce Transparency” and “Darken Colors” have been added to improve contrast on some backgrounds to increase legibility. You can enable them via Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast.

reduce white point ios 7

  • Parallax: If you didn’t like the parallax effect on the Home screen, you could enable the Reduce Motion toggle under Accessibility settings. But it didn’t really fix the wallpaper zooming issue. Apple has addressed this in iOS 7.1 by adding a toggle called “Perspective Zoom” to reduce motion for the wallpaper on the Wallpaper preview page as you can see below:ios-7-1-perspective-zoom
  • It allows the user to turn the dock and folders background to dark grey and improves readability as you can see below.


Folders: Reduce Transparency Off and Darken Colors Off (left), Reduce Transparency On and Darken Colors Off (Center), Reduce Transparency On and Darken Colors On (Right)


Home Screen: Reduce Transparency Off and Darken Colors Off (left), Reduce Transparency On and Darken Colors Off (Center), Reduce Transparency On and Darken Colors On (Right)

  • The “Reduce White Point” settings makes the white tone in iOS 7 a little dull.

Calendar app

  • There’s a new button to switch to list view in Calendar app. You don’t need to tap on the search icon to see the list view, which wasn’t very intuitive:

calendar ios 7 1 beta 2

  • The button to toggle list view in the inbuilt Calendar app has been made bolder:

ios 7 1 beta 5 calendar

  • Country specific holidays have been added for many countries.


  • You can now manually control when Siri listens by holding down the Home button while you speak and releasing it when you’re done.
  • iOS 7.1 adds new natural-sounding Siri voices for English (Australia), English (United Kingdom), Japanese, and Chinese (Mandarin – China).

Settings app

Apart from all the Accessibility settings changes, the Settings app now shows Touch ID & Passcode settings for iPhone 5s users at the root level, rather than being buried inside General:

touch id ios 7.1 beta 2


  • Apple has also made subtle changes to the keyboard. The font is slightly more bold. The shift and delete buttons have also been tweaked slightly. The background of the keyboard also seems to be slightly lighter than in iOS 7. It seems to add more contrast and makes the letters easier to see.


iOS 7 keyboard on the left, iOS 7.1 keyboard on the right

  • Apple made some changes to the Shift and Caps Lock key in the keyboard to make it clear when the keys are enabled.


Shift enabled (left), Shift disabled (middle), Caps lock enabled (right)


Apple had introduced CarPlay, previously known as iOS in the Car, last week on the eve of the Geneva International Motor show. iOS 7.1 enables the CarPlay feature on iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5. It integrates iPhone with your car to make calls, use Maps, listen to music and access messages.

carplay main

Miscellaneous changes:

  • Apple addressed a very common complaint with iOS 7 by speeding up the animations.
  • Control Center now appears with a bounce animation when you pull it up.
  • iOS 7.1 beta 2 includes a new toggle for iOS in the Car feature called Car Display, which suggests that Apple may be planning to launch the feature with the release of iOS 7.1 early next year. The toggle has been discovered in the Restrictions page of the Settings apps, which suggests users will be able to enable or disable the feature.


  • With iOS 7.1, Safari’s unified address bar’s placeholder text says “Search web or enter site name”. Previously this string was “Search or enter an address.”

safari ios 7 placeholder text

  • A “New” button has been added to the iTunes Radio home page to create a new station:

itunes radio ios 7 new

  • Larger Dynamic Type toggle has been renamed to Larger Accessibility Sizes in the Accessibility settings.


  • There’s a new message that appears when all notifications are cleared from the Notification Center.


  • iTunes Radio has a new “Buy album” button in addition to the button that lets you buy the individual song:

itunes radio buy album ios 7 1 beta 5

  • iCloud Keychain support is now available in more countries.
  • FaceTime call notifications are automatically cleared when you answer a call on another device.
  • There is a minor change in the user interface of the Weather app. Clouds are now solid in the Weather app rather than outlined as you can see below. Thanks Steve for the tip!


Weather app in iOS 7.0.6 (left), Weather app in iOS 7.1 (right)

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • iOS 7.1 should finally fix the problem that used to cause random reboots that has plagued 64-bit A7 powered devices such as iPhone 5s, iPad Air and Retina iPad mini.
  • The iPhone 5s Touch ID feature got positive reviews when it was launched, but a number of iPhone 5s users have complained that the fingerprint sensor fails to recognise on the first attempt after sometime. Apple says it has improved Touch ID fingerprint recognition. It should reduce the fade issue that was reported by several iPhone 5s users.
  • iOS 7.1 should also be more responsive on iPhone 4 according to Apple as it has made performance improvements.
  • It fixes display of Mail unread badge for numbers greater than 10,000.

Video Walkthrough:

Check out our hands-on video of most of the new features and improvements in iOS 7.1:

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Let me know what you think of the new features, improvements and refinements in iOS 7.1. Which one is your favorite? Please also let me know if you’ve spotted a change that hasn’t been mentioned here.

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  • Saajan Dhall

    what about the fix of Reject button when Phone is locked. ? that the major point.?

    • kevin23

      just double click to … power button

      • Darcy

        why design like this?

        • Tom

          It’s so that you can’t accidentally reject the call when you get it out of your pocket.

          • safir

            but you might receive an unwanted call accidentally…when you get it out of your pocket…that might not be the reason to not to put reject button on the screen..its a bug i believe

  • kevin23

    shit calling screen … totally dislike … caller photo is small

    • Mysojer

      Totally agree. Apple pissing us off more each upgrade, looking at alternatives

  • acemccracken

    I’ll keep mine Jailbroken.

  • Mahmoud

    No more “private browsing” feature in safari with this iOS 7.1 .. Can you talk about that plz ? Thinks!

    • Gautam

      It is still very much there. There has been no change on that front.

      • Mahmoud

        my device is iPad 2 wifi, no more “private” appear in safari keyboard !!

        • Rchattbox

          I had the same problem on my iphone 5 when I updated. Private browsing button was gone in Safari and I was unable to clear the history in the settings. Went into the “Restrictions” setting under “Settings/General” and toggled through the options under the websites group. I returned it back to the “All websites” option and it seems to have fixed it. I am able to clear the history and the “private” button has returned.

          • Liran Zikri

            i have iPhone 4 i update to 7.1 it is running fast but when i get an message on the build app i don’t see notification badge or alert on the screen noting and i did hard reset and every thing is on it the notification center…
            any one have the same problem ?

          • Mahmoud

            Yes I found it

  • Ishan Desai

    Also new feature in camra auto flesh

    • Gautam

      That’s been around

  • Steve

    The new toggle list view button in the calendar doesn’t do anything useful in my 4s. It doesn’t make an event list as described above.

    • Gautam

      It should ideally show you the event list at the bottom of the calendar.

      • http://www.jeandenis.net/ Jean-Denis Haas

        But the article shows the full screen list. Or is that just to compare how it used to be?

  • Steve

    OK. i have it now. You have to be in the view day mode and then tap the new toggle. Then you get the list view.

    • http://www.jeandenis.net/ Jean-Denis Haas

      I still don’t get the list view. Can you help me with this? I hit the list button but it gives me that red block with two lines underneat, which shows a list of events underneath the month, but not a full screen list of events.

  • alvin

    updated. Photo app icon no change for me. No list view in calendar app either.

    • Gautam

      You need to go to the month to see the toggle for the list view. The events are displayed at the bottom of the calendar.

      We had seen the change the Photo app icon in one of the betas, it looks like Apple hasn’t included it in the public released, so we’ve removed it. Thanks for the comment.

  • AmicusBrief

    Why fix the browser crashing issue when they can concentrate on pretty buttons…way to go Apple!

    • Dj Stef

      Apple r big time pussies. instead of being really innovating like the tweaks we see on Cydia they focus on this garbage. catering to a dumb nation i guess still. how sad. iPod is the worst music player alive. play/pause/next??? thats it?? no actual equalizer?? long live Rockbox!! theres options on Rockbox that i dont even know wtf they do! but they dont BOTHER me for being there! how can they? listen, u can make EVERYBODY happy. u can. wtf is so hard. give all the imaginable options (ie. as in wut Cydia provides, fresh tweaks daily almost) and everyone is happy. period. well im forgeting, Apple is a business…
      love my jb ipad mini retina tho. android is crap. stay away from java vm bullshit. who cares how much RAM they offer it wont save u…

  • Supes

    Clouds are solid in the weather app rather than outlined

    • Gautam

      Thanks for the tip, updated the post.

  • ljguitar

    Why will turning the Closed Caption off (accessibility) only work till I sleep my iPad? After I wake it, it’s back on.

  • helios

    new feature: with iOS 7.1 you can now call the dead !

    • Paul Gannon


      • Anonymous

        Like I said above. RESPECT and think before you post.

        • Paul Gannon

          Bloody hell pal. Lighten up. I do respect Steve Jobs. He was an amazing
          guy. He achieved so much and I love my Apple products. But seriously the
          image above and the comment was a little funny. He died in 2011. If you haven’t moved on by now you need help. I’m sure Steve would not taking
          any offence to it.

    • Amila RoshanVampíre Assassino

      LOL :D

      • Anonymous

        And I don’t understand how you and Paul Gannon find it funny. You two should remove your comments too. All three of you should learn to respect. You should probably never comment on anything. RESPECT and think before you post.

    • Annonymous

      Your comment is unnecessary. You should your remove your comment instead of making fun about Steve Jobs death. You should be ashamed of your self.

  • Dj Stef

    such minor updates.. how useless! who the fuk would give up a trillion tweaks for this shit? lol. PAAAASSSSSSSS

  • phil_in_Folsom

    When creating a new calendar event there are now only 5 minute increments available instead of the old 1 minute increments.

    • Ulrich Haman

      Turn “All-day” on and off, and you have one-minute increments again.

      • Tom

        You’ve been able to do this for a while now, but you just double tap the minute part and it will turn it to 1 minute increments. Do the same again and it’ll go back to five. I’ve done this for a while now. It’s easier than scrolling for ages to get to 30.

  • Joao

    Control center now doesnt come up so easly. Avoids mistakes :)

  • Chiko

    My jailbreak is better than 7.1

    • Jts


  • Rocky Carr

    I like iOS 7, but Apple really screwed the pooch with the new Calendar app. The minor change they made doesn’t fix it. The whole thing is messy and confusing.

  • 919263

    NOT updating to 7.1 unless I have no other option left.

  • Saeed Ghassemzadeh

    In the notification center, the “x” and the “clear” button are much bigger, and easier to hit. At least on an ipad 3. Idk about iphone

  • CJM432

    Too bad they didn’t change the USELESS Music album/song count (now showing total # of songs by the artist, not the total # of songs on the album being played).

  • Matt

    I jailbreak with each new iDevice I get. However to keep an older operating system just to keep a jailbreak is rather foolish. You sacrificing both security fixes and stability enhancements for jailbreak apps that are usually junk apps. Junk meaning they don’t really provide anything important, they’re just downloaded cause other sites recommend them or because they look “nice”. Of the 40 useful jailbreak apps I use (both for performance and for appearance) only 5 will I truly miss. iCleaner, biteSMS, NCAllOnly, CCQuick, & Lock Screen Tool. The rest are nice enhancements but hardly needed to be kept. But seriously if security fixes and stability enhancements don’t matter to you, then why do you even have an iDevice? Might as well go with Android.

    • Damian

      i disagree with you in one case. iPhone 4 users should stay on iOS 6 only. Upgrading is a huge mistake for iPhone 4. However they claim iOS 7.1 “fixes” the performance issue for iPhone 4. Will see….

      • Matt

        The problem is people aren’t informed enough about the danger of sticking with an older operating system. Telling people to stay with iOS 6 or iOS 7 is telling them to put up with a huge security flaw that allows third party apps to know your touch screen pattern thus being able to access stuff like your password or passcode. To me a jailbreak is not worth having that kinda risk running around and iOS 7.1 is supposed to fix that risk. This is why I sacrificed my jailbreak and went from iOS 7.0.6 to iOS 7.1. Also 7.1 seems a lot better than iOS 7. I have yet to have a crash and there are no “delays” like on iOS 7 when you’re trying to do things like turn on an iCloud feature and it takes awhile to execute it.

        • Kubar

          People dont necessarily care about security; you can get pleny of security fixes on cydia, even make your own ones.
          Some prefer what jailbreak offers, and no jailbreak means use my phone only for calls.
          There are some things that are more appealing to some than not having ‘delays’ on icloud features (which most never even use)

        • iJB

          That’s a ridiculous statement. The irony is that jb devices have had security patches in place BEFORE Apple. Go search the web, and see for yourself.

    • Fadzly

      Nahhh. Jb means a lot to me.

  • bakica737

    (iOS 7.1) How to bring week view back in calendar?

  • http://Instagram.com/pocketpokemon/ MEOWSOME

    iOS 7.1 practically saved my iPhone. I have an iPhone 4, and it’s been running very slow recently… But I got the update (which took an hour, sadly) and it’s worked very fast. I love this new update. Can’t wait to see what apple comes up with next!

    But I agree with everyone else- the calendar app sucks. FIX THIS APPLE.

  • syky01

    Now iPhone showed me travel time to work. It’s something new? I know iOS show travel to home, but i can’t remember, if it showed this one.

  • Kyle

    Has 7.1 fixed the battery drain issue with the 5S?

    • wlym

      If you updated your 5s from a backup of your previous iPhone (which is what I had done) then you might find that restoring your 5s as a new device (NOT from the backup) and then resetting / reinstalling everything manually does the trick. It’s a bit of a pain (and you lose game progress) but it worked for me, battery life is now just fine.

      • Kyle

        Hey mate, I actually did that a few days ago on 7.0.6 & it never fixed the problem

        • wlym

          Kyle, I suggest you take your phone to an Apple store (best to make an appointment) and they will run a diagnostics test. When they did this for me, it revealed that I had several apps that were not quitting properly and “running in circles” (my term) in the background, thus draining the battery. So, when I reinstalled everything from scratch, I also left those particular apps off. Good luck, I was terribly frustrated and disappointed with my 5s until I got this figured out!

  • milad

    battry life?

    • DeenaBeena

      Oh yes. I used to have amazing battery life, even using my phone almost non-stop. After updating I’ve had to spend many nights googling things to change/adjust/do without just to get it SLIGHTLY back to what it was. I’m pretty pissed about this issue. :/

  • Ara H.

    They removed the skip forward/back from control center when playing podcasts. This sucks!!!

  • Aman Deep

    is it ok to update to 7.1 from 7.0.6 if you have unlocked the country code?

  • Liran Zikri

    i have iPhone 4 i update to 7.1 it is running fast but when i get an
    message on the build app i don’t see notification badge or alert on the
    screen noting and i did hard reset and every thing is on it the
    notification center…
    any one have the same problem ?

    • Sandeep Roy

      Try enabling/disabling notifications for messages again.

  • Mahmoud

    I missed update my iPad to iOS 7.06 for the ssl security, I jumped to iOS 7.1 where I can’t find “private” browsing anymore in safari.. is that mean I lost ssl security and I couldn’t miss iOS 7.06 ?? hope u understand what I mean and help plz !!

  • Paul Gannon

    I quite like the new update. I wouldn’t have found all of the differences so quickly without this page. Thank you. Over in the UK we still don’t have iTunes Radio which is annoying. I’ve not Jailbroken my phone since i had a 3GS; as I don’t feel I need to.

    Do you think they have changed the colour of the Messages, Phone and FaceTime icons to d darker green to differentiate them from WhatsApp?

  • Paul Gannon

    Just noticed that teh SMS bubble in messages is also the new ‘lighter’ green

  • nick

    what about the iPhone 4 bug where you can’t hear or talk to people whilst on the phone? works perfectly on FaceTime audio, hope they have fixed this as i have one at home ready to sell but waiting for an update to fix it.

  • Sandeep Roy

    Nice ! But in terms of ‘Readability’ iOS 6 still beats it hands-down :)

  • AshDZA

    Delete Music Albums from the device without having to connect and remove via iTunes

  • iphone4s

    darken color still buggy iphone 4s, hope 7.1.1 will get separate setting for paralax and animation. parallax is useless effect

  • Jason

    There’s also a short vibration in the Messages app when the other party responds while you’re still in the conversation. I don’t remember that being there before — just the sound.

  • wlym

    Really happy with the update although some of the visual changes are quite garish. Waiting for the weather in Notification Centre to actually report the temperatures more often than “Cloudy conditions with low visibility”… I guess if you haven’t a window nearby…

  • http://www.jeandenis.net/ Jean-Denis Haas

    Another new little tweak on the iPhone is how the wallpaper zooms in a bit when you turn the phone on.

    • Saeed Ghassemzadeh

      That was always there…

      • http://www.jeandenis.net/ Jean-Denis Haas

        Really? I put two phones side by side and it wasn’t there before.

  • Jerry

    Does anyone know what the button in the control center above the play button is for? Is this for the most recent app open or the app you use the most??

  • Ashley Stukel

    BOO to the small caller photo. That is a HUGE plus for me when traveling…nice to look at the face of who you’re talking to. More than just a small photo of them.

  • ralph

    my biggest problem is not being able to turn the gray dock bar at the bottom of the screen to a transparent one on the 4s

  • Sway

    I do not like the new keyboard. The earlier one was classy and it was so much fun to type on it. The new one is rather in your face. Please can you let me know if there is any way of going back to the IOS7 keyboard?

  • Patrick

    Hate the call screen interface, rectangular buttons were way cooler and gave Apple a distinct feel, now it looks like IOS has copied Android……not liking it at all.

  • Yanik

    Hi folks,

    I was really looking forward to the dark folders and dock bar with the release of 7.1 however despite the instructions above, my folders are light grey with black text.

    I have tried various combinations however just can’t set it the same. Does anyone know how to get this, is there anything I’m not doing which is maybe outwith ‘Accessibility, Reduce Transparency, Darken Colours’?

    I’m also finding that Darken Colours doesn’t really darken anything!!


    • Sandeep Roy

      Light grey with dark text is how it is. You’ll have to try different combinations to adopt what suits you. You’re right, darken colours doesn’t do much, works just a bit if you use Reduce White point.

  • Nathan Martin

    I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but in iTunes Radio my Buy Album button is not showing up.

  • ReallyTired

    WHY the small contact picture? Why not have a full/small option. I don’t like the picture not appearing when the phone rings. Keyboard seems improved. Less typos to make.

    • Mysojer

      Totally agree need options not control

  • Amber Eklund-Wilks

    Much of iOS7’s navigation color palette fails WCAG color contrast requirements. I wish more people were calling attention to this serious lapse in both accessibility and usability.

    • Sandeep Roy

      Agree. The colour contrasts are not what they should be (white text on green chat bubbles). Ditto for label & button text fonts. Status bar text size on lock screen vs home screen.

  • Mamose

    I have noticed since the update, the weather app animations have stopped working? E.g. the clouds no longer move. I am happy with the overall performance improvements on my iPhone 4S.

    • Mamose

      Just realised that the live weather animation can be restored by turning off Reduce Motion in the Settings>General>Accessibility area

  • Mac_Hussain

    Does the dock background color looks black while turning on the reduce transparency.Mine showing grey color !!!! Apple ***s!!!!

  • Sam

    Don’t like bold letter on keyboard. Perhaps on iphone it would be a help, but on air it looks silly.

  • Jts

    Get it sorted apple. Fonts choice coloured keyboard! Simples ;)

  • Iforseti

    Good article, thanks for that piece on “reduce transparency”, mine was on by default and it was making me nuts. Thanks

    • DeenaBeena

      I concur! I had no idea I could fix that annoying tweak.

  • JessicaAdams325

    I just realized that when the phone is locked and you access Siri to play a song it gives you option to open music totally bypassing any pass codes or anything!!!

  • Santi

    Yay! Now you can add all songs from an album to a new playlist rather than one song at a time. Swipe down when adding songs. It’s hiding at the top.

  • MAX..

    After updating to 7.1, my phone continuously shows this loading icon next to battery icon, even i am not browsing and i killed all of the open apps, still it keeps running ….. never saw it before doing that… location services off, background refresh off.. any body knows why this is happening ???

  • MAX

    After updating to 7.1, my phone continuously shows this loading icon
    next to battery icon, even i am not browsing and i killed all of the
    open apps, still it keeps running ….. never saw it before doing
    that… location services off, background refresh off.. any body knows
    why this is happening ???

    • Gautam

      Try hardware resetting your iPhone. Press the home and power button simultaneously till you see the Apple logo.

      • MAX

        thanks Gautam… i just read ur reply.. but i already done it… if anybody have d above mentioned problem,simpy just restart ur phone n everythng vl b ok…. it was a headache n it was consuming battery like a bullet ….

  • MAX

    somebody please answer …if they anything about it…

  • Kevin Nicholas

    Most of the changes are great. The speed is much better on my iPhone 4. But u would go back to 7.0.6 because the Personal Hotspots don’t work. It’s the only way I can connect my laptop to the internet.

  • Kayli

    iOS 7.1 won’t let you put folders inside of folders anymore for the iPod touch. It’s really annoying.

  • Dan

    Since I updated my iphone my background has a darker space above and it looks weird. How can I turn this off? This didn’t happened by ipad when I updated it..

  • Ladybug

    I’m wondering if there is a feature where I can change my font? I thought I found it once before but now I can’t. Or am I just imagining this feature? Thanks for any help.

    • Design by Adrian

      No. Apple would never allow changing the font.

      They do, however, allow you do have all text slightly bolder and larger/smaller. It’s in Settings -> General -> Accessibility

  • Shane Snover

    A small update I noticed is that while in a conversation in the Messages app the vibration notification is reduced to a very slight pulse if you receive a message from the other participants of the conversation as opposed to the full vibration.

  • Joey Catorse

    Am I missing something with the Music ap’s shuffle feature? It doesn’t actually shuffle all… Only same artist.

    It should be a 3-way switch – shuffle artist, shuffle all, and off. It’s a 2-way switch that says shuffle and shuffle all, but the result is shuffle artist and off.

    Am I wrong? This is jacked up

    • Design by Adrian

      Whoops, wrong reply field.

      The shuffle in the Music app has been broken since 7.0 :(

  • Superman.kw16

    They could also make more accessible keyboards. Like colored ones , different fonts and backgrounds. Apple needs to follow Android in some perspectives. It would be a better system if they integrated what they have done and Androids. It would be awesome. A hell of a lot more sells.

    • DeenaBeena

      Yes!! That issue is exactly how I came across this thread in the first place, as I was searching for some way to (at the very LEAST) be able to underline and highlight text in my notes.

  • Ron b

    Having a lot of problems with the safari browser some of my apps I have install says safari can not open this webpage need to update the settings where we can pick and choose our default browser because right now I have to copy and paste my web address to open them in chrome browser.

  • Ron b

    Get rid of Safari and put a better browser on the iPhone like anything I thing would be better than safari at this point. Ty will be waiting to see if that will be change in the next update or in the future.

  • Robert Wu

    iOS 7.1 SUCKS!

  • Zekia

    It made my home screen background darker and it really pisses me off

  • Dee

    if you look in the camera app, set the camera to ‘auto’ for flash, when it’s in the dark and it will use the flash, it’ll have a small orange-yellow square to indicate that a flash will occur.

    • Dee


      • Dee
  • fak119

    It’s all about iPhone! What about iPad?

  • th3pwnsh0p

    Wondering if I should upgrade my 4S from 7.0.4 (Jailbroken) to 7.1?
    Well, I’d only do it just so I could hopefully play NHL 2k11 with a smooth framerate.because I’m a hockey nut :/

  • $78171484

    Anyone notice when you pull up control centre the brightness and volume sliders now bounce? Nice little effect

  • Imad

    After updating to ios 7.1, my phone continuously shows this loading icon
    next to battery icon, never saw it before updating… location services off, background refresh off, any body knows why this is happening ?!!
    plzzzz :(

  • Claudio Marconato

    You’ve noticed that the app closing animation with multitouch gestures on the iPad is changed but it’s inconsistent with app closing animation using the home button that is still the same than before and the same of the iPhone, I don’t like those apps the appear later on the screen, I want the old animation… :(
    I don’t like also the new phone app, in previous iOS 7 the big buttons was very clear and easier to touch!
    Do you think the problem could be the missing eyes of Steve on this new version?

  • Grahams

    First thing I want to do is clear notifications, which no longer works. Press the X and nothing happens. Occasionally Clear appears as text then disappears again. Why is this broken, used to work perfectly

  • Shay

    Personally I hate the new caller interface, the round buttons are hard to hit… Bring back the rectangle ones! The caller id picture is way to small….

  • https://www.facebook.com/sanakovich.Money Sanakovich Money

    Hi!any jailbreak for this version 7.1 …….. ???!!!

  • Cristopher Matthew3D. Esparrag


  • Liz

    My dock stays gray no matter what setting I put on transparency, contrast or darken. I want it to be transparent like it was BEFORE the update. How do I do this?

    • Sandeep Roy

      Try toggling & restarting. Choose another wall paper- white or with lighter background. Finally, if nothing works Backup & Restore.

  • Design by Adrian

    No, they didn’t fix the reduce motion – rather they introduced a new bug that makes it almost impossible to have your wallpaper scaled properly!

    Also, the shift keys on the keyboard or NOT clearer. When the shift key is down, it looks just like any other key that isn’t down!

    How can Apple mess this up so badly?!

  • Abel Goddard

    I only have 7.1.1 on my iPad, not my 5S, so many of the new fixes don’t apply, but the one I really like is the button shapes. That is a huge thing for me.

  • winnerinside

    Hello,could you help me please with that grey line on bottom? whatever wallpaper I use it’s stays that ugly grey

  • winnerinside

    it seems didn’t add picture

    • Lisa

      Try again unless u can’t post images as guest?

  • Lisa

    Is there anyway to stop this feature easily sliding up? My daughter keeps turning off the wifi and chewing my data! Thanks

    • Lisa

      Image below sorry