New Toggle in iOS 7.1 allows navigation prompts to play over your car speakers

We detailed a number of changes and features included in the recently released iOS 7.1, but one feature that wasn’t noticed was the addition of “HFP Prompts” in the Maps app.

Enabling HFP prompts will play navigation prompts over your car’s speakers, even if your iPhone isn’t selected as the audio source. This means you can listen to music playing on your car’s in-built audio system, and still get navigation prompts from your iPhone. Earlier, you had to ensure that your iPhone was connected and selected as the audio source to listen to navigation prompts on your car’s speakers.

ios 7 maps navigation prompts car audio

The option to enable HFP Prompts is available only if you’re connected to your car’s Bluetooth system, and if your car supports HFP, or Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile. The option is seen in the “Navigation Voice” screen that can be accessed by tapping the audio button in the bottom right.

Let us know in the comments below if HFP Prompts work in your car.

[via @robotspacer]