Apple to release iOS 7.1 “any day now,” ahead of iTunes Festival launch in US


Apple has seeded 5 betas of iOS 7.1, but there are no signs of a Golden Master (GM) build before the rumored mid-March release. According to well-connected writer John Gruber, Apple may skip the GM seed altogether and release the final version of iOS 7.1 to the public “any day now.”

John Gruber writes:

Apple’s first iTunes Festival in the U.S. starts a week from today at SXSW in Austin. Apple is going to stream the performances to iOS devices using an app, but I’ve heard from a little birdie that the app requires iOS 7.1 (which explains why the app isn’t out yet). That means iOS 7.1 should ship any day now.

So Apple will be releasing iOS 7.1 in less than a week from now.

Here’s the new features and improvements that we have discovered so far in the five beta versions:

Apple has also patched exploits  in iOS 7.1 which will break the evasi0n7 jailbreak.

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  • Dj

    What are the chances that 7.1 will be jail broken ??? I will never update unless it has a jailbreak. Stock ios is just as bad as blackberry. Please tell me it will be jail broken within a few days of being released.

    • that guy

      It won’t be, at least anytime soon. The 7.1 betas already patched the exploit. So anyone should jailbreak while there is still a possibility.

      • Dj

        Damn patched exploit. Do you think it will even be possible ?? I sure hope so. I cant go back to stock. I’m spoiled with all these great tweaks.

        • that guy

          It will be but it will take a very long time.

        • cj

          can u share some tweaks

  • loganexplosion

    So is it worth it to download 7.0.6, clean install, and re JB with evasi0n while we still can?? or just stick with 7.0.4?? not (really) having any issues. Just don’t wanna “miss the boat”. No telling how long the next JB will take…

    • Jojo

      Do it while can but 7.0.6 kills the battery a lil

  • fixedimage

    Are there any tweaks in Cydia that block update notices?

  • Roger Caron

    Already sounds to me like there’s gonna be a ton of people on here that will update regardless of what The Evad3rs have said! Then they’ll be whining about no jailbrek yet!!!