Leaked iOS 8 screenshot reveals Healthbook, Preview and TextEdit icons

ios 8 leaked screenshot

The iOS 8 leaks keep coming. After information about a number of iOS 8 apps leaked, a screenshot of the iOS 8 home screen has leaked on Chinese social network Weibo.

The screenshot shows icons for new iOS 8 apps Healthbook, Preview and TextEdit, as well as what appears to be a new app called Tips.

The Healthbook icon is made up of three colored strips, each one indicative of the capabilities of the app. The red strip with a droplet refers to blood pressure levels, the orange strip with a fire icon refers to calories burned and the green strip with a heart refers to heart rate.

healthbook icon

The Preview and TextEdit icons are similar to their Mac counterparts, but they seem quite unpolished, and are possibly just placeholders until better ones are designed. The Tips app could possibly give users tips to better use their iPhone and iPad, but it’s exact purpose isn’t known yet.

ios 8 leaked screenshot 2

ios 8 leaked screenshot 3

The screenshots suggest that iOS 8’s design will be very similar to that of iOS 7, and the major highlight of the release would be new apps and features. iOS 8 will reportedly include major under-the-hood improvements to the Maps appa standalone iTunes Radio app, TextEdit and Preview apps for iOS, and Healthbook, an app to keep track of your fitness.

What do you think of the possibility of these new apps? Let me know in the comments below.

[via 9to5Mac]

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  • Mac_Pro!

    Just watch Samtrash going crazy building new plastic devices to be ahead!

  • iPhone1604

    Why on earth with the Chinese have the first leaked images of iOS 8 when apples an American company? LOL I just doesn’t make any kind of sense LOL. You don’t have to look too hard to know that this is a bunch of bull crap. Most likely a Chinese firm wants to make money and profit from fabricated mockups and publicity.

    • Jatt209

      It’s fake

    • Nem

      because Apples have Foxcom manufactures their “American” iphones. By the time, they release the “new” iphone, plenty of chinese people already have their first look.

    • skepticatbest

      Actually, it seems like Apple leaks almost always come out of when it is a hardware leak (they make most all components for phone).

      But, it does seem weird that a leak would come from Asia on the Software side of things…… interesting

  • Greg

    these screenshots are obviously BS

  • Cool

    I was able to reverse engineer Healthbook and Text edit onto my iPhone, but Tips and Preview still have no purpose to me.