iOS 8 to include TextEdit and Preview apps to make iCloud syncing more useful

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TextEdit and Preview, two very frequently used applications on the Mac, have supported iCloud syncing since quite some time. But strangely, there has been no iOS counterpart to these two apps to take advantage of the iCloud Document syncing.

With iOS 8, Apple will finally make iOS versions of the TextEdit and Preview apps, whose main purpose would be to view the synced PDFs, images and text documents, rather than edit them.

9to5Mac reports:

Instead of using fully functional Preview and TextEdit applications on iOS, users will be encouraged to use the PDF management and editing functionality in the free iBooks application from the App Store and manage other documents via the iWork suite’s word processing application Pages. The apps will also bring improved feature parity between the two Apple operating systems.

The decision to create iOS versions of TextEdit and Preview are a direct consequence of Apple’s move to increase collaboration between various teams in the company. Craig Federighi, who now leads iOS and Mac software, has restructured teams such that one team is responsible for both iOS and Mac versions of an app as opposed to the earlier structure where the development happened separately.

Another way Apple’s looking to make iCloud more useful is to improve the developer-facing iCloud tools, such that apps with a server-side component can rely on iCloud for their backend, rather than Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Facebook’s Parse. It’s however uncertain if these tools will ever ship publicly, as Apple’s proven to be quite weak when it comes to cloud-based services.

A lot of information about iOS 8 has already been leaked prior to its developer preview at WWDC this year. The release will reportedly include major under-the-hood improvements to the Maps app, a standalone iTunes Radio app, and Healthbook, an app to keep track of your fitness.

Do you think TextEdit and Preview for iOS will be useful to you on your iPhone or iPad? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Steveo

    There definitely needs to be a way to Selectively backup/restore app data to iCloud. I want to be able to backup a game’s data in case I need to delete that game Regardless of whether the game itself supports iCloud backup. You should be able to just backup/restore a single app’s data in settings or perhaps a Standalone iCloud app. I don’t want to have to do a complete phone restore every time I want to reinstall an older game and get it back to the state it was when I deleted it!

    All of the other cloud storage service apps let you select exactly what you want to copy back and forth. Too bad they only work with pictures and videos Or with other specific apps.

  • Nope

    I’m almost positive that this is absolute bull.
    The stock Photos app already does most of what Preview would do, and iPhoto does a lot more (and it’s now free with new iPhones).
    TextEdit has no real advantage over Notes, other than being able to choose different fonts and file formats. It would make more sense to just include these extra few features into Notes.

    Adding either of these would only add redundancy and confusion.
    Doesn’t feel very Apple-like.

  • james braselton

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