iPhone 4s running iOS 7.1 Jailbroken


Some news for iOS 7.1 owners waiting for a jailbreak. Few days back, p0sixspwn developer winocm released a video to demonstrate an untethered jailbreak of iOS 7.1 on an iPhone 4.

Another p0sixspwn developer iH8sn0w has now confirmed that iOS 7.1 can be jailbroken. He told one of his follower that his iPhone 4S running iOS 7.1 is jailbroken. iH8sn0w has also developed other popular jailbreak tools such as Sn0wbreeze.

He hasn’t shared any further details, so it is not clear if the jailbreak is a tethered or an untethered jailbreak like the one demonstrated by winocm on an iPhone 4. It is also not clear if the jailbreak will work on newer iOS devices like the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad Air and the non-Retina and Retina iPad mini.

However, please don’t expect the jailbreak to be released anytime soon, as he has also tweeted that he doesn’t plan to work on the iOS 7.1 jailbreak.

He also notes that there is no public jailbreak for iOS 7.1 available currently, so any website saying so are just a scam. There are quite a few websites that claim to have a jailbreak for iOS 7.1. Please avoid them as they’re a scam. We’ll be the first to let you know when a jailbreak is released.

pod2g of evad3rs had also said that they won’t be working on a jailbreak for iOS 7.1. So looks like the hackers are planning to keep the exploits for iOS 8, the major update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which is expected to be released later this year.

As always, we’ll let you know if there is any further updates on the jailbreak, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan pagefollow us on Twitteradd us to your circles on Google+ or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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  • Bb

    what’s the purpose of posting videos and shit if you don’t have the intentions to work on a jailbreak for release damn pricks

    • Kiss

      Just to keep you updated idiot… If you don’t like just keep moving away !!!

    • Devan Shell

      I agree, he’s saying LOOK EVERYONE MY IPHONE 4S WITH 7.1 IS JAILBROKEN BUT ALL OF YOU CANT HAVE IT. OH ALSO ALL 7.1 JAILBREAKS OUT NOW ARE FAKE SO DONT DOWNLOAD EM LOL. F*cking a*shole, stop being such a b*tch and just release it.

      • Tommy Brooklyn

        I understand that it looks like they’re taunting us BUT it could be a message too, they know the exploit, but they won’t release it bc they are holding it til ios 8! It’s kinda like a thumbs up but just wait so ios 8 is breakable! I understand not saying so apple doesn’t fix it before 8

        • calibrain

          And then we wait eight months for a jailbreak while everyone else has iOS8 until they get scammed by another evil Chinese company and we get a half-baked jailbreak joke.
          The so-called dev team is a LAUGHINGSTOCK. Why is there ONLY ONE JAILBREAK TEAM?! This is the biggest single phone community in the world.

      • ignorent a hole

        why? you should be lucky he aint charging us. jb aint easy if you dont have the knowledge. if you cant wait then learn program Devan Shell.

    • Dalogan72


    • 12312321

      to show off hahahah

  • hazem

    when you reboot device you will go to recovery mode and you must restore i phone 4

    • Nguyen Le Apps

      How to fix this

  • David Cortes

    lol calm down guys i feel the same way but if he releases it we will have another burned jailbreak remember an important jailbreak was already burned thanks to a dummy

  • Tuangkgl

    Please save it for ios 8

  • Tuangkgl

    Iphone 6 bigger screen with ios 8 untether jailbreak would be more fun
    Let’s waiting for it.

  • Yassine Ayouch

    The iPhone 4s of ih8sn0w is jailbroken because ih8sn0w has an iboot exploits on all a5 devices and the iPhone 4s is an a5 device ;) it’s very normal to try this exploits on ios 7.1 and i am sure it’s an untethered jailbreak because on another tweet ih8sn0w talk more about this exploits and allows heme to has untethered jailbreak on all ios versions and apple don’t have any possibility to fix this exploits

  • th3pwnsh0p

    IF it ever gets released, the only thing I’d be concerned about would be all the tweaks I have right now being incompatible with 7.1. I’m still a total newbie when it comes to jailbreaking and stuff, so pls help out a fellow n00b :D

  • deborinquen

    It is great that these guys have the talent and know how to accomplish this. If he/they chose not to release it to the public is their business. I rather stick with iOS 7.06 with its jailbreak than have the developers expose the exploits to Apple before iOS 8. Of course, for those who have a problem with it they can always learn how to jailbreak and do it themselves instead of complaining about it. The last time I checked the developers do not charge for the jailbreak.

    • Jobro

      Good point

  • Minshath Mubarak

    can we jailbreak the iphone5 with 7.1?

  • Nickdigreat

    Why is this even reported when it won’t be released. Probably fake

  • Rzky

    I really respect when iOS 7.1 jailbreak for the 4S

  • Nguyen Le Apps

    Pls tell me how to get jailbreak tool ios7.1 for iphone 4s…. Thanks

    • http://the-english-tutor.tumblr.com Khairy Farhan

      Do you English?

      • Nguyen Le Apps

        What do you mean? @Khairy Farhan. have something wrong?

  • Melissa

    This is fake

    • Zaid

      There is a jailbreak for all iDevices running iOS 7.1, download Evasi0n 7 version 1.0.2, and then you will need to modify it by adding your iDevice’s build number and then jailbreak your device, done ;)

      • Gautam

        No, it is not possible to jailbreak using evasi0n 7 as iOS 7.1 has patched the vulnerabilities.

        • Zaid

          I don’t know I just saw it on a YouTube video, and he showed us that he was on iOS 7.1 and that he downloaded Evasi0n 7 and it worked, maybe it was fake.

          • Gautam

            Yeah it was fake.

          • Zaid

            I just jailbroke my iPad 3 iOS 7.1

          • Ajit

            how u jaILBREAk ur IPAD 3 IOS 7.1 HOW???

          • Gautam

            It is not possible to jailbreak iOS 7.1 currently. Bookmark this url for the latest updates:

          • Zaid

            Sorry I meant that I downgraded to iOS 7.0.6 and then jailbroke my iPad

  • Danny

    I don’t understand what that thing is with Apple devices. IOS suck

    • Wolf

      Nope. I have an android phone. Absolute shit compared to how my jailbroken iPad and iPod was.

      Without a jailbreak I’d say they’re pretty equal depending what you need.

      With a jailbreak Apple is better.

      And really…. This is a post about iPhone jailbreaks. Nobody needs your android fanboy stuff in here. It’ll only cause a flame war. Don’t like apple well then good for you and go away then.

    • Tommy Brooklyn

      I am not a fan of android bc ios has a feel that just seems natural ad fluid, it feels right! I do prefer to customize but half of the fun is doing the “impossible” and taking this ad making my own! I guess I’m a gluten for punishment and love the challenge an ability to tweak the hell out of my iPhone

  • Gilb

    …got himself on apple’s pay list…Gud work done..!!!

  • Edward Ng

    After I downloaded the game, the page still locked!! It is FAKE??

  • Roydel Juve Rsr Robinson

    we the iphone 4s 7.1 user really of to beg you guys to release a jailbreak cant believe!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shepherd44

    iH8sn0w is a real troll

  • Tommy Brooklyn

    I see you guys are pissed that they’re waiving it t us, but look at this way, they’re letting us know that they have an exploit up their sleeve and will hold it to make iOS 8 immediately jail breakable bc I’m sure that that will be the ios upgrade will need to have jailbroken

    • baraka

      100% right

      • Daveensannie

        They have more then one exploid ;)

  • Cokey

    They should of just kept quit about it then people won’t get pissed off.

  • Daniel Rodich

    Got my Iphone 5 with iOS 7.1.Im jailbreaking every iDevice since iOS 3 and having such a great device and being unable to remove the “Apple chains” just feels not good…Would be the best thing ever when they would just release it for 7.1

  • seven one


  • jbjjbj

    Last year when there is first iPhone 4 jailbreak for ios7, there was a step-by-step tutorial. But now it disappeared. I will appreciate if you send them. I will also appreciate if all discussers are more polite. Thank you!

  • Νίκος Τσιριμιάγκος

    Can i have link were i can download for free for iphone4s jailbreaker?? Please i need help!!!

  • gaucho

    A expectativa e grande pelo jailbreak untethered ios 7.1

  • gaucho

    Mas se nao vier que venha logo a atualizacao do ios 8

  • gaucho


  • Jago Lozo

    Apple gave them big money not to work Cydia ……


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  • eye opener

    iphone is now on top 5………….. if there are no iphone hacks….. iphone will be in top 10 slot…… goodbye iphone….. hello android………….