Apple launches new interactive iPhone 5c ads on Yahoo and The New York Times website

iPhone 5c

Apple has just released a new set of ads for the iPhone 5c on popular sites like Yahoo and The New York Times. This interactive ad shows a series of videos with dots in the standard iPhone 5c colors, which eventually join the case right next to them.

Apple seems to have struck deals with Yahoo as well as New York Times for the display of these ads, with the latter being more interactive and utilizing the entire webpage. The commercial was first seen on Tumblr a few days ago and has now slowly started making its way to other websites as well. Unfortunately, the ads are only visible for viewers in the U.S.

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed during the Q1 2014 earnings call that the iPhone 5c has not been selling as much as the company had expected. This was reportedly due to all the focus being shifted onto the iPhone 5s during its launch. So this new series of ad campaigns could probably educate potential buyers that a cheaper alternative is available. Carriers in the U.S. are offering the iPhone 5c starting at $99 for the 16GB model.

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