iPhone 6c concept shows how Apple can take the colorful, plastic iPhone lineup further

iphone 6c concept 1

The iPhone 5c was Apple’s venture to make a cheaper, plastic iPhone that would help it gain more marketshare in the mid-range smartphone segment. It hasn’t worked out well, as buyers are purchasing the more advanced iPhone 5s, but a new concept shows how Apple could take the iPhone “c” lineup further into the future.

The concept shows the iPhone 6c with a 4.7-inch display, an 8MP camera, a Touch ID sensor and a lot more features, so that it no longer sports last generation specs. The iPhone 6c is shown to be 7.1mm in thickness, weigh 116 grams, and come in a variety of colors including a full black model.

A nice touch in the concept video is that the circle around the Touch ID sensor/home button is the same as the color of the iPhone’s body. Just like earlier concepts, this one too has almost no bezel around the display, so as to maximise the display size without increasing the physical size of the device.

Here’s the concept video:


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Thanks Ran Avni!