Apple reduces iPhone return window to 14 days from 30 in the U.S.


iPhone Return Policy

Customers who buy a new iPhone in the U.S. will now have only 14 days to return it if they’re unsatisfied. Previously, Apple offered customers up to 30 days to return the iPhone from the date of purchase.

This policy is now in line with the carriers of the U.S. who also offer a 14-day return window for iPhones sold through them. Apple’s existing 30 day rule used to bypass the carriers’ 14-day return period, although the customers were made to incur early termination fees and other carrier specific payments.

This new system will allow Apple to avoid such situations as customers will not be able to return their iPhones after the 14 day period has passed, regardless of where they got it from. Interestingly, the 30 day rule was only applicable for iPhones and the return window was 14 days for other Apple products. So with this change, Apple will maintain uniformity in its policies across a wide range of products.

9to5Mac claims that this new policy will come into effect starting from the 13th of March, as per an internal document accessed by the site. So if you got an iPhone recently from a carrier or directly through the Apple Store, you should still have your 30 days to return the device.

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