Soldier gets a replacement iPhone after the original allegedly saved his life in a bomb explosion

iPhone 5 explosion

While serving his country in Afghanistan, Staff Sergeant Shaun Frank’s team was attacked by a suicide bomber. Although he survived to tell the tale with shrapnel injuries, the doctors who attended him later suggested that it was the Apple iPhone 5 in his pocket which probably saved his life. Three months after the incident, he has now received a free iPhone from Apple.

Frank endured several other injuries from the metal pellets and bearings thrown at his body after the bomb was detonated, but the iPhone 5 in his pocket probably saved him additional damage. Calling it lifesaving would be an overreaction as the phone was located in his pants pocket and not the chest area.

But back in the U.S. the soldier had to face other problems from Apple as the manufacturer denied offering a replacement and allowing to keep him the damaged phone at the same time. The soldier reportedly wanted to keep this phone as a memento of the events that transpired in Afghanistan, but Apple gave him the choice to either keep the phone and get nothing, or trade it in for a new one. However, after three months, Apple has finally agreed to give the soldier a new iPhone while also letting him keep the original.

[Via: KSL]