How to Jailbreak iOS 6.1.6 Using Redsn0w and P0sixspwn


If you’re an iPhone 3GS or iPod touch 4G user and have upgraded to iOS 6.1.6, which was released recently to fix a critical SSL bug then the good news is that it is still possible to perform an untethered jailbreak on your iOS device using a combination of Redsn0w and p0sixspwn.

In this article we show you how to jailbreak iOS 6.1.6 first using Redsn0w, and then converting it into an untethered jailbreak using p0sixspwn Cydia package.

Update (June 17): Please note a new version of p0sixspwn has been released which adds support for iOS 6.1.1, so you can use p0sixspwn directly to perform the untethered jailbreak on your device running iOS 6.1.6, instead of using this workaround. You can check out our step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak iOS 6.1.6 using p0sixspwn. If you’ve any problem with that method then you can use this workaround.

Here are some important points to note before you proceed.

  • This guide is meant for iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G users as iOS 6.1.6 is compatible with only these devices. If you’re looking for a jailbreak for iOS 7 or higher then checkout our jailbreak page for links to the latest tutorials.
  • Warning: If you depend on Ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone, then DO NOT update to iOS 6.1.6.
  • Please note that jailbreaking your iOS device may void your warranty and hence proceed with caution and at your own risk.
  • Please do not forget to backup your iOS device before you proceed. You can refer to this post for instructions on how to backup your iOS device using iCloud or this one to backup your iOS device using iTunes.
  • Please ensure you are running latest version of iTunes.
  • This method uses an iOS 6.0 jailbreak with the iOS 6.1.6 filesystem, so it could cause some unknown issues.

You can follow these step-by-step instructions to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G on iOS 6.1.6:

Step 1: Download Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 (Redsn0w 0.9.15 beta 3) from this link and save the application in a folder named “Redsn0w” on your desktop.

Step 2: Download iOS 6.0 firmware file (yes, the trick is to point Redsn0w to the iOS 6.0 firmware file and NOT iOS 6.1.6 firmware file) for your iOS device from the links mentioned below:

  • iPhone Note: Please ensure you download the correct iOS 6.0 firmware file for your iPhone model. Check this link if you need any help in identifying which iOS firmware file to download for your iPhone model.
  • iPod touch

Step 2: Connect your device to the computer and double click the Redsn0w zip file and extract the application. Navigate to the Redsn0w folder and launch the Redsn0w application.

Windows 7 users should run the exe in Windows XP compatibility mode (right-click on the Redsn0w exe and select Properties, then select the Compatibility tab and select Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP). Windows XP and Windows 7 users should run Redsn0w as ‘Administrator’ (right-click on the Redsn0w exe and select ‘Run as an Administrator’).

Step 3: Click on Extras button.

Step 4: Then click on the Select IPSW button. Navigate and select the firmware file download in Step 2. It should successfully identify it and inform you that it will be used in the rest of the session.

Step 5: Go back to Redsn0w’s main page and click on the Jailbreak button.

Step 6: Redsn0w will now start preparing the jailbreak data.

Step 7: You will now be prompted to select the jailbreak options. Make sure Cydia is selected and click on the Next button to continue. You can also select Enable battery percentage option.

Step 8: You will now be prompted to put your iOS device into the DFU mode. Turn off your device, however keep it plugged in to the computer.

Step 9: Click on the Next button. Redsn0w will take you through the necessary steps:

(a) Hold the Power button on your iOS device down for 3 seconds:

(b) Now simultaneously hold the Home button and keep the two buttons pressed for 10 seconds:

(c) Now release the Power button while keeping the Home button pressed until Redsn0w detects the device:

Note: Check this tutorial if you’re having trouble putting your device in DFU mode.

Step 10: Your iOS device should reboot now. Please remember to release the Home button.

Step 11: Your iOS device will reboot again and Redsn0w will now begin uploading the new RAM disk and kernel.

Step 12: You will be notified once the jailbreaking process is complete. Click on the Quit button to exit the application.

Step 13: The rest of the process will take place on your iOS device, wait for it to complete. Your iOS device will reboot once again (which could take approximately 5 minutes). You will now see the Home screen on your iOS device, but Cydia would still be missing, that’s because you still need to tether boot your iOS device using Redsn0w. So follow the steps mentioned below.

Boot tethered:

Step 14: Launch Redsn0w again.

Step 15: Click on Extras button.

Step 16: Then click on the Select IPSW button. Navigate and select the firmware file downloaded in Step 2.

Step 17: Then click on the Just Boot button.

Step 18: You will now be prompted to plug your iOS device to the computer and switch it OFF again. Follow the instructions and click on the Next button to move to the next screen:

Step 19: You will now need to put your iOS device into the DFU mode. Redsn0w will take you through the necessary steps:

(a) Hold the Power button on your iOS device down for 3 seconds:

(b) Now simultaneously hold the Home button and keep the two buttons pressed for 10 seconds:

(c) Now release the Power button while keeping the Home button pressed until Redsn0w detects the device:

Step 20: Redsn0w will recognize the iOS device in DFU mode and apply the limerain exploit (remember to release the Home button). Your iOS device will reboot and a pineapple logo will appear, indicating a tethered boot.

Step 21: Wait for the process to complete, once it is complete, you should see the Lock screen on your iOS device.

Your iPhone or iPod touch has now been successfully jailbroken and you should see Cydia on the Home screen. If you don’t find it on the Home screen, please don’t panic, search for it using Spotlight. The jailbreak is currently a “tethered” jailbreak,

Convert Tethered Jailbreak to Untethered Jailbreak using P0sixspwn:

Step 22: Launch Cydia. Since you’re launching Cydia for the first time, you may be prompted to do an essential upgrade. Please go ahead and do it, and then relaunch Cydia again.

Step 23: Tap on the Search tab, and search for p0sixspwn.

Step 24:  Tap on p0sixspwn from the search results, tap on Install, followed by the Confirm button.


Step 25: Tap on Return to Cydia when prompted.

That’s it, your iOS device has now been successfully (untethered) jailbroken.

Troubleshooting Tips:

1. Can’t find Cydia: 

If you can’t find Cydia on the home screen then double check you have tethered boot your device. Please ensure you’ve followed steps 14 to 21.

2. Unsupported IPSW:

If you get an error message informing you that the IPSW is not supported by this version of Redsn0w, then it means you’ve downloaded iOS 6.1.3 firmware file in step 2 instead of iOS 6.0 firmware file. Please download iOS 6.0 firmware file to jailbreak your iOS device running on iOS 6.1.3.

3. Cydia closes immediately:

If Cydia closes immediately when you try to launch it, it means that you haven’t installed p0sixspwn package from Cydia. Follow steps 22-24 mentioned above to solve this issue.

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Hope this helped. Please don’t forget to let us know how it goes in the comments and if you hit any issues start a thread in our forums for help.

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  • userpwn

    I got the error,restart again and again at boot logo after p0sixspwn installed. never come back yet. it’s looping in the boot logo. I started tried again and again.but it’s happening in every time.

    • Gautam

      That’s strange. Check if this volume up button trick works to fix the reboot loop issue:

      • userpwn

        its showing . error clean “slide to power off” in redsn0w recovery fix. but I can go back through recovery and restore ipsw from itunes.and when I reach again to p0sixspwn & ultrasn0w install state, boot loop is happen again. whts the problem ? :(

        • Gautam

          Don’t install Ultrasn0w as it is not compatible with iOS 6.1.6.

          • userpwn

            ooh! ok. but when I dont install ultrasn0w. it’s ‘No Service’. but i dont mean ‘Network’ over Ultrasn0w.bcoz it’s only working on “searching…” over Ultrasn0w install. :( how to fix it ? please …

          • Gautam

            Ultrasn0w hasn’t been updated for quite sometime so your best bet is an IMEI based unlocking solution.

          • userpwn

            OK. great. thank you Gautam. :)

          • vish

            how it will be work?

          • tvstreamjm

            how can i downgrade 6.1.6

  • Alan

    Worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • mackenzie

    i did everything right except Cydia isn’t showing up at all?

    • Gautam

      Did you follow steps 14 to 21 under the Boot tethered section?

  • daniel

    thank you so much

  • yassine

    I downloaded the latest version of redsnow and also IPSW 6.0 when i tried to jailbreak my phone it said The connected device doesn’t support untethered jailbreak ?????? my phone is 3gs got updated to ios 6.1.6 can anybody please help me with that ???????

    • Gautam

      That’s fine. You first need to perform a tethered jailbreak and then use p0sixspwn to convert into an untethered jailbreak. Follow the instructions above and you should be fine

  • Jake

    I keep getting to step 20, where it boots with the pineapple logo. But then when it goes to the lock screen, I can’t do anything on the touchscreen for a little bit. It’s always been like this, but when I finally can do something, it shows no sign of being jailbroken. It happens like that every time I try.

    • Gautam

      You mean there is no Cydia?

      • iHulkies

        I don’t have Cydia and I went through the jailbreaking steps

    • bbh

      The same thing happens to me.

  • jon w

    i downloaded 6.0 ipsw for ipod touh 4 which has 6.1.6 and latest version redsnow. it says ipsw isn’t suppoted. what do I do?

    • Gautam

      You don’t need iOS 6.1.6 firmware file. The trick is to select iOS 6.0 firmware file in Redsnow to perform the tethered jailbreak.

      • jon w

        I tried, yet redsnow says firmware file 6.0 ipsw is not supported with redsnow 0.9.15b3

        • Jon

          I need to do this on both my iPhone 3gs and ipod 4

        • Gautam

          What’s the file name of the file you have downloaded?

          • hahaha

            I downloaded iPod4,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw and it still says that it is not supported

      • Jon

        its saying all 6.0 ipsw firmwares are not supported with this version of redsnow, am i doing something wrong?

      • Guest

        am i just doing something wrong?

  • mary

    i got the cydia closes immediately thing cause i couldnt find p0sixspwn. so what do i do now?

    • Gautam

      Perform steps 14-21 again to tether boot the device to fix the issue with Cydia closing immediately.

  • Aman

    I think ios 6.1.6 is not available for iphone4

    • Gautam

      Yeah, removed reference to it. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • iHulkies

    i go to jailbreak and on the first stage it says “exploit failed,” what am I doing wrong

    • Gautam

      Do you have Encrypt iPhone/iPod backup enabled in iTunes, if yes, please temporarily disable it.

      If that is not the case, try taking a backup of your device in iTunes and try again to see if it helps.

      • iHulkies

        for some reason I’m still getting the same thing on the first stage, this has never happened to me

  • Scooter

    my ipod touch 4g keeps stopping at “bug in libxpc: Could not set context on Mach port!” every time, and hangs forever, when in step 13 where everything is supposed to happen on the device.
    “fscking rootfs…”
    “Bug in libxpc: Could not set context on Mach port!”
    “fscking disk0s2s1…”
    “Bug in libxpc: Could not set context on Mach port!”
    “Transferring control to jailbreak…”
    “Bug in libxpc: Could not set context on Mach port!”
    That’s it. Have to reboot from there, nothing changed. Is this device beyond help?

    • Scooter

      is it because i’m still on 5.1.1, and not yet updated to 6.1.6?

      • Gautam

        This guide is mean for devices on iOS 6.1.6. Check our jailbreak page for link to the guide for iOS 5.1.1:

        • Scooter

          I’m trying to leave 5.1.1 behind and get jailbroken 6.1.6 on my itouch. I should update to 6.1.6 with itunes first? Trying to do that but keeps failing, I guess Ill try apple support.

  • PySO

    Hi, is there any way I could get Redsn0w to downgrade my ios from 6.1.6 to 5.1.1? I would prefer to run 5.1.1 and I was wondering if this jailbreak method could use the 5.1.1 ipsw instead of the 6.0 ipsw..

    Any help would be awesome.

    • IcyHotCracka53

      hey, hate to inform you this but in order to go back to 5.1.1, you would have had to save SHSH blobs from your idevice when it ran on 5.1.1. if it never ran on 5.1.1 than sadly there is no way at all to downgrade. my deepest apologize :(

  • Yes it works

    ultrasn0w works with 6.1.6 you can unlock iphone

  • George

    In Cydia I cannot find any packages when I search for them, including p0sixspwn, any ideas?

  • Mark Christian

    Can’t tethered it sir, it keeps giving me this error. Missing key.plist for this build: 3gs 6.1.6

    • Gautam

      You seem to have missed steps 15 and 16.

  • yonatan

    thank you for all your work , but when im enter any kind of source it keep sayin “verification error the request timed out”

  • iHulkies

    I did everything right and I don’t have Cydia

  • Aron

    thank you so much . it worked

    • vish


  • vish

    not working, after jailbreak the device is shown as locked and cant able to see homescreen, ( iphone upgraded with 6.1.6 and tried with redsnow using 6.0 , but no use

    • Kuldeep Kulkarni

      which model of iPhone ?

      • vish

        iphone 3GS (model no.A1303) everything works fine now, but cant able to install any simcards

        • Gautam

          This won’t unlock your iPhone. According to one our readers Ultrasn0w works so you could try that. But proceed with caution as one user seem to face issues with it.

          • vish

            yaeh i trie with ultrasnow but still it shows as searching and no service.

          • vish

            any further solution? im still strugling with my phone, not use any simcard.

          • Gautam

            Unfortunately, there is no software based solution for unlocking that I am aware of. You need to go for IMEI based unlocking solutions.

        • Sunil

          I have the same problem :(

          • vish

            yeah cant able to make any calls now :(

          • Cabon

            use wifi, you can download ultrasnow from cydia, install it on your iphone 3gs, respring and… done !!!! :) cheers

          • Siddhartha Shakya

            thanks!!!it worked :D (Y)

          • WindCatcher

            Have you managed to make it work??

          • vish

            hey just downgrade the ipad baseband , just try it works for me, :)

        • Mudasir Rashid Bhat

          i’m facing the same problem, plz reply back if you have fixed it the same

  • Kuldeep Kulkarni

    Thank you!! it worked perfectly for my iPhone 3GS :)

  • Wash The Disses

    Forgot to install 6.1.6 before beginning the jailbreak. Got it to work now!

  • Tom

    step 4 isnt working,wen i select the ipsw, iPod4,1_6.1.6_10B500_Restore,
    it says, IPSW is not supported by this version of redsnow which is
    Redsn0w 0.9.15 beta 3.

    • Preston

      You are supposed to select the 6.0 ipsw, not the 6.1.6 ipsw. You have to trick redsn0w into thinking it is jailbreaking a 6.0 device.

  • Jake.

    Trying to do it on ipod touch 4th gen and cydia wont show up. Ive done the just boot process 3 times just to make sure I hadnt done it wrong and still nothing appears.

    I selected the ios 6 for ipsw before the just boot each time and still nothing. However my ipod seems to be runing faster than it used to.

    • iHulkies

      To fix it you have to restore your iPod, then do this over again and it will work

      • Jake.

        Does that mean I will lose all my music etc?

        • iHulkies

          You can just re-download it or save it to the cloud

          • Jake.

            Im just backing up the now on i cloud. Im guessing you restore it from i cloud that is on the ipod?

      • ujwal

        Even I faced the same problem as @disqus_RFuylzfzaB:disqus with my ipod touch 4th gen… Restore to ios 6.1.6 and then again do the process..!! Thats what u said..?

  • dankish497

    Just did this to my ipod touch 4G, worked perfectly but after syncing it with itunes it stopped working. What should I do? Can i not sync it with itunes anymore?

    • Gautam

      It shouldn’t cause an issue. What do you mean by it stopped working?

      • dankish497

        Cydia crashes immediately

        • Gautam

          It looks like you didn’t Boot tether your device. You need to follow steps 14 to 21 to fix the issue.

          • dankish497

            Thanks, it works fine now

  • imania

    thankyou !! working well but i cant use simcard it says no service and searching iphone 3GS, updated through itunes and done ur redsnow+p0sixspnw. how can i acces to the network? and there is an issue that the wifi disconnects automatically sometimes

    • Gautam

      As I mentioned in the article the scope here is to jailbreak the device and not to unlock it.

      • Levi Searcy

        I followed steps 14-21 and i still cant find cydia. i have jailbroken 6.1.3 before so i know how to do it but it doesnt work

        • Claudia

          I have the same problem! i cant find cydia! :( I need help!

          • Pilar

            I had the same problem using an ipod 4. You have to restore the device to its default settings. Make sure you do a backup first

          • Kocour Mikes

            What settings? Settings->General->Reset-> Reset All Settings? Or other thing? Thx

    • Schmutz1g

      imania, complete steps 2 through 7, but on the screen where you are given options to select, uncheck the ” install cydia ” box and instead check the ” install ipad baseband ” Box. proceed with this step, when the device reboots check to make sure that the ipad baseband is now installed then re-do steps 2 through 7, but this time check the box marked ” downgrade baseband ” and complete. Voila! when your phone reboots you will now be able to open cydia and install the ultrasn0w unlock to your iphone 3GS and remember! if something doesnt work.. try… try.. and try again. unplug device, use different USB ports, reboot computer, reinstall firmware and rejailbreak.. the key is usually persistence ;) Good luck !

      • alex

        very good help – this saved my 3GS old bootrom from being a brick after the 6.1.6 update – because of the old bottom i just needed the following steps:

        Step 1 – 13
        and because i didn’t read your comment before i had to redo it with only the “install iPad baseband” option checked.

        installing ultrasn0w worked since they updated it to support that baseband too.

        so it’s easier for the old bootrom 3GS.

        thanks for having the infos all here!

        • Schmutz1g

          old bootrom is best, its always been the easiest to Jailbreak. glad you were able to re-activate your device, now if only apple would stop locking them on us like douchebags!

          • mrboggy

            why after i doing the install ipad baseband, it show error?? :(

          • Schmutz1g

            just keep trying, re-install firmware and re-jailbreak with the ipad baseband selected. make sure you go back to select the ispw before completing any actions with Redsnow :)

      • Neel

        Mr. Schmutz thank u very much for your valuable suggestions…im able to unlock my iphone 3gs by downgrade baseband it is working but one problem raised that i cannot access internet except wi-fi, i.e. i am not able to access internet from my cellular data it shows the message that “Could not activate cellular data network” “you are not subscribed to a cellular data service” whereas i have already been subscribed it. Please help me..thank u

        • Schmutz1g

          you most likely just need to connect the phone to itunes and update the carrier settings :)

          • Neel

            please tell me in details how can i do that…actually im very new in iPhone jailbreak..

          • Ovais Bawany

            I also want to downgrade my iphone 3gs form 6.1.6 to 6.1.3
            Please do help.
            Thanks in advance :)

          • Neel

            Thanks I updated the carrier settings…but the cellular data network become veryyyyyyy slow. i cannot open a page..nothing is open…but it was not like that earlier…before updating into ios6.1.6 my iphone was ios 6.1.3 and the cellular data was very it became veryyyy slow…not even google is opened…what is ur can i returned to my ios 6.1.3? I want to return my previous version. is it possible? Can get my data speed again??please give me suggestion..what to do now??

          • Schmutz1g

            downgrading to 6.1.3 simple is not possible. the issue is apple no longer ” Signs ” that version of the OS. which means when the device checks to verify it can use the OS it will fail. therefor itunes will not install the OS, even though it is perfectly capable of doing so. i stayed on ios 4.3 for so long because of this issue, i was worried about performance decrease. check and verify that you dont have services or other bandwidth hogs activated/running. do picture messages work?

          • Neel

            First of all i want to thank u from the core of my heart as i am able successfully to jailbreak my iPhone 3GS with the help of redsn0w and p0sixspwn..and it is working very well…my friends keep patience and you will success to jail break definitely…if any one wants to help from me…just ask i will help you by heart

          • Schmutz1g

            You’re quite welcome Neel, im very glad to have been able to help. i spent hours on this ordeal myself, so it definitely feels nice to be able to help guide others through it smoothly.

          • Neel

            Yeah of course dear…i spend a lot of time to recover my iPhone…and I want to help other…once again thanks Sohmutz..

          • jake

            it says the IPSW is not supported b this version of redsn0w

          • Hammad

            Read the troubleshooting tips. Your solution lies there

          • Neel

            I have successfully jail break my iPhone 3gs…I found a problem that some times when i was playing some game or browsing internet at about 30 mins to 1hr. my phone suddenly gone to DFU mode automatically, when i tried to reboot my phone but failed to do so. I was able to reboot my phone after connect it with charger and it happened frequently. Is there any solution of it??please help me

          • Gilani

            i cant find p0sixspwn in the cydia search any help ?

          • Gilani

            found it thanks dont know how but i did!

          • Lucky

            How and where ?

          • arun

            after the jailbreak network not access ..
            plssss help …

          • Vinay Doki

            Hi neel, my iphone 3gs is on ios 5.0.1…can i proceed with the above procedure?? any other care to be taken before starting?? and total process how much time it takes??

          • Vivek

            how you have updated the carrier setting??

      • Sarah

        Amazing!!!! It worked, thank you soo so much!!!! THANK YOU! I’ve been trying to do this for over a week!

      • Peter Agaba

        I followed the recommendation. but got stock with apple logo only and can’t even switch my phone off. I tried to restore the back up I made on the itunes on my laptop, but it won’t even recognize my iphone. What should I do now? Help please.

        • Schmutz1g

          sounds like a boot loop. you have a few options, you can try to kick it out of the loop with tiny umbrella, or redsnow, or you can simply let the device battery drain until dead, then charge and you should be once again able to put your phone into DFU mode and begin the process again.

          • Peter Agaba

            Thanks!! Is back on now, but is still showing no service/ no sim

          • Peter Agaba

            Thanks once more for your assistance, my phone is working now. Really amazing.

          • Schmutz1g

            Glad you got it up and going! congrats Peter :)

          • Rónán Shaw

            Hi. Been following this thread closely. I also got a fail to load ipad baseband error, and boot loop. I managed to restore, and once again jailbreak and instal p0sixspwn as per the steps above, but I still have no network. Not sure if I should I try the ipad baseband route again…Do I have any other options?

          • Rónán Shaw

            just to update…I persisted and tried to install ipad baseband again, worked this time..currently downgrading. fingers crossed!

          • Rónán Shaw

            damn….downgrade failed…stuck in boot loop again ;(

          • Rónán Shaw

            yet another update…downgrade did go into boot loop but somehow managed to boot after reset, installed ultrasn0w and FINALLY we have a network. Thanks a million for all your work! I got there in the end ;)

          • Schmutz1g

            Glad you got it! sorry for the slow reply, but you ended up doing exactly what i would have told you to anyways. for anyone else reading this thread, if you have issues and are following the instructions properly., try… try… try again. thats all you can do in most cases.

      • kelvsolo

        installation of ipad baseband fail on my iphone 3gs. please what should i do?

      • renz

        hi how can i know if my phone is able ot install the baseband of ipad? my serial number digitz is 88923
        is it applicable?

      • lincopper

        Please answer.. but after everything works do u always have to the 14 to 17 process to boot the cydia before u can access the network or the cydia??

    • cabon

      use ultrasnow :)

      • itookredpill

        The article here says that ultrasn0w doesn’t work to unlock, and not to upgrade 616 if you use ultrasn0w. Can you confirm that it does?

  • SG

    Im stuck at Step 9. I belive im entering DFU mode correctly, but then I get a message that says device doesnt support untethered options…HELP!

  • Ravi

    Why p0sixspwn not releasing a jailbreak tool for IOS 7? We all are eagarly waitin for a base-band preservation tool for IOS 7. Please please please… pay attention on it.

  • Sunil

    Searching… Problem after jailbreaked.
    Sim is not detected. I have installed ultrasn0w as well but no use :( somebody help me fix

  • salman

    redsnow error ios 6.0 not supported please help

  • NoMan

    I can’t find POsixspawn on Cydia, Why?

    • Gautam

      It’s p0sixspwn and not p0sixspawn.

  • Alex

    Step 4 doesn’t work for me. When I navigate to the ios 6.0 file it doesn’t detect any files that match my search. Help!

    • Gautam

      Use Chrome or Firefox to download the ipsw file.

    • Georg

      to Alex-you must copy the ios file on Desktop. Then will the program identify the file…….

  • WiggleWaggle

    i keep getting stuck on step 9, it recognzes that my ipod is connected and then it says exploiting with limera1n with a progress bar that moves until it is about 4/5 done and just stays there. it has done this everytime

  • JJ

    my device won’t show the pineapple logo on step 20

  • Mike

    im on step 23 and everytime i search p0sixspwn nothing shows up. please help i dont know if something is wrong with my cydia.

    • mike

      nvm sorry, i reloaded something and it fixed my cydia

      • Onie

        what did you reload? i cant find mine too

        • swag

          close cydia and wait a sec a pop up that says reloading came up

  • Schmutz1g

    UltraSn0w does indeed work with 6.1.6 :) you either need to preserve your baseband or install the iPad baseband, and then downgrade back to the old unlockable baseband using RedSn0w, and then untether with P0sixspwn :D verified last week using two separate iPhone 3GS

    • Sunil

      Can u just share the link for downloading the baseband
      Please explain the steps for fix the searching and no service problem

      • Schmutz1g

        there is no Link to download the baseband, the baseband download is contained in the redsn0w jailbreak tool which you download in step one of the process. please see my other comment on this thread for full instructions on how to complete these actions. Good luck!

        • Sunil

          While installing iPad baseband I get the following “iPad baseband failed ”
          Please help me fix this

          • Schmutz1g

            just keep trying. it may take a few go’s. try changing USB ports on your Computer, rebooting it, reinstalling OS and Re Jailbreaking. persistence is key.

    • John H

      Worked well. Read all the directions. Posted both Speakout (Rogers) and Telus .. work fine. Did the upgrade to ipad baseband,.. then back to 5.13.04 BB to allow unlock. Ultrsn0w did the job just fine.

      • Schmutz1g

        Glad it did the trick for you John! now you’re ready to have some real fun with your device :)

  • bob adams

    i cant find p0sixpwn
    in cydia

    • Gautam

      It’s p0sixspwn not p0sixpwn.

  • wezmike

    exploit failed

    • lord

      select compabilty on redsn0w to xp sp 3 and run as admin.
      this work for me.



      1. Set redsn0w competibility to Windows XP SP3
      2. “Run as Administrator”
      3. Turn off Antivirus Software temporarily.

      Should work fine

      • asdd

        does not work

  • Adityas Tsani

    thankyouuu sooo muchhhhh its work percetly without any bug or glitches….and its so problem at all…thx so much..

    • cabon


  • Cabon

    My 3gs iphone working with iOs 6.1.6 baseband 6.15 and everything ok!!! Thanks !!! :)

    • Guest

      Did the untethered portion work for you?? I got mine tethered jailbroke but p0sixspwn didn’t work, sent my phone into bootlooping every time.

  • Thawfeeq

    Missing keys.plist :(

    • xavier

      i got this message in redsn0w as well, i just ignored it, and after it sat for a few minutes, it continued and i finished the jailbreak no problem. hope this helps.

    • Schmutz1g

      If you are getting the ” missing keys.plist ” error, you didnt read/follow the instructions properly. make sure you have downloaded the proper .ISPW and have selected to use the .ISPW in redsnow.

  • hemanth

    stuck at uploading first stage
    trying to jailbreak ipod touch 4g running 6.1.6 please help

  • Mohammad Saad Bin Jawaid

    Cydia is not showing on my ipod 4.I did all the steps till step#21 and all are done right….
    now wat i m suppose to do?

  • Mohammad Saad Bin Jawaid

    and what is ” limerain exploit ” in step#20?

  • ridonkulous

    If you have 3gs with old BR do not install p0sixspwn, you will already be untethered even though instructions do not mention this…….

  • FallingApples

    This is GREAT!!! Thank you very much for the step by step!

  • Nautilus

    Jailbreak success on iPod 4G, but when i “just boot” it with redsn0w, the pineapple stay on the sceen and redsn0w says it’s done. 20m that the pineapple stays on the screen :'(. Help please !

  • K Grubisic

    My phone won’t jailbreak, despite the right steps etc… iPhone 3GS, ios 6.1.6 (just unfortunately updated), Redsn0w 0.9.15b3, iPhone2,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw… It starts loading, but then I almost immediately get the error message “The connected device doesn’t support untethered options.” (I know that, dumb phone! I haven’t even tried to untether you yet…!)

    Any insight would be appreciated.

    • Debo

      I’m having the same problem. Help please!

      • Bobert

        it worked fine for me and im on a mac ipod 4 6.1.6 and it worked.

        • aidend

          its cause its a mac. awwww yeah mac users

    • hjones91

      I had that problem when I told it I had the old bootrom/model, which I realized that I actually had the newer model so maybe try changing that-it fixed my problem and I’m using a PC

      • jsh

        thank you helped me so much :)

  • Eddie

    Hi all, I have a iphone 3gs and i’ve been trying to jailbreak it, but i keep getting exploit failed. My phone is updated to 6.1.6 and i’ve been trying to do this for the past week and i keep getting the same failed msg. I have tried all the diff things but it still shows that. During one of my tries i did see a pineapple on the screen of my phone but it stopped and didnt complete the process. please help.

  • problemss

    It says that the IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w, I downloaded the one on the link you gave. What should I do now? Thanksss

    • Gautam

      What was the name of the ipsw file and the device you’re trying to jailbreak, so I can confirm if you’re using the right one.

  • WiggleWaggle

    i keep getting stuck on step 9, it recognzes that my ipod is connected and then it says exploiting with limera1n with a progress bar that moves until it is about 4/5 done and just stays there. it has done this everytime

  • Agha

    I cant find p0sixspwn in cydia!

    • gooner

      it means cydia hasnt loaded up all the packages and stuff. i restored my ipod using itunes and did the jailbreak over again from the start and it worked the third time. cydia should take about 5-10mins to boot up and not 1min like it did the first two times i tried. once it fully loads up u should get a result for p0sixspwn. please make sure ur device is connected to wifi before first load up cydia.

    • Emily

      For future reference, you do not need to go through the entire process again. You can simply tap “Changes” in Cydia, and click reload. gooner was right, you didn’t download all the packages but you don’t need to start over. In Cydia tap “Changes” at the bottom of the screen and tap “Reload” at the top of the screen to solve this issue. All packages should then be downloaded and you can try searching again.

      • Emily

        I forgot to add you must also close and reopen Cydia after you follow the above instructions. THEN you can search again.

  • navi1410

    works perfecly for me!!!!!!!!!! thanks!

  • xavier

    great instructions, everything was very clear. everything worked like a charm. however i noticed was that you have two ‘step 2’s lol… also if you perform essential upgrades in cydia from step 22, it will ask you to reboot… Please don’t reboot until you install p0sixspwn people!! you will have to reboot tethered again. you can simple ignore the reboot, hit the home button and then relaunch cydia. reboot after installing p0sixspwn(:
    again, thank you for the tutorial, and happy hacking to all!

  • lawrence

    i have followed all these steps but once i get to the re boot the pineapple logo comes up then goes back to the apple logo and stays like that. what can i do?

    • Tom

      i have the same problem too and i dont know how to fix it!

  • Adityas Tsani

    guysssss DONT AND I MEAN IT!!DONT EVER INSTALLING SBSetting and ACTIVATOR ON 3gs JB!!!ITS BROKE MY DEVICE USELESS FOR A whole one day bcz its always RESTARTING UR DEVICE WHENEVER U SLIDE UNLOCK SCREEN!!!DONT EVER…but im just fully restored my 3Gs this morning @_@

  • Guest

    I tried to jailbreak my ipod touch 4th gen, but cydia ever shows up on my spring board. I had my ipod jailbroken before the update to 6.1.6 so i don’t know whats wrong. Hope you can help.

  • Wanderson

    In Cydia search tool, I find the “P0sixspwn” program

  • Robo12345678900 .

    it failed to decrypt kernel while jailbreaking?! What do I do, Please reply

  • devilsbed

    I have tried with the ipad base band 6.15.00 and it seemed to work. Then I tried to downgrade and Ipad base band and still getting the “No Service”. As well I can’t seem to find Ultrasn0w in Cydia, only the “Ultrasn0w fixer x.x.x” Any ideas on what I can do? Or point me to a better solution?

  • kevin

    can I possibly delete tethered jailbreak or to risky



  • chris murray-schlitt

    cydia closes the instant i open and i cant download p0six because i get cydia open long enough to download it any suggestions?

    • Gautam

      You need to do tethered boot. Follow steps 14 to 21 to fix the issue.

  • Nico

    If i’m on ipod touch would i have any problem as some people had with their i phone’s???

  • Mohsin Khan

    iphone 3gs upgraded to 6.1.6 jailbreak and unlock Untethered every thing is work smoothly. Thank you very much.

  • andresortur

    Thanks! finally someone that knows how to make a helpful guide! you’re awesome

  • moses

    cant find p0sixspwn .. what to do ?

  • Anjan Sapkota

    I’m having a problem. Redsnow doesn’t recognize my ipsw for itouch 4 (iPod4,1_6.1.6_10B500_Restore) and even though I move ahead it gets stuck showing uploading first stage. its already more than 20 minutes nothing is happening. Please help!

    • peter

      idiot, read the article Redsn0w only supports iOS 6. not (iPod4,1_6.1.6_10B500_Restore)

      • Anjan Sapkota

        Then what’s with the title?? That’s the official firmware of ios 6.1.6 for ipod 4.

        • Gautam

          In case you missed it, you need to use the iOS 6 firmware file to trick Redsn0w into jailbreaking iOS 6.1.6. iOS 6.1.6 is already installed on your device.

          Read the instructions carefully, and you should be able to figure it out.

  • David

    that if I use the ios 6.1.6 firmware instead of 6.0?

    • Gautam

      It won’t work as Redsn0w only supports iOS 6. So this is trick to get it to jailbreak iOS 6.1.6.

  • David

    what happens if you use the fimware 6.1.6 instead of 6.0?

  • Stormrage

    Stormrage here. Just wanna thank you for the guide. Worked perfectly. Had encountered a few bumps along the way such as the panic message (forgot to restore to 6.1.6 coming from 5.1.1) and not being able to select the 6.0 IPSW correctly (should not forget)

  • Guest

    @Gautam, i followed steps 14-21 and i still cant find cydia. i have jailbroken 6.1.3 before so i know how to do it but it doesnt work

  • wajahat

    Great work

  • Jenishpatel

    When I download redsnow then I download the ipod 6.0 after when I open redsnow then I do select Ipws then after I can’t find the ipod thing please help!

  • zach

    I go to search for p0sixspwn on cydia it comes up blank with no results any ideas?

    • kubesak97

      I have the same problem ! Help plz :(

    • Lecquio

      You must add the repo:

  • Anjan Sapkota

    I’m having a problem. Redsnow doesn’t recognize my ipsw for itouch 4
    (iPod4,1_6.1.6_10B500_Restore) and even though I move ahead it gets
    stuck showing uploading first stage. its already more than 20 minutes
    nothing is happening. Please help!

    • sarth

      It is because u are downloading 6.1.6 firmware u need to download 6.0 firmware

      • ErChedo

        I have the same problem also with the ipod4g and I have downloaded the correct file iPod4,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw help please

      • trinvert

        I am also having the same problem, even though I’m using iPod4,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw

  • Tim

    I’m stuck on step 20. It freezes at the end of “Uploading first stage” and I get an error report. I’ve followed all the instructions exactly and attempted to get past this stage at least ten times, but it keeps freezing. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

    • Yash Chugh

      try it on different pc,it would work for sure;)

    • POLLY

      That is the same as me

    • izaiah

      yes because when u download the restore for whatever version u have u have to uncheck on folder options view un check hide hide extensions from file type uncheck it apply once its un checkthen rename the file from .zip to .ipsw then that’s when u can jailbreak

  • ErChedo

    I’m having a problem; redsn0w doesn’t recognize my iPod4,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw file for my ipod 4g; It’s the right file and I’m using the right version of redsn0w

    • yowelcome

      Download the firmware from a different site, worked for me

  • pringle

    i downloaded the ios 6.0 firmware but it said on the ipsw selection that it was not supported by redsn0w

  • Evan

    help i just did it now im stuck on the cydia screen and cant turn my ipod off or dfu or ANYTHING

  • Brice

    Worked for me great. Thanks!

  • Anie Pichardo

    Finally! I’ve been trying to get this thing done all day long. I first tried with limera1n but it didn’t work at all, so I’m happy it did this time, Thank you sooo much <3

  • ejpoeta

    I have been trying to jailbreak this friggin ipod for some time now. It was at 6.13 first and then i accidentally updated it to 6.16. grr!! I tried with snowbreeze and redsnow. FINALLY!! i had downloaded the right ipsw but was using the 6.0.1. finally pointed it in the right direction and it worked great!! thanks for saving me the frustration. Also, for anyone unable to find the P0sixspwn, it’s a zero not an o

    • Eddie

      Where did you dl the ispw? I am trying to jailbreak with 6.0_10A403 and i keep getting exploit failed.

      • ejpoeta

        Follow the link in step 2 of the post. Look for 6.0_1. I made the mistake of dl 6.0.1. I kept pointing redsnow to the wrong one

        • Eddie

          I have the 6.0_1, but i keep getting exploit failed. It’s really frustrating as i have been trying to do this for the last two weeks! :(

  • filmon

    thank very much!
    mission has succeed

  • Frakt

    my iphone 3GS has an ipad baseband(06.15.00-6.4_M3S2), any way i can set it back to an iphone baseband?

  • Anonymous

    So thanks to your handy dandy guide here, my iPod Touch is nice and bricked! Thanks!

  • ozzy12321

    ultrasnow works fine to unlock for me still

  • Dauris

    It does not become Untethered even though I try.

  • mg

    I got stuck on apple logo

  • mrboggy

    my cydia cannot open, can someone tell me why??

    • mrboggy

      my iphone is iphone 3gs with ios 6.1.6

    • Gautam

      You need to do a tethered boot. Follow steps 14 to 21 again to fix the issue.

  • loreto

    i can’t search p0sixspwn in cydia for 6.1.6 :c

  • Antonio Reventone Rojas

    it Does not work… when i select the IPSW redsnow say “this file s not compatible whith this redsnow version”
    Why????? i can’t do the kailbrake… i have an Ipod touch 4g

    • OmOye

      i have the same problem with firmware 6.1.6. can u help?

      • Ano Namous

        Are you using the -latest- redsn0w? Are you selecting the 6.0 ipsw? Did you download the 6.0 version for your -specific- device??
        (My iPod touch 4 worked fine.) For the iPod touch 4, you need to select the 6.0 ipsw -for- the iPod touch 4, specifically. And during this jailbreak procedure, you need to select 6.0 ipsw always, NOT 6.1.x

        • SinokProduction

          I personally used the 6.0 firmware and had the same problem! “That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w.
          But I used the latest version of redsn0w! Can anybody help?

          • Augusto Romero

            you need to choose the right one, there’s 2:

            i hope it helps

        • Tyler Stene

          so since my IPod Touch 4g is 6.1.6 I should still download the 6.0 file or the 6.1.6? I cannot find any file to open with the 6.1.6 downloaded.

          • ahmad

            just download ipsw 6.0 and jailbreak it with this ipsw no need to download ipsw 6.1.6

          • Ano Namous

            Look. at. Step. 2. It says… “Download iOS 6.0 firmware file (yes, the trick is to point Redsn0w to the iOS 6.0 firmware file and NOT iOS 6.1.6 firmware file) for your iOS device”. The 6.x.x jailbreaks are based on the 6.0 firmware, but you have to pick the EXACT 6.0 firmware FOR YOUR SPECIFIC DEVICE. Get the 6.0 firmware for iPod Touch 4, if you have an iPod Touch 4. DON’T just grab the first 6.0 firmware that you see listed… (unless it’s for your exact device). The jailbreak runs off the 6.0 firmware. In the firmware download links, there are MANY 6.0’s listed, one for each Apple device. Follow the Steps.

          • Ano Namous

            I used redsn0w_win_0.9.15b3, and jailbroke iPod Touch 4.
            I used iPSW 6.0 for iPod Touch 4, with redsn0w.
            You can try turning off your antivirus during jailbreak.
            You might start fresh, get rid of old redsn0w downloads/folder and get the latest one, FRESH… 0.9.15b3.

    • Hammad

      when you are on the page with all the ipsw downloads look on the left and it will say the version. You will need 6.0.0 on whatever device you have

  • Ana María Cadavid Patiño

    Not working :/
    It all goes well until the step 20, I even see the pineapple logo in my iPod 4G, but once it goes to the lockscreen, nothing has changed. Can’t find cydia at all, not even with Spotlight. Any idea what could’ve had gone wrong?
    Thanks for your time.

  • Jayden

    Jailbreak was successful for iPod Touch ios 6.1.6.

    • Jayden

      *iPod Touch 4G

  • brodman

    It worked great for me, followed the instructions to the tee. Great article, keep up the good work!

    • Gautam


  • Ryan

    ended up in recovery mode….

  • Person Who Needs Help

    I’ve done all of the steps perfectly up to step 21, and the only thing that seems wrong is the fact that Cydia is not here and all of the stock apps are gone.

  • Shane

    I have an iphone 3gs with ios 6.1.3 baseband 05.16.08 and it seems to be jailbroken as it has cydia on it. it boots up every time and cydia works each time. the problem I have is it is not unlocked. I am not sure how it was jailbroken, as I did not do it. but it seems to be an untethered jailbreak. Can I unlockit?

    • Schmutz1g

      Yes you can unlock it, search the comments for other comments i have written to see instructions.

  • destra

    i got stuck on “uploading stage one”. i did download the right ipsw. you said my ipod 4 will be rebooted but I’ve been waiting for half an hour and it seems to be turned off. and I turned on my ipod and nothing has changed. what should I do ? I entered the dfu mode by following the instructions correctly.

  • mrboggy

    sir, after doing ipad basedband my iphone 3gs seem to stuck with error message. can someone help me out?? :(

  • Eduardo Moraes

    I can do Hacktivation, but the Cydia isn’t shown even after I boot the tethered jailbreak. I was using it normally with 6.1.3 but this update to 6.1.6 is cracking me up!

    • Claudia

      I have the same problem!! I cant find cydia!! have done ”just boot” like 20 times! better i shouldn’t updated to 6.1.6

  • Mike

    How to exit DFU IPSW after jailbreak? I installed p0sixspwn from Cydia to make it untethered, when I reboot my device (iPod Touch 4) is going to DFU Mode…

    • Ano Namous

      Hold down both Power and Home for 10 seconds? Or try ‘tiny umbrella’ and ‘Exit Recovery’.

      • Mike

        The problem is that my Power Button is stuck, it’s not working. Tried with Tinyumbrella to Fix the Recovery, the screen goes white then select Exit Recovery, open redsn0w and it’s in DFU Mode again.

        • Ano Namous

          I’ve seen references in how to do this when the Home button is broken… but didn’t read them… so you might try googling about a broken home button.

    • Crono

      hold the power and the home button until your device turns on

  • lucas

    when i got at step 13, my ipod turned off and itunes said it was in recovery mode so i restored my ipod using itunes and restarted the process ALL over again.. :(

  • lucas

    never mind now i have my jailbreak applied yay

  • eric

    able to get it to work on iphone 3gs new boot rom. just had to repeat jailbreak and tick install cydia and download from ipad baseband

  • ShohJahon

    what does it mean exploit failed

  • anon

    i dont get the file from step 2

  • nawaz

    i downloaded ios 6.0 for iphone 3gs but in redsnow when i select the ipsw it shows unsupported ipsw

  • TheBetterTiler3

    I can’t find cydia i searched it up on spotlight and it’s not there

  • humza

    hey i downloaded 6.0 frimware for ipod touch 4g and redsn0w says unsupported ipsw

    • daina

      did you figure it out i’m having the same issue and no one is helping me I get the same answers just download click wholla done not that easy when it keeps saying not supported I have an ipod 4gen 6.1.6 downloaded the 6.0and the redsnow put it in admin open and I also put it in xp pack 3 in compatablity but when i do ispw thing I get that stupid message still so any advice did you find help?


    For those who doesn’t find cydia after the step 21 I HAVE THE SOLUTION! You need to restore your iDevice but make a copy on your itunes for not losing all your data. after that do the jailbreak!! :D THAT’S ALL!

  • lisa


    • Jeff

      Who are you yelling at? No one is going to fix this for you. “Use at your own risk.” You don’t understand that?

  • tonytony

    stuck at step 4, it says that my ispw is not supported by redsn0w

  • Jason

    There is 2 step 2s.

  • Ellenxo

    Maybe i’m very stupid, but I can’t even find this:

    Windows 7 users should run the exe in Windows XP compatibility mode (right-click on the Redsn0w exe and select Properties, then select the Compatibility tab and select Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP). Windows XP and Windows 7 users should run Redsn0w as ‘Administrator’ (right-click on the Redsn0w exe and select ‘Run as an Administrator’).

    I can’t find the compatibility tab! If I right click Redsn0w exe, the only option that looks like properties is ‘file properties’ and if I open that, I can’t click on any thing, there is just information…. Please help!

    • John

      Click the redsnow first so it’s highlighted blue, then right click.

  • lordzuqi

    i have iphone 3gs 6.1.3 unthetered jailbroken with p0sixpwn.
    and i only instal activator and winterboard from cydia, there isn’t any jailbreak tweak intaled in my iphone 3gs, but I have problems that allmost all app that i install in my 3gs such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp, & other apps, keep crashing before the app open.
    anyone have solution for my problem ?
    I already restore my 3gs, and all app work like a charm when my 3gs not jailbroken, and if I jailbreak my 3gs again and only install activator & winterboard (only these tweak that I needed) all my app crash again.

  • Ezekiel Cruz

    cant find p0sixspwn in cydia

    • anon

      had the same problem. solved it by searching for ‘iH8sn0w’.
      hope it works for you, as it did for me.

    • Yash Chugh

      go n upgrade the packages first,it wud surely work

      • Vladmir

        how do i upgrade packages?

    • Dhaval Patel

      guyz, you can go by this process

      step1:open cydia and then in source click on add

      step2:click on add source and type

      and install ultrasn0w and reboot ur device

      • Alexander Wayne

        Thx ! this worked perfect for me ! Had trouble with p0sixspwn

      • renju

        nop its not worknggg

      • Diagram

        omg thanks, I got p0sixpwn through that repo

      • jason

        where is source?? plsss someone tell

    • renju

      there s no jailbreak for ios 6.1.3 >>

    • instagramlol

      Just refresh your Cydia sources

  • liamrulez

    I cant find p0sixspwn in cydia

  • liamrulez

    nvm it works

  • Caique Santana

    I did jailbreak with 6.1.3 version and everything was fine, but now with 6.1.6 version the Cydia won’t appears, even later the “Just boot” thing. I used 6.0 IPSW and tried many times by any possible ways and nothing happens. Can you guys please help me?

  • Michael

    To iPhone 3GS users: when selecting an IPSW, redsn0w should ask whether you have an old or fixed bootrom. If you have an old bootrom (see redsn0w’s instructions), there should be no need to boot tethered and then apply p0sixspwn: after step 13, Cydia will show up and you can reboot iOS w/o the help of redsn0w (untethered). At least, it worked out this way for me; installing p0sixspwn afterwards bricked it and I had to restore, but w/o p0sixspwn it worked fine.

    • gaj

      I had the same experience with my 3GS old rom. p0sixspwn bricked the 3GS, I restored using iTunes, then followed instructions up to step 13. All is well now.

  • WindCatcher

    Can someone confirm 100% that it is possible to use Ultrasn0w and IPAD>>>DOWNGRADE baseband to unlock iPhone 3GS?? There are several posts saying yes and no. Can someone confirms that it fully works with SMS, calls, etc ??

  • minato

    thank you guys so much

  • Ryan Freeland

    I have just unlocked my 3gs, and it reset my jailbreak, now I am having issues re jailbreaking it. It gets to second stage and sits there. Won’t go any further. Any ideas?

  • Erik Orehek

    These are very SIMPLE steps I did it real Smoothly.

  • Mudassar

    Thnks dear …U saved me…It worked perfectly fine….again thanks…

  • Brian

    After the jailbreak, are we able to update our software to future iOSs?

    • Jeff


  • Gitana

    Thank you very much. It worked for me in an Ipod Touch 4G 6.1.6 I just want to add that I downloaded the iPod4,1_6.0_10A403_Restore with sn0wbreezedl-master and put it into my desktop. After that I followed your steps carefully but when I got Cydia in my Ipod I couldn’t find p0sixspwn untill I do this:
    -Open Cydia.
    -Click the “Changes” tab in the footer.
    -Press the “Refresh” button in the top left corner.
    -After “Reloading Data”, perform a search for “p0sixspwn” (the O is a zero).
    -Tap Install.
    After that all works great
    Thanks again for your tutorial my first time and I did it! :D

  • nino nano

    that IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w, ????????

  • You

    I did all the tutorial and my 3gs is working good. My base band in 6.15.00. If I downgrade my base band with redsnow to 5.13.04, does it make any problem to my 3gs??

  • vedant

    in the cydia search, when i type posixspwn it is showing nothing in the list

    • Gautam

      It’s p0sixspwn not posixspwn. With a 0 and not a o.

  • amibu

    Hmm… “Exploit failed”. Its not working. I use a Mac. Can anyone help me?

    • Kirmulla Khan

      It may be problem by your antivirus or run as adminstrator In Windows 7…For Mac Don’t Have Idea??

  • george

    guys my ipod was no showing cyria so i went back on redsnow and clicked just boot now my ipod is grey screening me i cant do anything

  • Manu M

    After the step 13, my iphone 3GS device got into reboot loop. It is not rebooting successfully. What should I do?

  • Manu M

    After the step 13, my iphone 3GS got into reboot loop. It is not rebboting successfully. What should I do?

  • Manu M

    After the step 13, my iphone 3GS got in to reboot loop and it is not rebooting successfully. what should I do?

  • Kocour Mikes

    3GS here… I’m without Cydia… Had it before on 6.1.3 tethered :-(
    Tried exactly these steps, when I saw I didn’t work, tried Schmutz1g’s suggestion, but no luck. At least I’m on baseband 05.13.04. But the phone behaves as it would not be jailbroken at all – No carrier, no Cydia.

  • rossi

    dude the red snow has a prob dude its not workin

  • prathik

    my iphone is not switchin on

  • Kselyk

    wheres Cydia

  • Distraught User

    basically when i get to step 20 the pineapple appears but nothing ends up happening. The pinneaple shows up, i wait 10 seconds, screen gets fuzzy for a sec and then it restarts and i go on my ipod but cydia simply isnt there. And yeah i know it says to do the spotlight search but nothing shows up then either. help please.

  • Neel

    I have successfully jail break my iPhone 3gs…I found a problem that some times when i was playing some game or browsing internet at about 30 mins to 1hr. my phone suddenly gone to DFU mode automatically, when i tried to reboot my phone but failed to do so. I was able to reboot my phone after connect it with charger and it happened frequently. Is there any solution of it??please help me

  • Chris Ruben

    Did not work, and now i can’t turn on my iPod 4g again ;( I’m warning all others out there to not try this! It will make your iPod 4g not working!! I can’t turn it on. (PS: Thats my experiance, it may work for others, but did not work for me.)

    • emily

      you probably did something wrong and its still stuck in DFU mode. take it out of DFU mode and try again.

    • regenbogenfraise

      i cant turn on my ipod to :(

  • Jeff

    I downloaded the ipsw file from the link, but when it comes time to navigate to it, it is not there. There is a file called Restore.plist But no .ipsw file? Did I do something wrong?

  • shannon

    i dont understand step 4

  • Andrew

    Worked for me but when I clicked “Just Boot” and it said “Uploading First Stage” the program crashed

  • Jeeeeps

    when i have to boot, i always end in recovery mode (step 19)…

  • Rafael Felipe Santos Gimenes

    Locked in step 20. Redsnow – Waiting fo reboot

  • John

    what if you cydia closes immediately after the essential upgrades?

  • pmanny

    does not work on ipod 4g 6.1.6 i followed step by step and cydia does not appear

  • manny23

    iPod Touch 4G wont jailbreak the process goes smoothly but cydia does not appear even after being booted thethered it still will not appear.

  • manny23

    iPod Touch 4G 6.1.6 wont jailbreak the process goes smoothly but cydia does not appear even after being booted thethered it still will not appear

    • regenbogenfraise

      I got the same problem

      • creepercore


  • Jasenko

    Please help!
    In step 22 I just have screen and in a bootom write Reboot Device. I cant do nothing (turn off my Iphone 3gs, or notnihg else). What can I do now?

  • emily

    The jailbreaking process wont complete? It’s been stuck for like 10 minutes now!

  • you

    I did every thing and every thing is working well. I got to issue. 1. When I sync with itunes I get an error says can not sync because the connection was reset. 2. When i open an app I get an error says connect to itunes to use push notifications. can any one help me out????

  • Mohit kumar

    My 3gs showing jailbroken as yes in itool but when i installing any apps..some of them getting install but when i m opening them it is asking for username and password??plz help!!

    • Kirmulla Khan

      Facing Same Issues Plz Admin Help Me!!

  • Kirmulla Khan

    hello Admin I followed All Steps And My Iphone 3gs is Showing Jailbreak in Itool.but when I installed apps It asking me for ID and password.I Already Installed p0sixpwn in Cydia..Is This JailBreak really Working??

  • regenbogenfraise

    i cant see cydia and if i go to spotlight i cant find it.

  • gahima27

    Help Help I did this to my iPod 4th gen and i have a broken home button FYI and it worked so I downloaded posixspwn and then left the room when i come back about to look at more apps on cydia my iPod is on a blank white screen so i restore and it turns black now nothing is working or showing up when i plug in computer it makes the noise but iTunes doesn’t recognize it as my device and redsnow says its in dfu but when i click just boot Nothingnhappens help me please

  • Taha Iqbal

    Bug in libxpc: could not set contex on mach port
    how to fix it?

  • Abdul Miller Seville Prower

    help please i just did jailbreak on my iphone 3gs with ios 6.1.6 but after i jailbreak… i cant find p0sixspwn or iH8sn0w on cydia

  • Kurosagi

    Have an ipod touch 4g and it wont jailbreak it, even when i am pointing the ios 6.0, it would freeze at uoloading first stage then show a “exploit failed” problem…

  • kevin

    Cydia won’t show up after successful jailbreak ipod 4……HELP

  • ME

    it workk baby!!!

  • Sinok

    I personally used the 6.0 firmware and had the same problem! “That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w.
    But I used the latest version of redsn0w! Can anybody help?

  • nazaro

    i can’t find cydia ..even in the spotlight how can i do??

    • Gautam

      It looks like you haven’t tethered boot your device. Follow steps 14 to 21 to tethered boot your device.

  • Rabeya Lina

    Can i use ios 6.1.3 instead of 6.0 for jailbreak ios 6.1.6?

    • Gautam

      No, Redsn0w is compatible with iOS 6.0 only.

  • NuclearHugs

    any help its an ipod 4g

  • Mohammad Khan

    when i download the firmware file 6.0.0 it downloads in .zip extension and not in .ipsw. so when i try to detect this file by going in to redsnow and clicking on select ipsw, it doesn’t even detact the firmware file because the frimware file is not in .ipsw extension. i have tried unzipping the firmware file but it still doesn’t get converted to .ipsw file. does anyone know how i can convert the firmware file to .ipsw so it can be detacted by redsnow?

  • Tayo Adewale

    Thanks, it works

  • Dagmawi Eshetu

    pls help me …… it says The connected device does not support unthethered jailbreak …. please am stuck

  • Sahan Ranasinghe

    how to know that my 3gs was unlocked by ultrasnow? i have ios 5.1.1 and jailbroken

  • nolslol

    Redsn0w can’t detect my ipod touch 4g

  • dinon

    I’ve done all the above and everything went smoothly…cydia etc.
    Added ssh for access and so on…

    except…when I had to turn off my phone..

    From that point on, it is stuck at the apple logo and keeps rebooting..
    Any ideas?

    • anonymoose

      Did you install p0sixspwn in cydia?

  • Ken T

    Can not get past step 4. Ipod Touch 4th Gen. Windows 7. Firmware file not found in folder from Download. Picked 6.0.0 labeled Ipod 4th gen. Running XP Compatability (SP3). Did have Encryption error problems when extracting Firmware download. Any suggestions??

  • Vrushank

    when i was doing tethered boot on my ipod touch 4g it was stuck in uploading first stage and also error was occur of redsnow can anyone help me

  • cityboydavies

    when i select the ipsw file it says this model of

    Redsn0w cannot support this file…any Suggestions?

  • Vrushank

    The error was occuring when i am doing tethered boot to ipod touch 4g and redsnow process will stuck at uploading first stage plz help me anyone………….

  • Vrushank

    also i had not select first run as : administration plz help me……

  • wb

    Step 20 is where I am having a problem. When it goes through step 20 it goes into reboot and stays. I get a messege “Missing key.plist data for this build and gives my device, ECID, and Build. I can power down and power back up and it goes to home but no cydia. have tried twice. both times waited 20 mins for it to reboot but it just stays on a lighted black screen. what can I do? thanks

    • wb

      also I am using Ipod touch 4g 6.1.6 thanks

  • Timmy Dreadson Abu

    hi folks I have this problem with my 3gs,after jailbreak every time my phone goes into sleep mode , it automatically just goes blank and then I will have to restore it.i have tried almost everything I can think of, it just the same every tine I jb it. Am on ios 6.1.6

  • You

    It worked for me thanks..
    Can I use redsnow to downgrade the baseband to 5.13.04 now?? I did it but stuck after rebooting (black screen with with texts) I got error please reboot to normal and do a slide to power off. Some like this. Can anyone help me out????

  • Harry D

    Cydia says “UNABLE TO LOAD: (The certificate for this server is invalid.You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be which could put your confidential information at risk!)”

    What do i do?


    I have iphone 3gs with ios 6.1.6 and serial number xx950, could i make jb?

  • David Kim

    If I have a broken home button, do I choose the DFU IPSW as the 6.0.0 firmware or 6.1.6 firmware?
    Thanks in advance.

  • DAN

    my homescreen icons are still missing!! Plz help me

  • stinger

    ok so i downloaded everything cydia popped up and it was good i got on cydia and it asked me to choose who i was so i picked hacker and then when i went to search for p0sixspwn and i clicked search nothing showed up can anyone tell me what to do

  • Don Manuel Ysusverduras Laroze

    Still can’t find cydia in my ipod. I did the 14 to 21 steps again anda nothing happends :/

  • arvinder

    When i get cydia i download p0sixspwn. When i turn off the phone it doesn’t come back on it goes into dfu mode and i cant do that because my power button is broken.

  • sam

    exploit failed.

    • Gautam

      Did you take a backup of your device using iTunes before you tried this? You should also disable encryption of the backup if you’ve that enabled.

  • sam

    I have Window 7 ultimate and I run redsn0w with admin, but still show error as exploit failed.

    • Will

      make sure it is running in compatiblity mode. Try putting it into dfu mode befor your start Redsn0w. Then go straight into the jailbreak option (dont select the 6.0 firmware) it will complete the exploit then you will get a new error. Once you get this error press back and then select the 6.0 firmware and do the jaibreak method again. this worked for me

  • Anthony

    Just call me anthony. But I have had a jail broken device with reds now about a year now and it was just the tethered part then I seen that you could do the untethered part with p0sixspwn, before this I had no problems, so anyways what I did was hard restore my iPhone 3GS 6.1.6. After that I did the rejailbreak process with redsn0w. So everything was wiped clean as a new iphone. Then I went to cydia upgraded essentials and installed the package p0sixspwn untether package. Now my problem is my iMessage won’t work anymore, I have tried everything restoring iphone,and resetting network settings, and it still doesn’t work. Any ideas please help? Thanks

  • Al

    i can’t find P0sixspwn on Cydia

  • aryan

    i jailbroked my ipod touuch 4g on ios 6.1.6 …done all steps correctly but i can,t find cydia ..also tried spot light search but nothing worked….how can i get cydia help….me/…

    • Gautam

      It looks like you haven’t done the tethered boot step. Follow steps 14 – 21 to resolve the issue.

  • Azel

    Hi guys, i have an iPhone 3gs and i will jailbreak him with this guide.
    But i won’t to lose anything on my iPhone, Photos, Videos, Music and other.

    – I’m Italian, sorry for my bad english. -

    • Gautam

      You won’t lose data using this method. However, as I have recommended, it is important to take a backup of your device using iTunes or iCloud before you start so you can always restore it from the backup if something goes wrong.

  • anthony

    From where i have to download ios 6.0 file??

  • Andrew

    I’ve followed step-by-step all the points.
    It work for me.
    I’ve the 6.1.6 Redsn0w jailbreak with the p0sixspwn untether.
    Help me please, HELPP!!

    • Gautam

      If you followed this guide then you shouldn’t lose data as you’re not restoring your device.

  • raja

    uploading first stage?? how long will it take to get upload??

  • raja

    @Azel:disqus-how long will upload first stage will take to complete??

  • Jeroen

    It says the whole time ‘waiting for reboot’

  • Eric

    how come it keeps saying that the IPSW is not supported?

    • Gautam

      You need to download the iOS 6.0 IPSW file. You’re probably downloaded the iOS 6.1.6 IPSW file.

  • Yasir Malik

    baseband 6.15.00 is downgrading on iphone 3gs (32gb). wat i do ???

  • Giovanni Silva

    my ipod wouldnt reboot again after it rebooted the first time, i decided to wait and it still wouldnt reboot again. I ignored it and did the other steps (14-21), but i couldnt find cydia, then I tried searching it in spotlight search and i still couldnt find cydia. Any suggestions?

  • Adrian Trisnadi

    I can’t find Cydia even after I redo the step 14 – 21…I checked my IPSW, It was the right one iPod4,1_6.0_10A403_Restore. And I’m using 4th gen iPod Touch. Can help?

    • Adrian Trisnadi

      Oow, I forgot to mention that the Pineapple logo was appear and everything run exactly as details said, but still the Cydia won’t come out.

  • random person

    so i just teathered my iphone 3gs i did all the sets and everything but still i cant find cydia help?

  • Navin

    great guide thanks. for those who see the pineapple logo but cant find cydia. use itunes & restore ipod before following this guide.

  • Jason

    ‘Just Boot’ not working. It says Missing Keys.plist data for this build. What went wrong?? :(

    • Gautam

      You need to select the iOS 6.0 IPSW file again when you do the tethered boot.

  • Tyler Stene

    Hi guys, whenever I download the Ipsw 6.1.6 for my ipod touch 4g and then go into redsnow to select IPSW the file did not show up at first and then I extracted it all to my desktop in a folder I couldn’t use it, I would just click on firmware and then all of the folders in firmware and none of them had any results, if someone could tell me how I get this to work or if I should be downloading IPSW 6.0 even though my ipod is 6.1.6 please help!

    • Gautam

      You need to download the iOS 6.0 IPSW file. Also try using Chrome or Safari to download the file to avoid the issue you’ve mentioned.

      • Tyler Stene

        Alright thanks, so WinRAR or any other app like so is not needed?

        • Gautam

          Great. Glad it worked.

      • Tyler Stene

        I downloaded it off google chrome and it works fine now, thank you very much!:)

  • CornGuest

    It says it can’t find blobs. what does that mean.
    also i tried to search for remote blobs or something and there aren’t any. help please!

  • Sankar

    Thanks a lot pal……………………..this post was really really helpful

    • Gautam

      Hey Sankar, Glad you found it useful.

      Please don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

  • Antony

    I did all the steps correctly, and got my iPod touch (4th gen) working with cydia on the homescreen. My problem is that there are no packages in cydia whatsoever that I can download, not p0sixspwn, not anything else. Somebody help please?

  • Phoenix

    It says this version of Redsn0w is not compatible with this .ipsw

  • Phoenix

    When I select the IPSW. It says “That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w.”

    • Gautam

      You should download the iOS 6.0 IPSW firmware file, not the iOS 6.1.6 firmware file. Please read the instructions carefully.

      • Phoenix

        I did.

  • MAX

    My iPhone 3gs are in looping mode.
    I made “Recovery Fix” but return the message:
    MissingKeys.plist data for this built
    What i have to do?

  • Loko12

    hey i downloaded this iPhone2,1_6.0_10A403_Restore but it doesn’t work it keeps saying “That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsnOw”

  • Jojo

    Jailbreak goes smoothly on my 3GS, but then my IPAs won’t install. And I can’t get to unlock to other operators with UltraSnow

  • Anyonomous

    I Followed all the steps and the process got all the way up to when it says waiting for reboot, the iPod 4, ios 6.1.6 will not reboot, what should I do?

    • iPhoneHacks

      Try to hardware reset your device to see if it helps.

  • Andex

    if it does not work, try not to put it in the usb 3.0, ami I spend with it ..

  • daddadhad

    For some reason I did all the steps right but when I try to install p0sixspwn it say that it cant install and at the it says in red – “Depends iOS Firmware >=6.1.3 depends iOS Firmware <7.0? help?

    • daddadhad

      I meant and at the bottom it says in red

  • yyyuuippp

    Explioit failed for me on ipod touch 4g running ios 6..1.6

    • Gautam

      Take a backup of your iPod touch using iTunes, and ensure “Encrypt backup data” is disabled.

  • anonymous

    i have been jailbroke my iphone 3gs, when i open it, it says Unable to Load (A server with the specified hosttname could not be found.) i already connect to a wifi network. what should i do?

  • anonymous

    cant update essentials, what should i do?

  • Jek

    I get a “Missing Keys.plist” error after trying to boot it.

    • Gautam

      You need to select the iOS 6.0 firmware file again.

  • Seabosz

    i run windows 8 and i tryed running it in compatibility mode (win Xp sp3) an admin but is says Exploit Failed every time

  • jhayz

    im stuck in 1st stage uploading

  • jhayz

    and i would not accept 6.1.6 ipws

  • Haseeb

    Is this jailbreak trick for ios 6.0 or 6.1.6
    Is apple still signing ios 6 ?

  • Roshan Mathew

    Ok for those who are getting exploit error… 95% of the time it is because you are using a usb hub like the one in front of your computer. have to plug in to usb ports behind the computer were it has more power.

  • elvin rhey dayrit

    after jailbreak and justboot 2x, i opened up the cydia then I cant clik next, what to do with this iphone 3gs A1303, no network now… i restored it to 6.1.6 then on the jailbreak is 6.0.. is there any other way to fix this no network? help..

  • elvin rhey dayrit

    after jailbreak and justboot 2x, i opened up the cydia then I cant clik next, what to do with this iphone 3gs A1303, no network now… i restored it to 6.1.6 then on the jailbreak is 6.0.. is there any other way to fix this no network? help :( ..

  • Adrien

    Getting the unsupported IPSW… I tried it twice, to make sure I didn’t click the wrong one. iPod 4G here.

    • Adrien

      Never mind, the fix was deleting all IPSWs on my computer, including the 6.1.6 file in the iTunes appdata folder.

  • Helder

    My device showas only a white screen, even tough Itunes can “see” it, after all this process :( can someone show me what can I do next?

  • Sandra Williams

    I can’t jailbreak the iPod touch 4th gen. Keep getting the unsupported error message. Tried using the 6.1.6 file and the 6.0 file. Neither worked. Help? Is there an envasi0n jailbreak? cause this redsn0w is just not working.

  • NuTcRacKeR

    i tried but it say “that IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w”.

    • Gautam

      You need to download iOS 6.0 firmware file.

  • NuTcRacKeR

    and i am using latest version of redsn0w

  • wpnhed

    I still cant find cydia

    • Gautam

      It looks like you haven’t tethered boot your device. Please ensure you’ve followed steps 14 to 21.

  • Brett

    For people getting stuck on first stage during redsn0w’s jailbreak process… It always happened to me as well but if you hold the HOME button until it says uploading stage two it works for me, maybe my computer is stupid but it might work for you too.

    • Gautam

      Thanks Brett for sharing your experience.

  • copsicle

    hi im trying to jailbreak my ipod touch (4g – 6.1.6) and i downloaded the IPSW 6.0 and i get an error that my IPSW is “not supported by this version of Redsn0w” and its 6.0 what do i do now?

    • copsicle

      and can you also tell me what will happen if i use the 6.1.6 IPSW?

  • Pranavi

    I downloaded the firmware correctly for iPod 4G- iPod4,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw

    But then it says ‘That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsNow’. What do I do now?

  • Jons Norin

    is it really work? I want to use it for Ipod 4G version 6.1.6. Can Also using for app Clash of Clans? I just want to do it for this app only

  • Jons Norin

    Is it Really work? i use Ipod Touch 4G version 6.1.6 and i want to use it for app Clash of Clans. If really work for this app i will do it.

  • Rizwan

    Hi i am getting missing keys.plist data for this build when trying to just boot option

    • Gautam

      You need to select the firmware file again before doing the tethered boot as I’ve mentioned in step 15 – 16.

  • D.

    “Cydia closes immediately”. How am I to follow steps 20-22 if I cannot launch Cydia? :/

    • Gautam

      You need to tether boot your device and then install p0sixpwn to convert it into an untethered jailbreak. Follow steps 14 to 25 again to fix it.

  • jason

    I can’t find p0sixpwn when I search in Cydia and there is no prompt telling me to upgrade

  • dd

    my device won’t reboot and it keeps saying missing.keysplist

  • chikaaiueo

    please help me, i was on step 10 then my ipod touch was dies and it was said that my ipod was on soft DFU mode, what should I do?

  • Danish

    my speaker seem to be stop working , any tips ?

  • HR

    Thank you for everything, As a first time installer and user of Jailbreak, I found your instructions very clear and precise, easy to follow. The installation worked smoothly on the first trial and I will visit now the link about the Cydia apps.
    Congratulations for your work guys!

    • Gautam

      Hey @disqus_SDZimXYdq3:disqus, glad it worked.

  • Michael

    My device wont reboot.

  • Carlos

    I have a problem with step 11 my ipod doesnt reboot!!

  • Carlos

    where is cydia??? is not in my ipod!!

  • amanda

    im on the first step i downloaded but the it say error application not found im on a windows! Please help

  • fajar

    exploit failed

    • Gautam

      Are you using a USB Hub? If so try to connect your iOS device directly to the computer, and try again.

  • Bern

    I’m stuck at Stage 10-11…everything went well but just before it’s done loading in goes in itunes on the pc and suddenly my ipos said plug into itunes and computer says problem with usb connection?

  • Jeremy Doredla

    stuck at waiting for reboot at 21

  • http://hyhyhyhyhy.hyhy Medin

    thnxx dude :) it worked for me, nothing more then 20 minutes of work :)

  • jtdemille

    I have jailbroken twice without removing my passcode. Weird.

  • Jackie

    help, after i press jailbreak and the coding starts on my phone, i keep getting Please wait…

    Help? iPhone 6.1.6 new BR baseband 05.16.08 (i did select 6.0 ipsw)

  • Jeel

    i can’t find cydia on my iphone

  • reaper25

    i cant find the packaged p0sixpwn

  • wesley

    failed to decrypt kernel when I clicked on jailbreak,anyone please help!

  • wesley

    missing keys.plist data for this build
    device:iphone 3gs
    ecid: 205521513870
    build: iphone2,1_6.1.6_10B500
    help PLS

  • JakeTheGamerYT

    It just says when I put the firmware on That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w and I made sure that I did the 6.0 download plz help

  • John

    I’m on step 20 and it either says exploit failed and my ipod will just restart or missing keys.plist data for this build and it will be stuck on a power on phase with a black screen. help?

  • romel

    device is still jailed, despite being installed with cydia and p0sixspawn

  • Franz

    Hi guys, I’ve been trying all the procedure for three times, but it always ended with a final boot loop. I’ve got a 3GS old bootrom 6.1.6. I already jailbreaked it once with iOS 5.1 and RedSnow, but this time JB doesn’t work. I tried 2 times on a Windows PC with iOS 6.1.5, then I tried Snowbreeze and now another time on a Mac with RedSnow and iOS 6.1.6.
    At step 13 I already find Cydia installed. I both tried continuing directly with p0sixpwn and doing first the just boot and then p0sixpwn, but it always ends with a boot loop.

    Now I’m tired to keep trying JBing, but thank you anyway for your efforts :-) Maybe it’s time for a new iPhone.

  • Jap

    Just completed the complete update for cydia, it says complete and theres a button saying roboot device, I can’t tap it, I can’t close the app, I can’t shut down my device. I am using iPod 4th Gen.

  • Vladmir

    Missing Key.plist for this build:

    Device: iPod touch 4G

    then there’s a bunch of other numbers and such…Whats wrong?

  • Collin Ray Deppe

    ok i followed the steps and it gets stuck in dfu mode and wont turn on at all, so i restored through itunes and it probably doesn’t help that i have no home button :(

  • mattino205

    It worked!!! Been trying to unlock this 3GS 6.1.6 for almost a year and have tried and failed using you tube videos among other links. Nothing else I found has ever been explained as well or worked. Had finally given up til yesterday felt like being punished again so tried a different set of search criteria. Did a google search for ‘can’t unlock iphone 3gs 6.1.6′ and your link was first. Thank you forever for your clarity and step by step instructions. Only problem I had was downloading the iphone ios firmfile 6.0 for this phone. Because I was downloading using Internet Explorer it was creating the file extension as .zip so could not use it…..until I reread the instructions to use Firefox or Chrome…So the moral for me was to never give up. Thank you again. Mattino205

  • Marco

    Ok, I did everything as u suggested and it worked fine. After 10 mins the IPhone (3gs) turned off, and it won’t work anymore!! (it’s my wife’s phone..)

  • amila

    thanks a lot men.followed your very clear instructions and without any trouble jailbreak my ios 6.1.6..working very smoothly now..thanks man.cya

    • Gautam

      Glad to know it helped.

  • Marie

    Redsn0w won’t detect my iPod touch, i followed every step for the DFU mode though. But it still won’t work. :/

  • HaydarMuhssin

    stuck on exploiting with limera1n

  • mouhredblood

    i’m stuck whill jailbreaking my iphone 3gs …emergency call

    that all i can do … ihad jailbrocked my phone many times so i think that is why !!!! helllpppppp pls !!!!

  • Benen

    Stuck uploading first stage

  • Blak Metagross

    Its stuck uploading first stage and iPod won’t turn on even when un plugged

  • carlos

    nice preety shocked it did work 5 stars

  • markjneedhelp

    hi i used redsn0w to make a custom dfu ipsw as my home button dowsnt work but i did everything ealse the same. but after i have installed p0sixspwn on cydia it doesnt work and if i switch of my ipod then it goes into dfu mode. HELP PLEASE!!!

  • jeremie

    what if my power botton is broken

  • jeremie


  • Freda Hauck

    So I forgot to click the select IPSW button upon reboot and now my screen is on, but nothing is popping up. Did I totally fry it? I unplugged it and the screen won’t go off. It says its in recovery mode but it won’t restore.

  • Catherine

    Everything ran super smoothly (besides failing to do the DFU mode thing once) but after everything is said and done and I’ve completed ALLLL the steps, it doesn’t even act jailbroken. No battery percentage, nothing. What am I missing?

  • Oranges

    I followed all the steps correctly for the tethered part of the jailbreak, yet Cydia is still not on mt iphone 3gs. Please help :(

    • Oranges


    • Robert

      Yeah, same here bro

  • abdullah

    i just jailbreak. now i want ios7 me please..

  • Marcus

    Please guys, give a hint, that de Package p0sixpwn crashed the 3GS with OLD BOOTROM!! All those hwo do not have the new bootrom – DO NOT INSTALL p0sixpwn, it will crash your iPhone 3GS!!

  • Anon

    I’m stuck at step 20. It says waiting for reboot then that disappears and my ipod’s screen lights up, but doesn’t turn on. I also cannot hit the next button

  • question

    hi sorry if this is a stupid question but now that I have done this (and I am pretty sure I did), is my phone “unlocked” and can I use any provider now? tmobil etc

  • Hemp6473

    Ok guys i am at the point of where it asks me to select IPSW and it should identify it, but thats not the case, so i manually click on it and will not reconize it, so what am i doing wrong?

  • marky

    Exploit failed every time

  • HvC

    I get stuck already on step 10 just before ending the “uploading first stage”. I tried many times on different MACs without getting any message or error report. My iPodTouch 4g simply doesn’t reboot even after very long time. What can I do?

  • parth

    i can find p0sixspwn in cydia search tab. what should i do ?

  • Guest

    it says IPSW not supported by this version of redsn0w when I try using the download from step 2, but I have the latest version

    • Josiah

      Make sure the ipsw you download is for iOS 6.0 on your device, not the current iOS 6.1.6

  • Benji

    im stuck on 2 I have windows but not the compalability mode

  • Benji

    I have windows 8 so what do I do for step 2

  • Hexalot

    For anyone else running into the “Uploading first stage” freeze, the solution is simple :) After your phone has entered DFU and the jailbreak has started in redsn0w, KEEP HOLDING THE HOME BUTTON! IT will blow past stage 1 and 2, keep holding until it says rebooting, and your screens backlight will slightly illuminate, then you can let go and it will finish!

  • Deis Guiang

    hey I had successfully jailbroken my iphone 3gs 6.1.6 but i am stuck on no service problem. what should I do.

  • Nick

    I cant find IOS 6.0 for my 3gs A1303. Anyone know where I can find it? or if any of those other ones are compatible?

  • Vessy

    Hello, I’ve always used your tutorials for jailbreaking but this time it’s just not working. I did all that was said and I didn’t have any problems but I don’t seem to find the Cydia icon, even with the spotlight search.
    Any help will be appreciated :) Thank you!

  • M. Brian Palmer

    I’ve completed these steps as described and had Fido try to activate new SIM but stuck at NO SERVICE issue. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Callan

    when I select the ipsw it says that ipsw is not supported with this version of redsnow please help

    • Roel

      make sure you used 6.0.0 not 6.1.6. Then it works fine

  • Drew Lee

    I have repeadidly done steps 14-21 and cydia still doesn’t pop up on my 4th gen ipod touch. it isnt on one of teh main screens or in spotlight search. i am curently running windows xp.

  • Help Me!

    It says That my ipsw file is unsupported by redsn0w

  • Josiah

    Can you jailbreak an iPod touch 4th gen and install the iOS 7.0 ipsw?

  • Josiah

    I jailbroke my iPod touch 4th gen, and when I went through the process, I checked the box in redsn0w to put the battery percentage on, but it never appeared. What can I do?


    Thanks so much

  • Arun Sharma

    ITs working fine … thku sooo much bro…

  • emms

    i keep getting the box stuck with message missing keys doing my head in now

  • The mob

    Exploit failed

  • Ulises

    I jailbroke and unlocked iPhone 3GS Firmware 6.1.6 with redsn0w then ultrasn0w, everything ok but now it keeps searching for a signal and the “No Service” message appears, I have tried different sims from different companies and hasn’t worked with any, any idea what went wrong?

  • yash

    Wait, so does this mean if I jailbreak my iphone 3gs, I won’t be able to unlock it?

  • jsh

    i can’t find cydia no matter how many times i just boot

  • bayuzuhdi

    After i reboot the device (without redsnow of course, because i think it’ll work perfectly), my device’s screen starting to crash. The “screen” that i can interact with is getting smaller and it only takes 1/4 part of the real screen. I had to reboot it again and enter safe mode, because no matter what metode i use (force-to-boot metode, reboot it using redsnow) to enter the jailbreak mode it’ll crash the screen. And btw, i can’t remove p0sixspwn. Any solution i can try?? Thanx :)

  • DJDog

    i have ios 6.1.6 and instead i had to use 5.1.1 because ios 6.0 didn’t work and then when it’s about to finish the ram disk it freezes and cancels the jailbreak! what did i do wrong?

  • lopperty

    does the jailbreak delete ur current apps?

  • Turk

    I got it to boot tethered and the pineapple logo showed up but when it booted, there was no cydia and it wasnt in spotlight. I tried to search it in spotlight. still no luck. booted tethered twice :(

  • karina ann

    I tried to upgrade the packages several times but theres still no posixspwn..

  • karina ann

    Thres no posixspwn..:(

    • Chiuey

      “p0sixspw. Number zero, not a letter O.

  • matt

    i can’t do number 24 because when ever i search up p0sixspwn nothing comes up

  • MadMinotaur

    I downloaded the one it told me to, I have an iPhone 3GS, model a1303, it told me to download “6.0.0 (iPhone 3GS): iPhone2,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw” I did that TWICE. Redsnow is STILL saying “that version isn’t supported” what the hell?

  • srishti

    Everything was fine until step 13
    After my iPod rebooted the screen isnt responding to touch even though the volume buttons etc work perfectly fine
    please HELP!
    even tried hard restart- by holding the power and home button down together -multiple times and the screen still isnt working!

    • Chiuey

      Go back to “Just Boot” in Cydia and try again with the power and home button.

  • luis

    I download the firmware and I download redsn0w but when I go to ipsw on rrdsn0w to put the firmware it says the ipsw is not for this version

  • matthew

    how long should it take to complete the jailbreak?

  • Bunio

    i do everything correct and my device still cant find network… whats wrong?

  • milan

    great man …..i have done ….thnx dear

  • stuck

    I opened cydia for the first time and it needed to download essential upgrades. It would not relaunch. I have tried to do a tethered boot multiple times. Any ideas?

  • Dan

    it says that redsn0w doesnt support the ipsw

  • Rutvij

    Step 20: Redsn0w will recognize the iOS device in DFU
    mode and apply the limerain exploit (remember to release the Home
    button). Your iOS device will reboot and a pineapple logo will appear,
    indicating a tethered boot.

    Pineapple logo is not appearing and it shows “waiting for reboot”. How much time it will take? It is more than 20 minutes.

  • gerald

    why it doesnt work in my iphone3gs? i correctly download the redsnow 0.9.15b3 and the the iphone2,1_6.0 ipsw. it says that Unsupported IPSW? IPSW is not supported by this version of red snow? but i download them correctly? help plsss. thanks!

  • taylor

    it says it cant decrypt the kernel. help!

  • Swag

    This IPSW is not supported by this version of Redsn0w? What?

  • lincopper

    ooo my goodness.. i have try this before and nothing work for me till i found this article… a very big thank you Gautam Prabhu for posting .. thanks a lot for all the comment too cos without the comment i wouldn’t have made it.. a lot of things was explained but without the comment’s is going to be a bit stress.. the big thing i like to add is .. just keep trying .. try …try….try…trrrrrrrryyyyyyyy… it works .. it’s awesome.. thank you.. Schmutz1g for all the explanation ..

    • Gautam

      Glad it helped.

  • Alysha

    Just jailbroke and before I could install the p0sixspwn my brother accidentally turned the ipod off. Cydia will now not open. Please help!

  • renju

    guys please dont jailbreak jailbreaking ios 6.1.6 has not been released …………. ……………… ………………….. …………………………… …………………………

  • أحمد خالد

    Thanks alot! It works without any problems.

  • ေပါက္ကရ ေလးဆယ္

    i can see the cydia. after installation update essential. i can’t open cydia again. Why?

  • Ozza2000zx

    cydia doesnt show up help please???


    thanks man its done iphone 3gs ios 6.1.6 !

  • Frank

    I just completed the jailbreak on my iPhone 3gs!! I’m very happy thank you so much for this tutorial!! :)

  • zaye

    I’m 100% sure I got IOS 6.0 but it says that it isn’t supported and advice is gladly appreciated.

    • zaye

      I am using the iPod fourth generation btw IOS 6.1.6

  • hirezigj

    I have gone through the process many times. It is very clear and accurate, however, I keep having a problem rebooting after installing p0sixspwn. It stays on the apple logo fo few seconds, blinks, and back again on the apple logo. Never completes the boot! Any suggestions!

  • david

    after this jailbreak i have a issue with no service install ultrasn0w but still having the problem any solution?

  • Andreana Ramdhani

    thank you, i’ll try it

  • ThaineOfWhiterun

    Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 won’t accept iPod4,1_6.1.6_10B500_Restore.ipsw. “That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w. Fingerprint: 85ad0c4c9b4a64ae3cbe0d9f1febf495256546d”

  • snowbrezze

    i cant find posixspwn comes up blank any suggestions.

    • Gautam

      It’s p0sixspwn – with a zero not an 0.

  • Bro Goy

    i follow step14-21,i open the cydia then it stuck in home and power button is no function now..only the volume…help me guys..ty

  • Mattie

    when i get to stage 10 but then my phone doesnt reboot, what do i do?

  • Sam

    yo cant get passed step one might be a bi pisssed but im fine how to i do it please

  • beng

    i get to step 9 then redsnow says my devise does not support tethering

  • Felix Alexanders

    Okay so im trying to jailbreak an ipod 4th with a broken power button. Everything has went okay. It has ios 6.1.6. It worked up till i had to put it in DFU mode, where i had to restore the ipod with redsn0w’s DFU ISPW. which worked. Then i restored it again, since i had to put it in DFU mode again, to do the just boot. It seemed to work, the pineapple logo eventually turned up, BUT then the devicenever turned on after the pineapple logo showed up. Itunes gets an error trying to restore it, and none of Redsn0ws option work because it identifies the ipod as stuck in recovery mode. I cannot turn it on, and unplugging it, ect, does not do anything. What can i do?

  • mart

    thanks a million if i could pay u i would only one question i cant send or receive mms any ideals

  • Angus

    Hmm… I’m good until the device goes into DFU mode. The process stops, and Redsn0w says that “the connected device doesn’t support untethered options.”

  • Ian Graves

    Hmm… I’m good until the device goes into DFU mode. The process stops and Redsn0w tells me that “The connected device doesn’t support untethered options.”

  • lisa

    well I just can’t put my iphone in DFU mode, my power button is actually broken :(

  • Fajar Ramadhan

    already resolve

  • S.M

    I have a little problem. My Home Button is dead but i want to Jailbreak my device. The begining is ok, I can use the new function of Cydia but i want a Threatened Jailbreak and i have to get my I-pod into DFU mode again. How can i do it???

  • Adam

    What happens if you try to jailbreak without linking to the ios 6.0? What if you try to use 6.1.6?

  • Adam

    I tried doing a tethered boot but when it loaded it was not jailbreaked! There was no cydia or anything

    • Adam

      I followed the instructions but I cant seem to boot the jailbreak tethered! The actually jailbreak seemed to execute fine, and when redsn0w tries to boot me tethered, it appears to work everywhere EXCEPT on my ipod, which is running normal iOS.

  • Adam Taylor

    I found a great tip for problems with booting tethered for the first time!
    If you have installed ios 6 updates using wifi connection ever, you need to go to itunes and reset your iPod. Make sure to backup before, and then restore the backup afterwared. Then re-jailbreak and then booting works like a charm.

  • arj

    still says no service after installing p0sixspwn and rebooting. is it because the baseband is 6.15 and not downgraded. was able to sync with Itunes and also back up the phone from previous backup . The problem of sim card showing no service remains.

  • JA PE

    Having lots of trouble with p0sixspwn and can’t download anything because of it.

  • Adam Taylor

    When I install p0sixspawn, it doesnt untether my ipod!

  • Akhmedsako

    The iPhone isnt actually activated. When you go to the settings it tells you that it is not activated which is a bad thing. How can I activate it without a sim?

  • greentower

    Help! Does this jailbreak (Redsn0w and p0sixspwn) and unlock (Ultrasn0w) work for iPhone 3gs new bootrom?

  • Thom4444

    Issue, my home button is broken, and I use assistive touch, so I can’t enter DFU mode, any other way?

  • darkangelights

    Will jail breaking the ipod touch let me get all apps i wont?

  • shiahcraft

    will i lose my apps and stuff

  • LadyRock

    If I have a 3gs that has never been jailbroken can I still follow these steps ior should i start somewhere else?

  • BurningToast12

    Help, I Can’t Connect Anywhere After The Thetered Boot!

  • Dman

    after Step 22: Launch Cydia. Since you’re launching Cydia for
    the first time, you may be prompted to do an essential upgrade. Please
    go ahead and do it, and then relaunch Cydia again.

    My ipod stuck, i can’t use my home and power butten. I rest my Iphone using Itunes and do the jailbraike again. But he still stuck ad Cydia

  • Jon

    I jailbreaked but it won’t work with my giffgaff sim…

  • Shohidul Islam Hridoy

    Thanx ! this worked perfect for me.

  • Alex

    same i can’t find p0sixspwn either

  • sanjeeth

    after finishing all the steps my iphone is showing the network signal as “searching…”,please suggest me what to do

  • Maya

    wheres the extras button

  • FAhad

    any one sort out my prob this issue come again nd again nd stop this working process see in image

  • Rushabh Gandhi

    no service after jailbreak iso-6.1.6(105b500} serial no-85952 firmware 06.15.00 what to do next ????

  • Jeff

    i did all the steps exactly, but cydia won’t download. Any suggestions on what to do?

  • xxrhamxx

    cannot install app, even in itunes or itools, i updated recently my 3gs to 6.1.6 but when i install app it says verification failed please help me!!!!

  • xxrhamxx

    Pls help me, i cant install apps on iphone 3gs when i updated it to 6.1.6 recently.. what should i do pls help

  • xxrhamxx

    Itool says verification failed, and when i try to itunes it did not also install apps… please help

  • Muhammad Haseeb

    no service is coming after doing all the step carefully …. what should i do now??

  • Wolfy

    can someone help me?! I completed the whole process step by step but Cydia is NOT on my homescreen nor in my spotlight search!? What do I do? Ive wanted my ipod jailbroken for years and was so excited to finally do it to be dissappointed and sad?!

  • Gabriel Honsinger

    missing keys.plst data for this build….what?

    • Gautam

      You need to select the iOS 6.0 firmware file as mentioned in step 4.

      • Gabriel Honsinger

        As I have done. I found a fix, I will apply it tomorrow. If it works, I’ll post the link here.

        • Gautam

          There is no fix required if you follow the steps mentioned in this guide.

  • Sarah

    I followed all the steps, and even in step 13, I had Cydia there already. But I still followed all the steps anyway. But for some reason, after I install P0sixspwn, as soon as I restart my phone, I get a boot loop of the Apple on screen. It never loads the OS. So I choose open up redsn0w again, select the IPSW, then choose “Just Boot.” (I can’t “power off” the phone; the Apple logo is perpetually there, then not there; then there, etc). It seems to be going well, loading up the pineapple and all; but then it gets stuck in an infinite loop of the Apple logo.

    So then I tried “Recovery Fix” in redsn0w. Same problem. I even did a system restore using iTunes, did the jailbreak steps again, and the SAME PROBLEM arises.

    I am stuck in a perpetual boot loop. Heeeeelp!

    • Sarah

      I *think* I know what went wrong. I think I need to reboot (while the phone is still plugged in) after installing P0sixspwn from Cydia. Then open Cydia again, and get the message “Preparing Filesystem (Cydia will exit when complete.)”

      I saw a YouTube video where the person did this. But I can’t confirm myself. I had originally just tried to do it using the P0sixspwn download on Windows, but it wouldn’t detect my device. So that’s why I tried this method. But I gave up and then tried P0sixspwn again (the download onto Windows), it this time it detected it.

      It finished, and I opened up Cydia, and now I’m getting that message “Preparing Filesystem (Cydia will exit when complete.)”

      So I assume it worked (and is untethered). Still waiting for it to finish, though.

      • Sarah

        SUCCESS!!! Okay, the P0sixspwn method by itself worked just fine. I DEFINITELY need to see the “Preparing Filesystem (Cydia will exit when complete.)” and I’ll know it’s untethered.

        If I use the redsn0w method, my guess is that after installing P0sixspwn from Cydia, I need to shut down my phone, (keeping it plugged in), open up redsn0w again, select the IPSW, then choose “Just Boot.” Then open up Cydia and hopefully the “Preparing Filesystem (Cydia will exit when complete.)”

        So if anyone had the same problem as me, that might be the fix.

      • Gautam

        Good to know it worked. This article was written before P0sixspwn 1.0.8 was released that allows you to perform an untethered jailbreak.

  • neil

    my 3gs is blocked in dfu mode and my pc doesn’t recognize it. i don’t know what to do

    • Gautam

      You need to put your device in recovery mode. You can follow our guide if you need help:

      I hope you had taken a backup as you will end up losing your data when you restore your device by putting it in recovery mode.

  • Lena

    Even after booting tethered Cydia is not showing up. I tried to spotlight search it and it still didnt come up

  • callum

    i have a problem when i went to update cydia it now has frozen
    Can any one help plz ?

  • Godfrey P.

    Built-in apps went missing(apps store,itunes,facetime and etc) after the jailbreak how can i bring them back?

  • sher

    Took 11 hours but I made it and it’s Amazing. My Situation: iphone 3sg 5.1.1, Jailbroke in 2012. Mistakenly Upgraded to 6.1.6, Locked and flashing apple. Tips: Use Newest version of itunes to restore iphone, Download the Newset version of redsn0w and the proper version of 6.0 to match the last four digits of the model number on the back of your phone. Good Luck!

  • Adit

    Great to see that it works. Nice work dude!!!

  • Parry Bansal

    hey buddy thnku for tell the jailbrake i successfully done but i have some problem when i switch off then on cydia gona crush suddnley if u have soluction can u plz tell me what should i do dis is my mail plz tell me waiting thnku ..

  • jacob

    my ipod just shut off and wont turn on

  • Jack

    When I get to the the 12th step and all the code is going up the screen, it will stop and say error please reboot and stuff, and I have two questions how to I reboot(get back to normal operating) and i waited and it seemed to finish, and i get all the way to the pineapple, but cydia just doesn’t show up after it loads