Microsoft releases Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad


At its media event in San Francisco, Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella announced Office for iPad, after several years of rumors of its existence. The Office for iPad suite of app consists of Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and will go live on the App Store at 11 am PT today. [Update: Download links at the bottom]

Office for iPad will be based on a freemium pricing model, wherein the apps are free for viewing documents, but to create and edit documents, you’ll need a Microsoft 365 subscription, which costs $6.99/month or $69.99/year for personal use, and $9.99/month, or $99.99/year for the Home Premium edition, which you can use on up to 5 PCs/Macs and 5 tablets. For those who haven’t subscribed, there’s a 30-day free trial as well.

Word for iPad

To sync your documents across multiple devices, you’ll need a Microsoft OneDrive account. Office for iPad will also support real-time, Google Docs like collaboration, where edits made by other users are reflected immediately on your device.

PowerPoint for iPad

PowerPoint for iPad

Microsoft already has a version of Office Mobile for iPhone, since last year with the same pricing model, but Office for iPad was reportedly held up until Microsoft sorted out its own issues with Office for Windows 8 tablets.

Excel for iPad

Excel for iPad

Update: Microsoft Office for iPad has just hit the App Store. Here are the download links:

With Apple’s iWork for iOS suite of apps available for free for all new iOS devices, would you be willing to pay Microsoft $99/year for Office on your iPad? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • iPhone1604

    What a joke! This is basically Apple office suite just as simple! I’m not going to pay 99$ a dam year lol. I was expecting the full office suite and no simplified version! What were we honestly expecting from Microsoft LOL….such a let down!

  • Bionicspyder

    $6.99 a month? Freemium pricing model? Aren’t the Apple equivalents free now?

  • Shrivatsa Somany

    LOL WHAT?!

    They’ll NEVER learn. This better be as good as it gets for document editing, or else they can go suck on their candy-coated Lumia lollipops.

    • Gautam

      I watched the demo, it looked really good.

      Microsoft follows a different business model, so they won’t be giving software for free. I think the freemium model is the right strategy.

      • Shrivatsa Somany

        I think it’s the right strategy for Office365. My problem is that the software is basically useless unless you pay $7 per MONTH? If they wanted to go with freemium, sure…it’s a viable model. Even if it wasn’t, I’m no one to say anything.

        But they should have tiered it. If you want to just edit documents (no cloud synching etc), perhaps, pay like $.99 a month or something. Maybe a tad bit more…but come on.

        • Gautam

          $0.99 – That’s wishful thinking :)

          • Shrivatsa Somany

            Don’t I know :P
            Do you see what I mean though? I mean, if you think otherwise (based on my reply to your original comment)…shoot!

  • microsoft trainwreck

    Just sell it to me! I don’t want another monthly payment. Don’t force me to go elsewhere!

  • bill

    hahah NO way amigo they have gone nuts 100$ per year ? for a text editor ? hahah is it a joke? i hope it is i really dont know how those CFOs and CEOs are thinking when they are in a meeting for pricing something like this … i could understand to ask for 60$ one time and maybe a 5$ addons but ONE time every year is a joke I hope people will not pay for this and they will get the message

  • Sadface

    I was looking forward to these apps. Until I saw the pricing. I’ll stick with apple thanks

  • revivalstore

    Jusst the name freemium feels sooo stupid,, ill stick to pages and flawlessly .,and i paid for em back in the days,,,and they are worth it for sure..freemium my ,…a

  • revivalstore

    Freemium?… Really??? Omg

  • Will Maitner

    They should have just said something silly like $40 an app and skip the subscription.

  • Abel Goddard

    So, pay for functionality that we can already have for free through Google Docs? Uh, nope. Not at all. Not even a pause to consider it. Don’t even need to watch the video.

  • Zangpakto

    Actually this is pretty fair all things REALLY considered…

    so for $99 I get 10 subscriptions for office, 5 computer and 5 tablet/phone. so for a yr per subscription only paying like $9.90…

    Which per subscription that is $0.83 a month for all products included.

    Not a bad deal to be honest if like most people you have a big family that would use… Or even like me who has 4 devices already…

    Those who go for the personal one are idiots… get a group of you, pay equal amounts and will be cheaper… even with only 2 people it will be cheaper than a personal one…