Microsoft’s new Office suite tops App Store charts one day after release

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Microsoft released Office for the iPad yesterday, bringing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to the App Store. While many pundits said Microsoft was too late to the game to make any impact, it appears that consumers disagree as the titles climbed quickly to the top of the App Store charts.

Within one day of launch, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now take the top three spots in the Top Free iPad app list. The updated Microsoft OneNote follows in the number four spot.

Though the apps are free, people apparently are buying Office 365 subscriptions as Microsoft Word is the number five top grossing app, while Excel is number twelve. Microsoft is selling its Office 365 subscription as an in-app purchase within the app for $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

iPad owners can download the Office apps at no charge, and use them to view and present documents,  but an Office 365 subscription is required for creating  or editing documents. This arrangement is beneficial for both Apple and Microsoft, with Microsoft extending the reach of its Office suite and Apple earning 30% off each Office 365 subscription that it is purchased from within the iPad app.

If you haven’t already done so, you can download the Office apps from the iOS App Store using the links below :

Have you downloaded Microsoft Office for the iPad? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Damian

    Although I own the 365 subscription and I am very satisfied with it, I think MS treats their new and potential customers unfairly.

    New customers are left with no choice but to subscribe to the 365 service. For example They only want to use word docs for simple editing, and the only choice they have is to pay 100 dollars for one year that applies for all apps including PowerPoint and excel . Basically we have 4 separate apps from MS, but the rule is “you either pay for all or nothing”. There is no middle ground.

    In my case, I own a 4 year subscription that cost me 80 dollars altogether. So I have nothing to complain.

    • mildmanneredjanitor

      It is a very carefully considered strategy. Microsoft completely nailed it here. For 100 bucks you get to use full Office on up to 5 devices, including anyone in your family, which is actually a great deal. People will moan for a bit, but many will subscribe eventually when they reconsider. (In fact, the app store charts already confirming this)

  • blogs

    It’s brilliant and long awaited, I am very pleased it’s finally here

  • systemupdate

    why can’t we just buy it outright? like pay $100 and have it forever. this is kind of greedy.

  • Retina

    I am so happy download Microsoft apps for my ipad.