Microsoft’s new ad says Windows PCs are better than Macs because they have touch screens

windows 8 ad

Microsoft took a big bet with Windows 8 — that eventually PCs and tablets would converge, and computers would have to be optimised for both, touch and mouse inputs. It doesn’t seem to have worked as well as the company would have liked, but Microsoft isn’t giving up.

A new Windows 8 ad starts with a confession by the lead actress, who’s planning her wedding, “Honestly I was going to get a Mac, but Macs still don’t have touch screens.” The ad then goes on to tout a Windows all-in-one by HP, which is a hybrid PC that has a touch screen but also supports a keyboard and mouse.

According to Microsoft, the Windows PC is more affordable, looks great, and “is perfect for planning weddings.” From the ad description:

Whether it’s watching the best wedding band, finding the perfect dress on Pinterest or getting stuff done with Microsoft OneNote and Excel, Windows all-in-ones give you the best of work and play. The New Windows: One experience for everything in your life.

Competitors love to pick on Apple in their ads. Microsoft, Nokia and Samsung have all released not one, but many ads that take potshots at either Apple or the people who buy Apple products.

Do you think such ads are effective? Talking specifically about the Microsoft ad, do you feel that Windows all-in-one PCs are better than Macs because they have a touch screen? Let us know in the comments below.