Ultrakam app lets you shoot 2K videos on your iPhone 5s

Ultrakam Camera

The iPhone 5s comes with a pretty capable camera sensor. But unfortunately, it can only shoot videos in 1080p resolution. While that might be enough for a casual video, it’s simply not stretching the hardware to its limits. A new app called Ultrakam now allows users to shoot 2K videos from the camera of the device, without any extra hardware. Pretty cool, right?

The app costs $6.99 from the App Store and will allow you take videos in 2240 ×1672 resolution. The only downside to this is the amount of storage it requires.

A minute’s worth of recording will gather up to 3GB of space, so you can’t really do a lot of recording even if you have a 64GB model. The app will also let users shoot in a 24 fps mode which provides a cinematic feel to the video. The app can run on the iPhone 5 as well, but with a limited 20 fps shooting mode.

Users can additionally buy a remote app to control the camera from a second iPhone for $2.99, which could be essential if you want to create a video far away from the reach of your primary iPhone, just like the AirSnap feature offered by Camera Plus.

Head over to the App Store and give the Ultrakam app a try.

Hat tip: 9to5Mac