Untethered iOS 7.1 Jailbreak demonstrated on iPhone 4


Some news for iOS 7.1 owners waiting for a jailbreak. p0sixspwn developer winocm today inadvertently released a video, “iOS 7.1 untethered boot” showing an untethered jailbreak of iOS 7.1 on an iPhone 4.

The 2-minute-long video without narration shows the jailbreak running on the older, A4-equipped iPhone handset. It starts with the bootup process and ends with the operation of the major features of the phone, including the dialer, Safari and more. Noticeably absent in this early jailbreak is Cydia, but this isn’t surprising since winocm hints that the video wasn’t mean to be released quite yet .

This achievement is of little use to the majority of iOS owners, who likely have upgraded from the almost four-year-old device, but it is step forward that may spur other developers to work further on the jailbreak. It is not know whether this jailbreak can be extended to A5 devices or A6 devices like the iPhone 5/5S, but the following Twitter response by iH8Sn0w is promising.

This isn’t a confirmation that iOS 7.1 will be jailbroken, especially since pod2g said earlier this month that the evad3rs team doesn’t plan to actively work on the iOS 7.1 jailbreak. If free time allows, he may explore an iOS 7. 1 jailbreak, but he likely will conserve his efforts for iOS 8.

Are you waiting for an iOS 7.1 jailbreak? Which device do you use?

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  • Likii111

    A6 iphone 5s?

  • Alan

    Can’t wait for the iOS 7.1 jailbreak. I had to restore my device to iOS 7.1 so really hoping they release a jailbreak for iOS 7.1.

    • Wyatt

      Don’t hold your breath.

  • Ninfafl

    You can’t see cydia in the phone!!

    • Later

      “Noticeably absent in this early jailbreak is Cydia, but this isn’t surprising since winocm hints that the video wasn’t mean to be released quite yet”

      The video is showing a working exploit, cydia comes after :)

    • The Trusted Tiger

      That’s because there really isn’t a Cydia for iOS 7.1, and the video was just proving that an untethered boot is possible for iOS 7.1 but not worth the evasi0n team to release a public jailbreak rather than to just wait and save their efforts for the up and coming iOS 8.

  • Grayson Anthony

    No tip credit? :/ haha

  • SpeakHindustani?

    Since the iPhone 4 is now once again a current device (see recent re-release articles regarding IN), this news could in fact be interesting to many new iPhone users.

    • Anthony

      But let’s be realistic here: How many Indian iPhone 4 owners are going to be jailbreaking their iPhone’s?

      • kron1k 

        If I were Apu I’d jailbreak!

      • SpeakHindustani?

        Realistically? I’d expect the same % of Indian users to jailbreak as I’d expect % UK, US, D, IE, CN, or anywhere else. In absolute numbers, that’s closer to zero than one might think. However this is true anywhere, not just IN.

    • Madhu

      SpeakHindustani.. did you try jailbreaking your device? Is it doable with IN devices? Do reply

  • DrunkMunki

    They do this on older devices to gain access to the kernel and find areas of attack.
    Why hot-wire a BMW when a Ford Focus has the same wiring?

  • Adil

    Is it really worth it to update to 7.1? My untethered iphone 5 on 7.03 is working great, as long as there isnt a relevant update i’ll stay on this firmware 4ever.

    • kron1k 

      Technically you should’ve moved to 7.0.6 as the security fixes are big

  • jimmy

    I am so excited for the ios 7.1 jailbreak. i decided to jailbreak my ipod touch 5 last night, and before i did it i stupidly updated to 7.1, only to find that invasion didn’t work and theres no jailbreak yet. but this will hopefully lead to something!

  • ysas

    I hope it does turn out to work, I’m stuck on 4.2.1 firmware with no real options other than upgrading to 7.1

    • MrSparkles

      man your out of date you had the chances to upgrade

    • kron1k 

      Bro you’re late to the party, or you’ve been living under a rock. Oh btw in 15 mins or less you can save 15% or more on car insurance.

    • Josh Thornton

      on what device?!?

      • andi kajo

        Iphone 4

    • Barrett Jasper

      Man you are missing a TON of features. Always update as soon as the jailbreak is ready is usually the best policy.

  • Aboody

    Why there is no cydia when he booted??

    • albert

      agree video does not prove it is jailbroken

      • anonymous

        i guess. that was a tethered jb ?

        • ih8sn0w

          nope it wasnt he could turn it on and off without a computer and he is winocm a really trusted jailbreaker.

  • Jai Kashyap

    I’m on iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1. Want to go for jailbreak. Is it good?

  • E71

    This fills us iPhone 4 users with hope. If there’s anyone who needs iOS 7.1 more than others, it’s us…

    I heard iPad 3 users were having slowness issues too but considering the iPhone 4 is the lowest spec device to support iOS 7.x, it can’t possibly be as slow on their devices.

    • The Trusted Tiger

      Can’t possibly agree more!

  • Panayiotis Kofteros

    I was on ios 7.0.6 and i download a tweak and when i restert my springboard i was in enless reboots so i restore my ipad 3 to 7.1 and i need desperly a 7.1 jailbreak

    • The Trusted Tiger

      You’re in a pickle. Consider asking your parents for an iPod Touch 4th gen because the latest firmware is jailbreakable?

  • Abdulhameed

    Iphone 4 ios7.1 i need the jailbreak please release it soon

    • denials

      Geeksn0w did it :)

    • Maaz

      Don’t do this. This will Delete your software.i have been there.

  • Hulk David Smash

    iphone 4s downgrade to ios 7.06 if i have 7.1??

    • Josh Thornton


    • The Trusted Tiger

      Sorry buddy, nope :

  • FilthyAsian

    My Iphone 4 is on iOS 7.1 should i downgrade to jailbreak or is it worth waiting for a 7.1 jailbreak?

  • Andrew Wiggin

    I have an IPhone5c with IOS7.1 How do i jailbreak it?

  • Hong Liphone

    Why Apple doesn’t want evad3rd team to jailbreak their ios 7.1 I think so many people love ios 7.1 cos it is fast and smooth if we can jailbreak it I think it is more useful.we all hope that Apple will release it to the team n explain why?

  • Andrew Petridis

    I’m on iPod touch 5G with 7.0.4 but going to upgrade as soon as the jailbreak is released….

  • Angela

    Im on iPad 3 with iOS 7.1. I need a jailbreak. Any safe ways?

    • The Trusted Tiger

      Nope! Hang in there

  • Shama

    I have an iPhone 4, and Someone accidentally upgraded it to iOS 7.1(11D169). I am certainly hoping to be able to re jailbreak my phone again. It’s also not unlocked. I am in the process of getting it unlocked right now.

    • The Trusted Tiger

      Hang in there. No jailbreak :

  • Greg Paul

    I’m on the iPhone 4s and i want to jailbreak. i accidentally updated from iOS 7.0.4 and lost my jailbreak. i am so upset over this entire situation. it feels like i am on the computer allay now looking for the latest news of a public jailbreak for this iOS version. please help me before i break down and switch to the samsung galaxy s5. i left my galaxy s2 for the iPhone 4 and thought id never leave iPhone again but this is starting to make me reconsider. android is a easy system to crack and i like the iPhones a lot but at the moment it might not take much more to push me to the dark side. please help me figure out a way to jailbreak.


    • The Trusted Tiger

      Hang in there! I have the same problem happen to me, things like this just kinda happen! Ya know, I mean don’t switch back, the iPhone Jailbreak Community is awesome! Just hang in there, and maybe possibly consider purchasing a used (or new) iPod Touch 4th gen because there is untethered jailbreak on the latest firmware (6.1.6) and really easy to jailbreak! Email me if you want to follow through. :)tylerkissedisaac@gmail.com

  • Lulu

    Hi! I’m still running a jailbroken 5.1.1 unthered on my iphone 4. Which jailbroken iOS should I upgrade to?

    • The Trusted Tiger

      iOS 7.0.4 or iOS 7.0.6 or if your interested in very good tweaks by known favorite developers 6.1.3 through 6.1.6 :) Lucky guy still running 5.1.1!

  • M

    It’s so good and thanks to all

  • th3pwnsh0p

    Well, damn iTunes for force updating my phone from a restore. Lost my 7.0.4 jailbreak, now I’m waiting for a 7.1 :[

  • thariq

    really need for iphone 5 ios 7.1 activation bypass.

    • The Trusted Tiger

      Hang in there. We’re all waiting.

  • hamed

    hi jailbreak ios 7.1.1

  • hamed

    ایران خرمشهر

  • marc

    i’ve got an iphone 5s with ios 7.1, and i know nothing about technology. IS IT POSSIBLE TO JAILBREAK THIS PHONE? What is the benefits of of doing this?

  • Lahoria

    im on iphone which have locked and and version ios 7.1 is that unlock with jailbreak?


    will this work for iPhone 4s??????

  • anon

    sausage fingers i bet he has a hard time pressing keys

  • shanidshaanz

    iam not undestanding

  • Ravi Kandel

    Yeah i have iphone 5S with IOS 7.1.1 and i want to jail break it but how can i do it? please help me?

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  • Bob

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