Xbox Live may be going cross-platform to Android and iOS in the future

xboxAccording to a recent job posting spotted by The Verge, Microsoft is looking to bring its Xbox Live service to iOS and Android. These plans were unveiled in a Microsoft Careers job posting that was pulled from the job finding site following the initial Verge report.

Xbox Live is available on Xbox consoles, Windows OS and Windows Phone handsets. The membership service allows players to create a profile that’ll track their gaming achievements, let them build friend lists and help them find games to play.

Microsoft is hiring developers to build an expanded Xbox Live gaming platform, which will move Microsoft beyond Apple’s Game Center and Google’s Play Games service. Apple and Google both allow customers on the same platform to share their gaming progress and find friends, but their cross-platform features are limited.

“We will create a modern framework that is open-source, lightweight, extensible and scalable across various platforms including Windows Store, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android,” reads the job listing.

Microsoft hopes to lure developers to its platform by making it easy for them to include the same Xbox Live features in games that are distributed on different platforms. These games offer a huge benefit to gamers who could play a game on their iPhone and then switch to their Xbox without missing a beat.

Are you an Xbox Live user? Would you want full access to the gaming network on your iOS device?

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  • Loki

    Yes please

  • Erik Saucedo

    That would be freaking awesome.

  • SDF River

    This would greatly benefit gamers as a whole. For Microsoft, while they’ll lose the sell of a Windows Phone, they would establish more brand loyalty with this move. Gamers would continue to support the Xbox Live platform, and continue to use it even outside of the home. I say, a great move by Microsoft, if this rumor holds true. Also, a “Oh god, hell yes!!”