Apple launches new “Better” environmental campaign featuring Tim Cook [Video]


Apple today launched a new “Better” environmental campaign, highlighting the company’s efforts to reduce its impact on climate change, use greener materials and conserve natural resources. The campaign features a short film with a voice over from CEO Tim Cook describing these efforts.

The video, also titled “Better”, describes Apple’s commitment to making everything better, right from Apple’s products, values to its environmental impact. The campaign is well-timed, with Earth Day coming up on the 22nd of April.

Here’s the 2-minute video:

Apple also updated its environment webpage with the new video, updates stats and figures, as well as a long letter from Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environmental Initiatives. An excerpt from the letter says:

At Apple, we believe innovation is about making things better. This simple idea drives us to take action in the face of the very real problem of climate change. We feel the responsibility to consider everything we do in order to reduce our impact on the environment. This means using greener materials and constantly inventing new ways to conserve precious resources.

Along with the campaign, Apple also shared a glimpse of its new solar-powered Yerington, Nevada data center with Wired. Apple is increasingly moving towards solar energy. 94 percent of the energy consumed at Apple’s corporate campuses and data centres are renewable, and that number is increasing. The company however has a lot of work to do in its Asian supply chain, which accounts for 98 percent of Apple’s footprint.

Apple's Nevada data center and solar field

From Wired:

Though Jackson can’t take credit for Apple’s renewable initiative, she monitors its progress and, perhaps even more important, spreads the word that renewables aren’t just for tree-huggers, but are serious energy sources that can take on the biggest jobs. “No one can ever claim again you can’t have a data center that runs on 100 percent renewable,” says. “Once those proof points are out there, it makes it easier for policies to follow.”

Earlier this month, Environmental activist group Greenpeace also praised Apple for being a “Green Internet Innovator.” To know more about Apple’s Better environmental campaign, visit this page.

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