Apple’s iPhone trade-in program launches in Germany

Apple launched its “Reuse and Recycle” program back in August that allows customers to trade-in their old iPhone in exchange for a gift card that could be used towards the purchase of a new iPhone.

Apple launched the iPhone trade-in program initially in the U.S, and has expanded the program to UK, Canada and France. reports that Apple has launched the trade-in program in Apple retail stores in Germany as well.

In case you’re not familiar, here’s how the trade-in program works:

  • Customer goes to an Apple Store to purchase a new iPhone in exchange for old one.
  • Apple Store rep enters the old iPhone’s info, including condition, carrier, color etc. into Apple’s systems using an “EasyPay” mobile device.
  • A resale value for your old iPhone is computed based on the information entered. The iPhone needs to be in working condition, and the value will be a factor of your iPhone’s display quality, button quality, hardware damage, engraving and liquid damage.
  • Upon mutual agreement, the old iPhone is taken by the store rep in exchange for a gift card valued at the amount decided by Apple.
  • The gift card can then be used against the purchase of a new iPhone, and the SIM card from the old phone would be given to the custom.

In Germany, customers could receive a gift card worth up to €230 depending on the condition of their old iPhone. To check the trade-in value of your old iPhone, head to the Reuse and Recycle page and you’ll see its value in Euro after entering in information about your device.