Apple offers unclaimed WWDC tickets to select developers

wwdc14-home-branding-v2Apple is offering select developers a chance to buy WWDC tickets that remain unclaimed after the first round of attendees were chosen, according to 9to5mac. Developers who were offered second chance tickets were given 24 hours to purchase them at $1599 each.

In previous years, Apple faced issues with a crush of developers descending on Apple’s WWDC website and trying to buy tickets all at once. Conferences were sold out immediately, leaving many disgruntled with the process.

This year, Apple offered tickets on a lottery basis, giving developers several days to register before choosing attendees at random from this pool. Developers who won the lottery had until April 14th to complete their ticket purchase. If they did not checkout in time, these tickets were thrown back into the pool and offered to another round of registered developers.

Now Apple is reportedly reaching out to developers who didn’t win the lottery and offering them a chance to buy unclaimed tickets. Some developers are starting to get phone calls from the company informing them that they have been randomly selected to buy one of the tickets that winners failed to claim before the 14th.

It is not known how many tickets Apple made available to its conference, nor is it clear how many remained unclaimed after the 14th cutoff date. Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference will be held from June 2-6 at the Moscone West convention center in San Francisco, California.

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