You can now trade-in your iPad at an Apple Store

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Apple today expanded its Reuse & Recycling trade-in program in US and Canada to include iPads. Starting today, Apple Stores will start accepting iPad trade-ins, letting customers receive discounts towards the purchase of a new product.

9to5Mac reports:

As of this morning, the iPad is now eligible for the in-store Reuse & Recycling program at Apple Retail Store locations that allows customers to receive credit for their aging Apple devices. In the past, customers could only receive trade-in credit for iPhones. Also new, Apple will now allow iPhone or iPad trade-in credit to be used on cross products. That means you can trade-in an eligible iPhone and use that credit towards the purchase of a new iPad. Previously, iPhone trade-in credit could only be used to buy a new iPhone.

The iPads will be eligible for trade-in only if they fulfil a list of 22 points, that exclude jailbroken iPads, devices with non-Apple parts, Find my iPhone enabled and more. The criteria for the eligibility of an iPad for trade-in are stricter than for the iPhone. For example, Apple will accept an iPhone with a broken screen, but not an iPad. These devices can still be responsibly recycled, but Apple won’t give you in-store credit for them. The rules further say that you can combine the trade-in credit of an iPad and iPhone, but can’t combine the credit from the same type of devices.

Apple debuted its in-store trade-in program in August last year, but the program only covered iPhone and was restricted to the US. Over the coming months, the company worked to bring the program to other countries like Canada, UK, and Germany.

Along with news related to its Reuse & Recycling program, Apple also highlighted its environmental efforts in other areas with a video narrated by CEO Tim Cook.

The resale values Apple offers under its trade-in program aren’t the best, and you’ll likely get better deals from sites like Gazelle or eBay.

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