Apple video unveils ‘the best office building in the world’

apple-new-campus-11Apple today posted a video of its Apple Campus 2 project on its website as part of its new “Better” environmental campaign. This video originally debuted during an Apple presentation to the Cupertino town council, but this is our first look at the video in high-definition quality.

The video showcases architect Norman Foster and other Apple team members who discuss the beginnings of the forward-thinking corporate office. Forster notes that the spaceship building evolved over time as part of an intensive process.

“It didn’t start as a circular building, it really grew into that,” Foster says in the video. “So the idea of one building with a great park was really borne out of a very intensive process.”

Foster was brought onto the Campus 2 team directly by Steve Jobs, who called him out of the blue and said he needed Foster’s help. Foster recalls that the campus’ orchard landscape was crafted by Steve Jobs, who remembered California as the “fruit bowl of America” and wanted to bring some California back to Cupertino.

Apple’s new Campus 2 building is located at the former HP campus in Cupertino, California. Apple is removing the existing buildings and parking lots that dotted the environment. The site will feature a circular, glass-encased office building with several orchards dotting the green landscape.

Apple is building its new campus to the highest environmental standards with 100 percent of the Campus’ power derived from renewable energy sources. The company also takes advantage of natural ventilation, which will allow the main building to go without heat or air conditioning for 75 percent of the year.

[Via MacRumors]

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  • Jason Burroughs

    high definition? it shows up as 480p to me.

    • Truth

      Is it really that much of a discomfort?

      • Sebastian Rasch

        Well 480p is just not HD to me. They could’ve announced it differently.

      • Jason Burroughs

        Is it really much of a surprise that someone into Apple products (me) wants to see the high definition version of the video showing the new campus?

        People mess up youtube links and embeds all the time, so i thought the author had put in the wrong code.

  • Sebastian Rasch

    „Everything is hand crafted for this project” – showing a machine milling a component. °_*

  • DiabloZOe

    Video does not work