April Fools Roundup: Apple buys iFixit, iPhone beard unlock, Translate to Emoji and more

Today is April Fools’ Day, which means that many tech companies have released their well-prepared April Fools pranks, which range from fake acquisition news to emoji translation to unlocking an iPhone with your beard.

Here’s a roundup of the best April Fools’ Day pranks:

Apple buys iFixit

iFixit, the company known for its iPhone and iPad tear downs, announced that it was being acquired by Apple. From the made-up press release:

“Everyone has a number”, admitted Kyle Wiens, iFixit’s CEO. “I didn’t think there was a reasonable number that would make me say, ‘You know I was going to change the world with repair documentation but here’s a number.’” In the end, Apple gave us a number that we couldn’t refuse.

ifixit apple acquisition

Continuing the humour, iFixit says that Apple will now make iPhones and iPads that have easily replaceable components.

Unlock iPhone with your beard

Not content with fingerprint authentication? The folks at iStrategyLabs thought so too, and came up with BeardSwipe, a way to unlock the iPhone by swiping your beard.

swipe to beard

Learn more about the prank here.

Translate to Emoji

Google is known to come up with the best April Fools’ Day pranks, and it lived up to its reputation with a number of pranks this year. The first was an option to translate a web page to Emoji in Chrome for iOS and Android. Words that have corresponding Emoji characters are replaced when you tap the “Translate to Emoji” button:

chrome emoji translate

Flipboard’s Flappy Board

Magazine app Flipboard chose to ride on the popularity of Flappy Bird in its April Fools’ joke called Flappy Board, which lets you play the game with a Flipboard icon. You can play the game here.

SwiftKey FlowHard

SwiftKey’s joke was bringing its gesture based input tech to actual, physical keyboards:

BookBook for iMac

BookBook is known for its great leather cases for iPhone and iPad that look like an old, vintage book. The company announced a similar case for the iMac too, as its April Fools’ joke:


Let us know what you think about these pranks in the comments below. Do you find them funny or you’re starting to get annoyed by them?