Facebook Paper for iOS updated with birthdays, events, photo comments, group posts and more


Paper for iOS, Facebook’s ambitious attempt to redefine the News Feed, was today updated to version 1.1 with a bunch of new features including birthday and event reminders, photo comments, group updates and more.

Facebook Paper was launched in February this year with an interface very different from the usual iOS apps. There’s minimal UI chrome. Instead photos and stories take up the whole screen, and the app relies on gestures to navigate between screens.

Here are the entire release notes for version 1.1:

  • Birthdays and events: Never miss a chance to celebrate! Just tap the notifications globe and scroll down to see important dates ahead.
  • Photo comments: When words aren’t enough, now you can add photos to comments to show how you feel.
  • Group updates: Don’t miss posts from your favorite groups. Swipe down to open the Main Menu. Tap the More Options icon to the right of the Search box. When you see your groups, check the new unread counts to catch up on the posts you’ve missed.
  • New story buttons: To keep up with the latest stories in a section in fullscreen view, or to catch the newest stories in the next section, tap the new story arrows when they appear.
  • More article covers: 9 new article covers join our collection, making easier to spot your favorite sources on Paper. Keep an eye out for Fox News, Bloomberg News, Mashable, FT, kottke, Popular Science, The Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair and Hacker News.
  • Basic accessibility: All of your sections now support basic accessibility features, and we’re working to extend accessibility throughout the app.

If the app hasn’t been automatically updated, you can download the update via the Updates tab in the App Store app or use the iTunes link below. Facebook Paper is only available in the US App Store, but you can work around this restriction by following the steps in this post.

Download link:

Facebook Paper for iOS – free

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